FYI :: I’m The Bride

Your not a true “Bride,” till you have a shirt telling the whole world you are!

photo by Mr. Knight

A few months ago I bought this super cute “Bride” tee from the Wedding Chicks, {and on sale, hooray!} for $10 (including shipping). Since I received it I really haven’t had the occasion to wear it. I mean… where do you really wear a shirt that labels you as the “Bride” aka Miss. Center-of-attention-so-you-better-listen-to-every-word-I-say, besides your wedding day? As I was donning my rhinestone orange Gator sweatpants tonight, I decided I should finally wear my Bride tee.

Looking back, I should have gotten all my Bridesmaids these super cute shirts to wear.

source: Wedding Chicks
Look at these cute tees? I was crazy not to get them when they were on sale! Darn it!

They are incredibly soft, and the design is super chic! It is rare you come across a design for bridal tees that doesn’t make you want to barf. Oh… and have you seen the back of the shirt???


Check out these other super cute designs by the Wedding Chicks:

source: Wedding Chicks
Looooveee the seahorses. But, I can’t help thinking, wouldn’t this be 10 times cuter with gators instead of seahorses?

source: Wedding Chicks

source: Wedding Chicks

Here’s a hint: if you want a discount on their super cute merch, follow them on Twitter. They often tweet promotional codes for 25%.

These tees and totes give me lots of inspiration to create the design of the tank I want to wear on Mr. Knight and I’s wedding day (ohh and it WILL have something Gator, for sure!).

Are any Brides out there planning on wearing something special to get ready in on their wedding day? Found the perfect tee/jacket/tank? Please share! :-)

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  1. Janna says:

    We have a friend who does embroidery and are going to have shirts done in Orange and Blue. The plan is for his to be in Blue with Groom on the back in orange and then mine to be orange with Bride in blue on the back. We may use them for an engagement shot as well to use as a thank you note for the wedding.

  2. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    I LOVE these Bride shirts!!! I bought so many Bride stuff before my wedding… Some super pj shorts from Walmart(they’re surprisingly cute), a rhinestone bride tank from wedding channel that I got on sale for 10$, and on my wedding day I wore bride sweat suit from Davids Bridal. Very important to be comfy on ur day! Now that I’m married I wear my “Bride” stuff all the time! I recommend buying as much “Bride” stuff as possible as long as they are cute and comfortable! It helps you make the transition from ” Bride” to “Wife” a little sweeter when you can still prance around the house in ur cute Bride stuff!!:)A little sad but I will ALWAYS be a bride to my husband, after all!

  3. @Gator Bridesmaid: Awee you are soo sweet. You have sooooo given me the excuse to buy more Bride gear. I love my tee and want to find some other fun stuff to wear. Still thinking about making my own zip up hoodie for the day. We’ll see what happens!! Love and miss you! Hopefully I will see you soon!

  4. You really are a biznah. Seriously.

    For those that have no idea what that means… don’t dwell on it… just know that it’s true.

  5. marina says:

    that is one very cute shirt!! wear it to the shower :-)

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