Gator Fridays :: DC + Vanessa

This Gator Friday feature is an adorable Gator engagement shoot I received in my inbox from Jenny of Captured Photography. I’m dying to know where this building is. Isn’t it amazing?! click these babies to view larger… you know you want to!

And what I love even more about DC and Vanessa’s Gator-ific engagement shoot? They’re high school sweethearts. Ya’ll know I hold a special place in my heart for high school sweethearts. Hello, Mr. Knight and I are practically middle school sweethearts. Ridiculous, I know.


Loving the “will you go out with me, check yes or no” note. Classic!

Jenny of Captured Photography (who is also DC’s sister, must be nice having a photographer in the family), also captured the proposal.


Even DC’s Dad got in on the action wearing an “I ♥ DC” shirt after the proposal!

Be sure to check out the rest of DC and Vanessa’s sweet engagement shoot. They are too cute. Thank you Jenny for sharing this fan-tabulous orange and blue e-shoot!!!

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  1. Jessica says:

    The two of them on the back of the bus has got to be the cutest picture!

  2. Shannon says:

    LOVE the idea of photoshoot by the lockers and school bus, so cute for HS sweeties.

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