Happy Birthday Mr. Knight ♥

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet sweet fiance!

You are absolutely amazing in every way… I couldn’t ask for a better scrabble playing, cinnamon toast making, Kumi loving, best friend and future hubby! You are so many awesome-0 things to me that it would be simply impossible to name them all (and might bring down my readership if I do). Love you Sugah.

You are THE AWESOME fo sho {kisses}

Mr Knight being silly with Miss Gator

Look at that cute face… I just want to squeeze it right off! {smooches and square nose kisses}

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  1. mrknight says:

    Lol… you are so random honey. Thanks. :-) See you at lunch. Love ya.

  2. @mrknight: You are too cute for me to NOT put this picture up. That is the face that I love so much!

  3. Katie Sandy says:

    hahaha you guys are so CUTE!!!
    I love it ♥

  4. marina says:

    What a face :-). A face only a fiancée or mom could luv so much!

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