Gator Fridays :: Bryn + Seth’s Campus Engagement Session

I’ve seen so many photos of engagement sessions taken on the University of Florida campus. It’s funny how photo sessions taken at the same location always end up so different. Each photographer and couple have a unique view of the UF Campus. This week’s Gator Friday feature is of Bryn and Seth (who, are having an ORANGE and BLUE wedding this coming May!).

Bryn + Seth’s Story (as told by Bryn):

We both met through mutual friends on a night out to dinner the summer of 2008. We spent that whole next weekend hanging out and have been inseparable ever since. I was going to the University of Florida that fall to finish my bachelors degree and luckily Seth lived in Gainesville. So we spent the first two years of our relationship in the heart of the Gator Nation. We both (thank goodness) are huge Gator fans! Seth proposed to me on Christmas in 2009 in my backyard by the river. He knew that I wanted to get married in my backyard (my brother and sister-in-law also got married there) and he wanted to propose in the same spot he knew we would get married. We are now living in Valdosta, GA while I am working on my graduate degree and Seth is working to finish his bachelors degree at Valdosta State University.Our wedding is going to be March 12th, 2011 and our colors are of course orange and blue with some other gator accessories here and there.

I love Bryn’s blue wedges. Sooo cute!

Ahhh…. Adorable. Pretty awesome that they are sitting where Gator Walk happens every game day. Some AMAZING players have walked this path to the Swamp. Such history in those there bricks!

The happy couple snugglin’ outside the Baughman Center.

Congratulations to this happy Gator Bride and Gator Groom!! Oh, and don’t y’all want to see the amazing (and sentimental: see story above) place they will be tying the knot?

Gorgeous. So sweet they will be getting married at the same place the Gator Groom proposed. It just makes mah little heart flutter. :)

If you are familiar with the UF Campus, what’s your favorite location on campus? Mine is the grass lawn outside of the Architecture building (naturally, har har). I spent many afternoons laying out on that lawn with friends, soaking up some vitamin D, drinking our Diet Dr. Peppers and eating reese’s peanut butter cups (in moderation, of course).

All photos by Megan Altman Photography (except the last one!)

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  1. Lauren says:

    My favorite place is definitely Plaza of the Americas during Krishna dinner. I love just sitting on the grass with plate full of veggie yumminess and cup of green tea, surrounded by tons of happy people doing the same :)

    And I’m glad I can finally creep on your blog and not feel like a crazy cause I got engaged this weekend!!! YAY!!!!!

    Keep up the great work so I have plenty of inspiration when I start planning! :)

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