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“That is soo cute… totally pinning it.”

“Zomg I say that ALL.THE.TIME. Pinning it!”

“Wouldn’t this be a cute thing to do when we get a house?” -wife
“What?” -husband
“I’ll just pin it so we don’t forget about it.” -wife

If you’ve ever been around me while I’m on Pinterest, I’m bound to have said one of the above phrases. I have so much “When we get a house” pins that I think my husband is actually scared of us getting a house, because he knows I’ll have him DIYing ridiculous projects. Hello salvaged wood pallet walls.

I once spent an hour and a half finding the perfect image of Ron Swanson to pin. Don’t know what “pinning” is? Look it up.

Obsessed. Via Tumblr

If you’re on Pinterest, follow me! My username is MrsGator and I promise to only pin awesome things like this Gator tee:

Imagine a world without Georgia. Amazing.

You’ll also see my LOVELOVELOVE board, which is basically filled with my favorite pins. My husband loves it because when holidays like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day roll around, he knows were to look for the prefect gift. “Awe! How did you know? I love it!”

Also, if my ‘rents are looking at my Pinterest, please ignore my “Babiessss” board. I don’t want to freak y’all out, I just need an outlet for everything ADORABLE when all my blogger friends are pregnant. How did I miss that memo?

Bow Tie = Cutest thing EVERRRRRRR

And since I work in remodeling and construction, Pinterest has been a great way to pin ideas I like, or material combinations that make me go “NO WAAAAYYYY” P.S. That’s a good thing.

Hello Gorgeous.

By the way, if there is some herringbone rehab – I need to be admitted. I think I try to convince every client we have to put a herringbone design somewhere in their project, whether it’s a kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor. I’m OUT.OF.CONTROL. I think I actually teared up at a meeting where our client was nixing the herringbone backsplash. 3 days later I had my way and the herringbone backsplash was back in their project. WIN.

And then there’s a bunch of stuff that just makes me laugh out loud or giggle in the corner uncontrollably.

Ryan Gosling says what every DIY women wants to hear. Husband, take a cue.

And the #1 image that I look at the most…
Yes, I actually log on to my Pinterest account just to look at this image.

Everything is Going to be Ok.

Life is a wild and crazy journey. Sometimes you ┬ájust have to take it down a notch and remind yourself that “everything is going to be ok.” I can’t tell you how much this one image has helped me over the past few months (shoot – the past year!). Through stress, family medical issues, new wedding biz worry, legal shiznah… this one phrase and print just does wonders for me. I should probably purchase it. Or maybe the hubs will. hint hint.

So there you have it. A quick sampling of what you might find on my Pinterest. If you follow me, let me know! I’d love to follow back. :)

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Julia says:

    Yay for Pinterest! I have LOTS of house DIY projects. The reality is that I spend more time blowing leaves than sewing curtains. It’s totally worth it though! And the good news is that I have all of those projects pinned so I can revisit them someday :)

  2. susan says:

    That’s funny – I’ve been using a couple small chalk boards around the house for a couple years now – I use then to convey all kinds of stuff to my other half – it works too!

  3. Andrea says:

    I’m following you!

  4. Janna says:

    I’m following you!

    I’m actually working on a pinterest wall for my house right now! Love it!

    We went to the Jason Aldean concert last night in Orlando- and the words “Pinterest Fail” may have slipped out as we walked by a men’s shirt made into a shirt disaster! :)

  5. Dad says:

    You know Honey.

    As a parent, sometimes I have feet like a young

    parent and

    I now feel like a dusty parent.

    But I have not yet felt like a …”rents” parent …

    Should I be getting ready? LOL

    Love Dad

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