Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Wow… I can’t believe that it is going to be 2010 in a few short hours. 2009 has been a wonderful year. Mr. Knight and I started this blog in 2009, which has certainly been an amazing adventure. Through GatorBride, I have met so many awesome blogger brides, creative vendors, and just all around great people. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing readership. This year Mr. Knight and I took our engagement pictures with our amazing wedding photographers, bought a wedding dress, booked a honeymoon, won an amazing photo shoot, celebrated our 7 years anniversary, sent out our Save the Dates, picked out tuxes, struggled through the stress of balancing school, work, each other, and our wedding, the drowning nightmare that is grad school, keeping my inner Bridezilla under wraps, shared with you the two most important women in my life, celebrated homecoming weekend at Gator Growl, introduced our bridesmaids to ya’ll, and spent amazing family time at ICE. We have done so much this year that it would take forever to say it all. It has truly been an amazing year.

And what’s even more exciting… we are 4 months and 15 days away from Mr. Knight and I’s nuptials!!! Can you tell I’m excited??

Now on to the tough stuff… resolutions…

Just about every year I give myself the same New Year’s Resolution: to be better to my body. Every year it is the same; I start out doing good and then quickly fall into my little habits of drinking tons of sugary soda and pizza, and less time drinking water and exercising (heck… I’m drinking a Coke right now!).

Although I weigh less then I did in high school (about 15 pounds less), I attribute it mostly to the loss of muscle mass. I was an avid dancer in high school—one of my friends used to call my calves ‘caveman calves’ because they were so muscular from dancing—now I feel like a blob.

Miss Gator circa 2000, I’m 14 or 15 here, in my costume for The Nutcracker with the Civic Ballet of Volusia.

Mr. Knight makes fun of how weak my arms are every chance he gets. Whether I’m having trouble opening a super heavy door or picking up a box of CDs, he always has something to say about my physical weakness or how he is afraid my wrists are going to break from the weight of what I’m picking up. Just last night, he was teasing me when I was picking up a large Yankee Candle jar. When I go scuba diving with Gator Dad, I have trouble walking with my tank on, which I never used to when I was in high school, a mere 6 years ago… omg… it has been 6 years… weird!

So, once again my New Year’s Resolution is to be better to my body, more specifically, to work on building muscle in my arms. Along with that, I’ve made a short list of other resolutions which fall under the ‘be better to my body/mind/soul’ heading.

  • Not sweat the small stuff.
  • Spend less time on the internet,  and more time with family, and friends.
  • Have a weekly exercise routine (I pray this one sticks this year!).
  • Cook dinner more often (instead of Mr. Knight cooking dinner all the time).
  • Gossip less (ohh this is going to be a tough one).
  • Spend less (with a wedding and honeymoon coming up this one is going to be rough, but I’m going try).
  • Live more in the present.
  • Drink less soda (oh how I will miss my Pepsi with Natural Sugar).
  • Find an active hobby both Mr. Knight and I enjoy together (besides watching movies… that is a lazy hobby).
  • Be more patient.

I hope all of my sweet sweet SWEET Gator Bride readers have a wonderful New Year’s! I just know that 2010 is going to be a wonderful year.

I wish you all Love, Joy, and Happiness for the New Year.

I will see ya’ll in 2010!

{heart♥} Miss Gator

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  1. marina says:

    Happy New Year Gator Bride!! 2010 has finally arrived!!!! Yeah! Your New Year’s resolutions are great and think #1 is the MOST important! Hey, 10 years from now you won’t even remember ‘the small stuff’ :-)

  2. Lauren says:

    Definitely some great resolutions. I’m all determined to cook more and find an active hobby for me and my boyfriend. Have a happy 2010!

  3. Gator Dad says:

    I remember these photos honey. You were so ready for the show to begin.

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