Eating Your Cake 11 Months Early

We were bad Newlyweds. Very, very bad! Why, you might ask?

We ate the top of our cake… 11 months early.

The tradition is that you save (by freezing) the top of your wedding cake, so that you can have a slice of it together on your 1 year Wedding Anniversary. When Mr. Knight and I got home from our honeymoon, we couldn’t wait to dig into our Wedding cake. At our Wedding we barely got to eat any of it’s deliciousness, so we were eager to finally get our slice of ‘tropical carrot cake’ heaven. Plus, we were given advice from our baker to eat the cake now, not later, as the whole freezing process is no bueno for the cake.

We followed the thawing directions given to us by our baker, and then slowly started to unwrap this baby for some sweet dessert after dinner one night. Okay, so maybe we were back from our honeymoon for all of 2 days when we decided it was time to eat our cake. :-)

Here I am, examining the cake and thinking about how yummy it is. I’m wearing my new shirt from Paia, Maui store Alice in Hulaland (super cute shop in hippie town).

Cutting the cake a 2nd time. We already had plates ready to eat up the scrumptiousness we were expecting.

Looks super yummy, right? But was it yummy? Not really. :-(

Our Consensus: Don’t wait to eat your cake, because after freezing the cake, it will taste nasty whether it was frozen for a year or 1 month. We were pretty depressed at the lack of yumminess.

We vow to order a small cake from the same baker in our beloved ‘tropical carrot cake’ on our 1 year anniversary (in 11 months). I placed the icky 1 month old cake back in our fridge, as Mr. Knight swore he would ‘snack’ on it over the course of the week. He didn’t touch it once. So in the trash it went, along with a tear or two.

Do you all plan to wait a year to devour your cake? Or are you planning to eat it when you return from your honeymoon?

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  1. Brandi says:

    Our wedding cake baker was AWESOME and told us to eat our top PRONTO and that we would have a totally free, that’s right – FREE – freshly made anniversary cake when we’re ready for it. So we dug into ours post honeymoon (ours was still yummy).

    Total bummer if you don’t get a free anniversary cake, but I seriously recommend just ordering one fresh if you have to a year later. No one likes a year old frozen cake!

  2. Emily says:

    I like the idea of ordering a fresh one, too. We ate ours at one year and it was not yummy. Maybe even every anniversary.

    Especially cakes like red velvet and carrot don’t keep well anyway.

    @Brandi, more bakers should do that. It’s genius

  3. Langley and Drew says:

    oh my gosh you just made me so happy!!!!! I want to eat our cake so bad and I was afraid for bad luck! your auntie is a client/friend of mine and I love her so much and she was bragging on your blog which I love!!! We’re TOTALLy eating our cake this week and we’ll order a fresh slice for our first anniversary! your wedding was gorgeous and I love reading your blog

  4. The cake is a lie.

    Click picture if you don’t get the joke. You may even then not get it—that’s okay.

  5. Dianna says:

    We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary in 9 days and I have been looking forward to reuniting with our cake for the ENTIRE YEAR! So much so that I recently mentioned it in one of my posts on my “married life” blog, The Better Half. :) I have heard mixed reviews from friends about whether or not the cakes were edible at the 1 year mark, and overall it seems that the consensus is thumbs down which makes me a little sad. Hope you & your hubby enjoy your FRESH cake on your 1 year!

  6. Melissa says:

    We are doing cupcakes in three different flavors. We are not leaving for our honeymoon until two weeks after the wedding, so we are having our baker set aside 2 of each flavor for us to eat the week after the wedding.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Yes, cakes are so yucky after they have been frozen. What a cute idea to order the same cake for your anniversary. I didn’t think of that! Congrats on your marriage and very cute blog :)

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