Gator Fridays :: A Few of my Favorite Gator Things

Lately I haven’t been able to control my obsession with anything and everything orange/blue/gator/tebow. It’s quickly become out of control. I guess that’s what I get for living in Gainesville, where every Friday is “Gator Friday” (what’s this “casual Friday” you speak of?).

Pinterest has been the instigator of my Gator obsession, allowing me to save and categorize all my favorite orange and blue items. Here’s a peek into the life of a Gator Girl.

Gator District, $28.00
Perfect for Summer and July 4th BBQs… oh and Gator Fridays, of course!

{heart}him. Just purchased my first broncos tank. TRUTH.
GQ Magazine

Orange and Blue flower headband. Adorbs.
Prettylicious, $7.00

Gingham + Orange + Blue = FANTASTIC
The perfect shirt. Period.
Pennington Bailes, $85.00

I’d feel so FESTIVE with this. :)
Ilene’s Gator Store, $14

Orange and Blue Keds. Ultimate PREP.
Zazzle; apparently their shoe section is down right now. Darn!

I feel adorable Valentine’s day clutches may be sewn soon. Either way, this fabric HAS to make an appearance in my life.
Spoonflower, $18/yd

Orange scarves are a MUST.
Target, $14.99

I wear mine all. the. time. Here’s proof:

Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I at the UF Stadium. LOVE.

And a trip to the stadium wouldn’t be complete without visiting Timmy:

Showing Tim Tebow some love. I guess “Tebowing” would have been appropriate at this moment.
If you’re a Gator and don’t know what Tebowing is. You’re missing out.

Funny how this post started out with me showcasing my favorite Gator items and ended with me posting pictures from my recent girl’s weekend. It’s easy for me to become sidetracked. Obviously.

In other news, Mr. Knight and I have been busily working on our 2011 album. Mr. K takes so. many. pictures. that we thought it was a waste to have them all neatly organized on our computer for no one to see. So, we’ve decided (like many others) to make an album every year of all the pictures from that past year. It’s been fun looking back at all we did this year (we started a business, went on some fun trips, I got a new awesome job, filmed 7 weddings, etc.). When you start to look back, you realize that DANG it really has been a busy year. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our efforts with all my bloggy friends (if y’all are still out there! hello?).

Till then, ciao!
Oh yeah, I’m Italian now.


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  1. OMG… you actually posted an article! And it was such a good one! :D

    Love ya!

  2. Dad says:

    Boy, you guys sure look like you are having fun.

  3. Erin says:

    LOVE the Gator accessories!! I need more in my life! yes, great article and great pics at the end of my favorite Gator ladies! So glad we visited Timmy:) And im pretty sure that if i didnt feel creepy I would buy a poster of that Timmy photo and look at it every day….lol

  4. Annie says:

    Hello! I came across your blog because I am looking in to an engagement picture session at BHG stadium. (I loved your pics!) My fiancee is a huuuuugee gator fan and he promised me that if somehow we got engagements pics there and one with Coach Muschamp that he would do anything I said for the wedding! haha. Do you think this is even possible? I know we could do pics there, but one with Muschamp would be the best surprise of his life! Any ideas/tips would be appreciated! :)

  5. Brandi says:

    I wish the gingham shirt were in my budget at the moment – cute!
    We do a yearly album, too, but it starts and ends with our anniversary.

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