Happy Father’s Day to Our Daddies!!!

Mr. Knight and I would like to give a big Father’s Day shout out (and hug and kiss) to our Dads, Knight Dad and Gator Dad. They are two seriously awesome guys. They both gave Mr. Knight and I the tools to be happy and successful in life and we couldn’t feel more luckier to have them to our lives. ♥You both so much!

Knight Dad showing Mr. Knight how to build a planter (circa 1991). Um… don’t you just love Mr. Knight’s Gator Sneakers? What a cute little Gator he is. :-)

Gator Dad reminiscing about his time at UF. Love him so much♥♥♥
Taken in The Swamp after my Masters Graduation.

Today, make sure to take a moment to thank all those amazing Dads out there that have worked so hard to shape you into the bright, intelligent young person you are today. :-)

Happy Father’s Day!

Mrs Gator and Mr. Knight

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  1. Holy crap… those are gator sneakers! I never noticed that before. But, yeah, dads… Happy Father’s Day! Love ya both!

  2. Gator Dad says:

    In keeping with tradition…let the gator growl

  3. Knight Dad says:

    To Mrs Gator and Mr. Knight,
    I know I can speak for both of us in saying that you two make us Fathers proud. Mr. Knight always had a bit of Gator in him.

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