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I know I know… I’ve said several times that I was going to recap and show off our little labor of love♥… our invitations. But, since Mr. Knight is currently at work, and has all the images we took of the invitations on his laptop, I can’t get to them. Soon, I promise you will see our sweet invites! Why don’t I just get on his laptop and get the images myself, you may ask? Well, apparently Mr. Knight has been working on something for me for the wedding (he said he meant to give it to me on our anniversary last year, but it wasn’t finished), so he has changed his password on his laptop and desktop computer. So, no snooping! I have NO IDEA what it could be at all. No idea.

Well… on to another DIY.. our programs! I believe our programs took longer for Mr. Knight and I to do then our invitations. It has been, by far, the most intensive DIY project we have had. It took us the better part of 2 weeks to finish them (in between class and work).

The ‘original’ accordion fold program, brought to us by the lovely Ms. Martha Stewart
Blushing Designs Blog

Inspired by Mrs. Cupcake and Mrs. Joey’s fabulous accordion fold programs, Mr. Knight and I embarked on a long and labor intensive journey to create these babies. Wait… I have to stop for a moment and just tell you all how much I love the hive on WeddingBee, so much help and inspiration. When it came to actually getting our programs to sit properly in our little basket, Miss Cola had already come up with the perfect solution and shared it with us. She is so clever!

Okay… back to the programs.

I had been coveting sweet accordion fold programs for MONTHS (should I say years?). But, time and time again Mr. Knight would say ‘no’, deeming them expensive and too much work. I somehow convinced him about 4 weeks ago, and he jumped right on board. We have this saying around our house (especially when it comes to wedding DIYs), if you’re going to do it, then you better do it right.

Following the instructions given by the sweet Mrs. Joey in her post, we made our accordion inserts legal size (so that we could print them on our laser printer). Now, I would reveal the inside of our programs, but I’d rather leave those a mystery for now, as Mr. Knight and I have included a few things in there for our guest’s eyes, and we’d like to keep some part of our wedding a secret (I know… sorta difficult when you blog)!

But, I shall show you the cover, cause I loves it, and it makes me happy. :-)

Mr. Knight and I saved time/aggravation by not gluing our program title/cover/thingy-mah-jiggers but rather ordering labels from OnlineLabels (I swear we must be their new best friends, we’ve ordered so much from them) and printing our cover design on them. It made for super easy and fast sticker-ing of these bad boys to the covers. Mr. Knight was so clever as to suggest we add a notch to each side of the program so that our ribbon would stay properly in place, keeping the program closed, till our guests opened them. But, y’all know my type A, crazy OCD-ness, and that I couldn’t just ‘freely’ notch the sides of these beautiful programs. So I had Mr. Knight pick me up a little scrap booking tool (see the green punch hole thing in the picture below), and he got to work ‘perfectly’ notching our programs. What a sweet thing, he was so careful as to do it right. Love him.

Bought at Michael’s Craft store for $4.99

After cutting, taping, cutting more, tying, and sticker-ing these babies, we put them in a little basket ala Miss Cola.

Yes… your eyes do not deceive you, our programs are on a Gator rug. Yes.. we have one.. and we LOVE IT. :-)

Our programs are rather small, approx. 4″ x 5″, so we had to prop them up by using floral foam wrapped in left over tulle we had laying around. We also followed the clever Miss Cola’s instructions, sticking faux daisies in floral foam and wrapping the foam with left over yellow ribbon from our pomanders. I affixed the little sign to the front of the basket with paper clips taped to the sign and clipped to the basket. Overall, we are seriously happy with how they turned out.

Mr. Knight keeps saying that if we go to anyone’s house who attended our wedding, and one of our programs aren’t prominently displayed, he is going to de-friend them. Silly Mr. Knight!

And what would a DIY project post be without the approval of Gator Kitty?

Gator Kitty making sure the flowers are up to her standards of excellence.

It sort of feels weird not having Gator Kitty at our wedding since she has been soooo involved in all our projects. She will be vacationing with Maxwell Kittnah over at Gator Momma and Gator Dad’s while we are honeymooning. They are going to have  a blast. I secretly think they have a ‘thing’ for each other… but that is a whole other story.

And I simply can not end this post without the image below… what Mr. Knight and I call my ‘bride-slave’ chair.

Mr. Knight set this up for me the week classes ended. He knew I wanted to catch up on all my TV shows I had missed, and he still wanted me to get some of our programs done at the same time. So he moved out our coffee table and set up a ‘work station’ for me to work on our programs at while he is at work. How sweet of him… ?

But the ‘bride-slave’ chair surly did it’s job, and I managed to bust out tons of programs before he got home.

What was your most labor intensive DIY project? Did your fiance help you or did your fiance set up a ‘bride-slave’ workstation?

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  1. @TheMissGator Happy birthday! :)

  2. Gator Kitty’s approval is alway of the utmost concern. Thanks for being my slave—I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.

  3. @Mr Knight: As always!

  4. bowers says:

    we made save the dates that took WAY TO LONG and he said the same thing about not seeing the invitations hanging on fridges or displayed in the home
    ( i think it took a total of 25 hrs to make)

  5. Alecia says:

    Hi there,
    Love love love these!
    Any chance you’d be happy to send me your template? I’d be ever so grateful, getting married in less than a month and a little behin on my DIYs!!!
    Many thanks

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