Eating at your Wedding

Don’t kid yourself and think you will eat at your Wedding.

If you have the chance to put any sort of food in your mouth at your Wedding, you are one of the lucky few.

Mr. Knight and I always said that no matter what, we would eat at our Wedding. Because after all, that shiz is expensive and we were getting our… I mean, my parents… money worth. Leading up to our Wedding we were so sure of ourselves. We were going to tell people they need to chill so we could enjoy our fabulous stuffed chicken and spring salad, along with maybe a slice of cake or two.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

What we did end up eating, we scarfed down like two wild hyenas who haven’t eaten in days. Right after the speeches, our salads were set in front of us and we had a race as to which one of us could eat our salad the fastest. We probably looked crazy. I didn’t even get to finish my salad, because Mr. Knight won and we had to start making the rounds and saying hi to our guests (who had traveled far to celebrate with us). Okay, we didn’t HAVE to say hi to our guests, but we really really wanted to. We actually couldn’t wait to go table by table and see everyone.

And that little bit of salad is pretty much what I ate all night. Major sads, but I didn’t notice. We were so busy that we didn’t even feel/notice our hunger pains and tummy growls. We just wanted to make sure that everyone was having a good time, and that our guests were happy.

In fact, looking back, Mr. Knight and I wish we hadn’t ate our salads, because we missed saying hello to a whole table that got up and LEFT OUR WEDDING before we even had a chance to say hi to them. I mean… the cake wasn’t even cut! Who leaves before the cake has been cut?! The table is still a sore subject for Mr. Knight and I. And it wasn’t like they were friends that left… they were family! We don’t feel bad anymore about that table, because we watched a few of them do the same thing at another family wedding we attended. So we know it wasn’t just us, they are just early birds. But, still. Not even say hi to the Bride and Groom?

Anyways, back to the FOOD. Besides the bit of salad and one bite of cake, we didn’t eat a thing. By the time we got to our bridal condo we were STARVING. We took off our shoes and crawled around the floor (we were in that much pain) and looked around the condo for the packed up food our coordinator was supposed to leave for us. Where the heck was that food?!? Yeah… she totally forgot to pack it. So, poor Mr. Knight, so hungry, tired and sore, had to drive back to the clubhouse and pick up some food for us.

We ate that stuffed chicken up. Even cold, it was DELICIOUS.

Mr. Knight scarfing down his wedding dinner. Later we wish we had picked up 2 dinners a piece because we were starvvvving.

Yeah, I was totally in a robe at this point. The corset under my dress had left bursted blood vessels on my back and small bruises. No one tells you that will happen when the alterations lady INSISTS you have to wear one so your dress will stay up. Oh yeah, and totally on my iPhone. I’m ridiculous and felt the need to check my e-mail and Facebook. The next day their were TONS of pictures of our wedding up on Facebook. I was so happy our guests posted them because I was dying to see them! :)

Oh… and the coordinator didn’t even pack us a piece of cake! We were livid at this point. We wanted out dang cake. After all, it was our splurge item, coming in at about the same price as my Wedding dress. Yeah, we totally ordered it without knowing the price. We are so bad, but it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. Worth it.

So what did we do the rest of our wedding night, after inhaling our dinner? Turned on “Family Guy” and fell asleep 5 minutes later. Yeah… we’re wild ones!

So, I REALLY want to know. Do you have special plans to get to eat at your Wedding? And if you DID get to eat at your Wedding, how did you do it?!

Looking back, I think if our wedding was earlier in the day, I wouldn’t have felt rushed to see everyone and I think I could have eaten something. I think that really is how I felt for most of our Wedding… rushed. Time flies faster than you can ever imagine.

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  1. Abby says:

    Ha! So true. We didn’t eat at our wedding, either; we poked at our food and ate a couple of bites at our reception, but didn’t really eat anything other than that. Even when we got back to our room that night, neither one of us was very hungry (our coordinator even packed up 3 take-out containers of food for us…and we didn’t eat it!).

    Honestly, we didn’t eat anything for breakfast the next day, either…but once we finally got back to our house at lunchtime we were STARVING (rightfully so, we hadn’t eaten in almost an entire day!) and I made a McDonald’s run and we feasted on quarter pounders with cheese. Not the most healthy, but they definitely hit the spot!

  2. Sean ate at our wedding, I did not. But, it wasn’t because we didn’t have time, it was because I had way too much nervous energy and eating was the furthest thing from my mind. My coordinator was standing like a bodyguard next to me so that I could just eat, but I couldn’t. However, once we danced, drank and partied, I was starving. So back in the hotel room with a basket packed by our coordinator, I CHOWED down. yum.

  3. Hannah says:

    We heard all these amazing things about the food and although I know we ate (Celebrations was WONDERFUL about bringing us food over sine it was a buffet style) I don’t really remember any of it except thinking it was good and wishing I could chow down like a fool.

    We had 5 hours of dancing at our reception (after a 15 minute ceremony – priorities in line? Yes!) so we were able to see every one during the celebration and fun events like the dollar dance.

    While all the delicious stuff was scarfed down by the end of the night, Celebrations boxed up everything left (including food, desserts and alcohol that lasted us for months) and we had an after party in our extra suite at the hotel with a lot of our guests and family. (After a little private time for ourselves…)

  4. Stephanie says:

    We almost ate. Our catering forced us to sit down and eat, but I had food poisoning and the hubby was already drunk! (His grooms men love Jameson it seems.)

    Everyone said the food was so good. There was a ton left over and we brought it back to the hotel where we gave it away to the people who worked there.

    We were able to see everyone as we had like 4 hours party time. Yay for cheap venue (Thomas Center). So I got to dance a lot. We also did a dollar dance so that gave us a chance to spend a couple minutes with each person.

  5. Laura says:

    We actually *did* get to eat our wedding. Our coordinator was a badass and he basically kept people away from our table for 25 minutes. We got to eat and talk with our siblings (they sat at the table with us) for a decent amount of time. I didn’t think it was possible–our food was fantastic and I’m glad we didn’t miss it.

  6. Brandi says:

    Ooooh I didn’t even think to grab a to-go box…. shoot! We didn’t get to eat more than a few bites, ravenous hyena style, because we were too busy saying hello to everyone, too. We also had 3 hours of open bar for everyone to enjoy (which they all did), but aside from the toast, I was too busy talking and dancing all night for any alcohol.

    We did have a small get together in my uncle’s room after the wedding, had a couple of beers, and then went back to our room, opened gifts and PASSED OUT. Immediately. We’re pretty wild, too. ;)

  7. Emily says:

    Haha, this is such a true post. I remember stepping out of the car at our reception and sending someone in to have the staff save us a plate of hors deourves (spelling???). I’m glad we did because the ran out.

    But the staff took them to a conference room which made me mad so I sent someone else to get them to our sweetheart table. We ate them and our salads. And had in advance asked our dinners to be boxed to take home.

    We ate it cold in our hotel. So yummy.

    That chicken was dang good!!!

    You forgot about our bobby pin showdown when we made our hubby’s take all our pins out and count them. I won by s couple I remember that. I think it was like 70 something. I was so mad at you for Facebooking and texting me that night though. Haha

  8. @Brandi: Yeah… crap, I didn’t get one drink from our open bar all night either. I mean, I guess I drank (read: chugged) my champaign after the toast, but, that’s it. That makes me so sad inside.

    @Emily: I think I was the one you elected to save you some hors deourves. The meal at your wedding was, I have to say, one of the best meals ever. SO good.


  9. Katie says:

    I have blood sugar problemos. . .soooo if I don’t get me some yummy food and cake I will be a crabby bride for sure!! FI knows he will need to force me to eat. I’m gonna eat. . and that is that :)

    I love how you guys ended the night, snuggled up in your room noshing on leftovers

  10. Erin says:

    haha love this post! So True! We had scheduled some ” alone” pictures basicly in the middle of our dinner but I would much rather have those pictures than to have eaten. You can eat any time but you only get to spend that special time with your family once. I say that but am reminded that my husband inhaled a whataburger in the middle of our reception that one of groomsman had brought him after he mentioned that he was hungry….

  11. Alison says:

    We ate . . . a lot! I guess it just worked out that we were able to eat the full meal without much interuption, except from our DJ who wanted to go over the timeline (AGAIN!) during dinner. We didn’t get more than the first bite of cake though, so for our one-month anniversary, my husband ordered a mini cake from the baker so we could celebrate and finally enjoy our cake.

    Oh, and our caterer packed up so much leftover food for us, we had to give it away to family because it would have spoiled while we were on our honeymoon.

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