Gator Friday’s Week 1 :: Christmas Ornaments

…on a Thursday.

I want to start this little thing called Gator Fridays. Part of why I’m starting it is for my absolute need for sharing fabulous orange and blue items with y’all, and the other part is to keep my gator butt blogging each week. I figure that if I blog about starting Gator Fridays, then I must follow through with Gator Fridays. Right?

Okay, so I wanted to wait till tomorrow to feature these Gator-ific (yes, this is a word… in my dictionary) Christmas ornaments, but I couldn’t hold back. How adorable are these?

Just Married Gator Ornament, $20.95 ($18 at the Florida Bookstore)
You can even have them personalized with you and your hubby’s names.

During my lunch break I decided to wander through the Florida Bookstore (on University Ave) for some stocking stuffers and gifts for the family. I came across these and fell in love. Well, I fell in love with them, just not the price. They are on the pricey end, which makes them great Christmas gifts for Gator-lovin’ friends and family. It isn’t something I think I would purchase for myself (unless Mr. Knight would like to get me one? Pretty pleaseeeee.). I’ll probably hit up the Florida Bookstore after Christmas and see if I can score a deal on them and other Gator Christmas decor.

I’m a little Gator Fan Ornament, $20.95 Coton Colors

These orange and blue lovelies are made by Coton Colors. Coton Colors also makes these for a bunch of other (clearly less-awesome) colleges, so be sure to check them out if you aren’t a Gator fan (but who isn’t?).

These ornaments aren’t your normal ornament “ball” size, they are really quite large.

One (less-awesome) college ornament shown for scale.
It’s the architecture student in me, I have to show the scale of these babies.

Coton Colors also makes some other, rather adorable, Gator items.

Polka dot Gator frame. Is it an ornament? Or something cute to hang up? Your choice.
$12.95 at Florida Bookstore and  Coton Colors

Florida Gator Wood Wreath, $59.95 at Coton Colors
Totally looks like a fun DIY project for football season.

Also, be sure to check out their wedding section for tons of cute gifts for your wedding party. Some of them would be perfect gifts for winter wedding Brides!

What’s next for Gator Fridays? You’ll just have to wait and see my little orange and blue lovahs!

This post was in no way sponsored by Coton Colors, nor did I receive anything for writing this post. But wouldn’t it be fabulous if Coton Colors did find this post and offered a Gator ornament giveaway to my readers? That would be gator-ific!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Out of the six (yes, 6, we are pathetic) ornaments on our tree – four are GATOR ornaments. Not orange and blue ornaments, obnoxious GATOR ornaments.

    And the fifth? Tebow’s paw print. So that is really 4.5…

    The last thing we need is more of these – but they’re obviously high on our christmas list!

  2. Janna says:

    Too too cute!! And now as I am checking out their website- they’ve got some even cuter things!! We’re doing a Christmas party for our bridal party to all get to meet and wouldn’t an ornament make a cute favor to give them all?!?

  3. Mrs Gator says:

    @Janna: Great idea! I thought they had such cute items for bridal parties! Glad I could help!

  4. Mrs. Eicher says:

    My hubby and I just got married this year and he graduated from UF in May. The just married ornament would be PERFECT for our annual christmas tradition, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any guidance?


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