Happy Birthday Mr. Knight!

I’d like to wish a super fun happy birthday holla to my husband, Mr. Knight!


Love that squish-nah face. BWAAH just want to kiss him all over his face!

I’m so incredibly happy and honored to be your wife. You are an amazing man and I feel lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful person as my best friend, and partner in life. You give awesome eskimo kisses, make delicious dinners with random ingredients, can bring a smile to my face during one of my ‘bad’ days, you always put family first (love him for this, so many people don’t!), make me paper ‘love’ cranes and leave them for me, look so cute snuggling with Gator Kitty, have so many plans for the future, motivate me to always do my best in anything I do, bring me a glass of water before bed (so sweet), surprise me with flowers for no reason, love me unconditionally and so much more.

I could write a book, for that matter – several books, on how amazing Mr. Knight is and all the super-wonderful-awesome-ness he is.

I love you Mr. Knight! Happy Birthday Youngin’!
I robbed the cradle… by only a few months. I’m the ‘older’ women in his life. lols.

*photo by Starks Photography

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  1. Gator Dad says:

    Happy Birthday!

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