Gator Bride Giveaway WINNER!!!

I’m pleased (and extremely excited!!!) to announce the winner of the very 1st Gator Bride Giveaway! {hip hip hooray!}

But, first, before I announce the lucky winner, let’s see what she/he won!

Jessica, of Especially Brides Jewelry, was sweet enough to giveaway this beautiful bracelet to one of my lucky little Gator Bride readers.

And the winner? Drum roll pleaaseeeeeeee. {Mr.Knight tapping the table}

Congratulations Emily! You just won a super cute bracelet, chock full of vintage-y goodness! You go girl!

I sent along your email to Jessica, of Especially Brides Jewelry, and she will be contacting you shortly to redeem your prize! Wasn’t this giveaway fun? Look forward to more fabulous giveaways on Gator Bride!

Mrs Gator

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  1. Emily says:

    Go me!!!

  2. kaity says:

    congrats emily! can’t wait for the next giveaway :)

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