Fun DIY Wedding Relationship Chart

This DIY project is not for the faint of heart (or those without proper Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator skillz). So, way way back in Mr. Knight and I’s Wedding planning process (like 1 1/2 years back), I came across the design firm Melangerie Inc of New York. They make these FABULOUS wedding relationship charts. They are unlike anything I have EVER seen. Check out these fantastic pieces:

Melangerie Inc Wedding Lineage Genealogy Chart; $550

Wedding Constellations Chart; $550

Absolutely gorgeous!!
Chandelier Genealogy Chart
; $700

I know it is difficult to see in these images (you should really check out their amazing Etsy shop), but these charts have all the names of the wedding guests and how they are related to the Bride and Groom (plus some fun little tidbits about their relationship to other guests, and the Bride and Groom).

After seeing these (and the price tag) I thought, “hey, I’ve got some skillz and some free time, why couldn’t I tackle my own version of these lovelies?”

And this is where I say… this DIY is not for the faint of heart. I totally understand their price now, because it took me many hours longer then I ever expected, to get this done. Mr. Knight and I’s version doesn’t compare to the beauty of Melangerie Inc‘s work but we love what we put together, and it is totally us. :-)

  • Step 1: Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrater (whichever your heart so chooses) and make two columns of names. One column of guests from the Bride’s side, the other from the Groom’s side.

photo by Miss Gator

  • Step 2: Start to divide these long column into groups of people, i.e. the Bride’s family, Groom’s relatives from Newfoundland, Childhood Friends, etc.
  • Step 3: Print it out and start to draw lines connecting different guests. Who went to the same high school together? Who share the same Alma Mater? Who is in the Armed Forces? This was actually a really fun part for the Mister and I, as we tried to draw connections between our two families (we hope our guests will find these connections as fun as we do!).

photo by Miss Gator

  • Step 4: Now add little tidbits about certain people, related to their relationship with the Bride and Groom. Special story about how they met the Groom? etc.

photo by Miss Gator

photo by Miss Gator

  • Step 5: The hard part… put all that goodness you have just drawn out, into the computer. Add all the connections, tidbits, etc. in the colors/fonts of your wedding (remember to try and make it easily readable).
  • Step 6: Add a snazzy border to your document in your wedding colors, along with a title and PRINT! We are lucky enough to have access to large format printers, but any printing store will most print this for you at a cost of about $50, ex Target Copy, etc.

photo by Miss Gator

  • Step 7: (man there are ALOT of steps!) Frame your lovely and finished Wedding Relationship Chart. We chose the IKEA Ribba frame size 19.75″ x 27.5″ priced at $22.99. In the beginning you should choose what frame you want to put it in, and size your document to fit that frame.
  • Step 8: Sit back and enjoy your hard work because you sure have worked hard for it!

I know you can’t really see all the detail we have put into this chart. It was incredibly difficult to photograph (reminding myself to get non-glare glass next time). But I hope the preview detail shots above will give you an idea of what it looks like up close. And yes, Gator Kitty just HAD to get in the picture… she’s obsessed with the camera. I think it’s nice, Gator Kitty is giving you an idea of the scale of the chart.
click to enlarge :: photo by Miss Gator

And of course… when Gator Kitty got in the picture, she just begged me for a mini-photo shoot:

How could you ever say ‘no’ to this cute face? This is partly why I’ve raised such a little brat, but I still love her! :-)
photo by Miss Gator

Our finished Wedding Relationship Chart! I wish I didn’t have to blur out all the names, because it looks way better not blurred up. {sigh}
photo by Miss Gator

How do you think our Wedding Relationship Chart turned out?

We think it’s pretty cool and we hope our guests get a kick out of it during the cocktail hour. We plan to place it on an iron easel next to the place cards (which will be displayed a gorgeous baby grand piano… LOVES).

If you aren’t so Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator inclined then I highly recommend the work of Melangerie Inc. They do amazing stuff with these Wedding Genealogy charts, which are sure to be a fantastic remembrance of all your friends and family who attended your wedding (plus a super cool thing to look back at 20, 30, 50 years later). I say this is a definite splurge item, but sooo worth it.

What was the most unique and fun thing you ever came across in your Wedding planning process?

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  1. LauraLou says:

    That turned out SO well!! I love it!

  2. Awee Thank you @LauraLou!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Someone is loving her free time post grad school!
    See you tomorrow morning!! Congrats again!!

  4. @les852 says:

    @TheMissGator I’m in love with your relationship chart! I would so make one if we weren’t going to have ~300 guests!

  5. This looks so great! I hope everyone loves, loves it!

    Thanks for all your kind comments and support of our work :) You are totally right that the genealogy charts are very time-consuming to create, but it is our pleasure to create meaningful, beautiful work for our wedding clients that they can keep forever as a memento of their wedding day.

    Good news as well: we have recently lowered the price slightly on our Chandelier and Six Degrees charts. Just haven’t gotten around to updating the Etsy Shop links yet.

  6. Kim that is SO COOL! And dammit now I NEED ONE. Absolutely gorgeous and so clever. Maybe it’d be super cute to have the guests write in their relationship to the couple at the reception?

  7. Damn… Gator Kitty is like a kitty supermodel. No wonder she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants it. She’s such a brat.

    I’m so glad we’re done with that thing! You did such a wonderful job darling (with my help too, but it was mostly you)!

    Our guest better love this thing—just hope they bring their reading glasses.

  8. USF Bull girl :) says:

    I love your blog and all the cute tricks you put up!! I saw that someone else used all the exact some stuff as you and posted like a week later under a different name though?? :-\

  9. @USF Bull Girl: Mrs. Gator also blogs as Mrs. Dolphin over on WeddingBee. So, no worries! If you look at the picture of Mrs. Dolphin, you will actually find that it is Mrs. Gator! I know… can be confusing. :-)

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