Happy Birthday Momma!

I can easily say that my Mom is more then a Mother to me. She is my best friend. The person that I can tell just about anything to. Any problem I have ever had, she has always been there with open ears, ready to help me solve it. I find myself becoming more and more like my Momma every day. I once had someone tell me that I hold my can of soda the same way my Mom does… who knew you could hold a can of soda in more then one way?

Here’s to you Momma, Happy Birthday!

Miss Gator doing her hair with her Momma!

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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for the tribute. Love you Honey……Mom

  2. Gator Dad says:

    Honey you still have that winning smile.

    Love DAD

  3. Kim you had a baby without telling me!?! Wait… oh… Kim’s the bottom one. :-)

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