Gator Fridays :: VS PINK Gator Sale!

Most college gals are no stranger to the line of adorable college gear Victoria’s Secret PINK has been selling the past few years. For the first few years the line has always been sold out at the Gainesville Victoria’s Secret. What can I say? Us Gainesville gals love cute Gator gear.

It’s no secret either that the collegiate line by PINK ain’t cheap. This year we paid $40 for a Gator long sleeve t-shirt for Mr. Knight’s little sister (last year we paid $70 for a sweatshirt for her). Very pricey. Which brings me to why I’m featuring this line for Gator Fridays this week…


If you are looking for adorable Gator gear (or any sweet collegiate gear), this is the time to buy! Check out these sweet deals.

Gator underwear? Yes please!

Work appropriate attire? On Gator Fridays, I think so!
Gator Pullover Sweater, $29.99

Jeweled Gator Hat. Loves it.

Gator Puffer vest with fur trim hood, totally need this for these upcoming cold winter months!

White Gator tank top with lace detail. Adorbs.

And let’s throw in a little UCF sale item in honor of Mr. Knight’s alma mater (who will be playing Georgia at the Liberty Bowl today)…

UCF Knights slouchy sweat pants.
I know Mr. Knight would LOVE to see me wear these. One day I will. Just for him. But I won’t leave my house. Wouldn’t want my Gators to see me!

If Victoria’s Secret would be so kind as to find my post and send me all these items, I would forever be a happy little Gator girl. Okay, really I would be a happy little Gator girl either way, but wearing these babies I would be an EXTRA happy Gator girl. :)

By the way, I’m writing this while Mr. Knight is watching a documentary on the invention of the computer operating system, Linux. He’s a major nerd.

Do you have any favorite places to pick up cute Gator gear? Please share!

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  1. I dunno about that vest… it’s kinda heinous. The UCF sweatpants, however… now, that I can get used to.

  2. Hannah says:

    Of course, all the things I want (sports bra, yoga pant) aren’t on sale! LAME.

    And as a southern girl, I actually buy a lot of orange and blue without logos and mix in a cute gator coozie or headband! My favorites are Lilly P & J. Crew!

  3. Andrea says:

    I was in Gainesville last the week before last to watch a basketball game and we went to the bookstore that is right across campus on University Ave (I forget the name but it’s next to the Swamp restaurant). They had some cute Pink jackets, sweatpants and shirts. They had a jacket that had “Only the Gators get alive” on it! I wanted it so bad since I haven’t seen it in the Victoria’s Secret stores down here in Orlando or on the website, but they only had smalls. Grr!

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