Disney Grand Floridian Wedding Film // Lyle + Alexandra

Lyle + Alexandra // Feature Film from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

“She has multiple laughs, and when she get’s this uncontrollable one going, it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard. I laugh because of how she’s doing it and I try to get her to laugh like that every single day. It’s probably the most genuine thing, you just can’t fake it.” – Lyle

Alexandra and Lyle are a couple I’ve fallen in love with over the past few weeks. As with any wedding day, things go awry, nerves are at an all-time high, and sometimes it even rains. Through it all, these two were always centered on each other. The way they looked at each other, it was as if no one else was in the room. Congratulations, and a very Happy New Year to a couple I will always love! 

Check out their teaser below. :)

Lyle + Alexandra // Teaser from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.