Happy Birthday Gator Dad!!!!

Not only is it Earth Day…. it is Gator Dad’s Birthday!!!!!

Gator Dad holding Miss Gator up so she can get her letter off the tree from Santa.
photo taken by Gator Momma

I just wanted to give a shout out to the best Dad ever! Through-out my life my Dad has supported my dreams, loved me unconditionally and been there to comfort and guide me through tough situations. He is the reason I worked so hard to get into UF (he introduced me to UF when I was a wee little kid), and he worked hard to provide me with the means to get my degree (and soon-to-be multiple degrees).

I’m so thankful for everything he does, even the sweet little notes he would leave on my fridge when he would come by my place while I was at school (I still have those!). He even sends me little ‘care packages’ while I’m at school filled with random things to distract me from school work, if even for a moment. One time he sent me a “Hello Kitty” pen that had a rolling heart stamp on the top of it, easily distracted me for 30 minutes while I proceeded to heart stamp all my thesis notes. :-)

Gator Dad and Miss Gator at Halloween.
photo taken by Gator Momma

Gator Dad means the world to me and I love him soooo much! Here’s to you Gator Dad, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Miss Gator

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  1. Tati says:

    Your post made me teary eyed. :’)

  2. Gator Mom says:

    Yes, he’s been the best! You and I are very lucky.

  3. Gator Friend says:

    Gator Friend agrees with Gator Bride and Gator Mom – we are very fortunate to have Gator Dad in our lives! Happy birthday Gator Dad!!

  4. @Gator Mom and @Gator Friend: Yup, Gator Dad is the Best!!!!

  5. Gator Dad says:

    Thanks Honey.

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