Discovering Mr. Knight’s Doppelgänger

While watching the movie Observe and Report last night, I finally found Mr. Knight’s doppelgänger. A doppelgänger is a double or a look-alike person. A few months ago there was doppelgänger week on Facebook and everyone was uploading their celebrity look-alike. Mr. Knight and I don’t really participate in anything that makes us change our profile picture because we are too lazy to change it… or participate for that matter. But last night… when I saw Seth Rogen in Observe and Report, I knew I had found Mr. Knight’s celebrity double (+30lbs).

Uncanny, right? Between the squinty eyes, side burns, similar hair cut, pink lips and cheek mole, I couldn’t stop looking at Seth Rogen in the movie because he just looked SO MUCH like Mr. Knight.
Figures the FIRST wedding picture I show on the blog is for a celebrity look-alike comparison. Go me.
Seth Rogen via Google; Mr. Knight via Starks Photography

When we first started dating (well when we first started liking each other) I used to think Mr. Knight looked like high school jock Princess Mia liked for a split second in The Princess Diaires.

Must have been the surfer (see bowl haircut) and the tan skin that got me thinking this.
Erik Von Detten, typical teen heartthrob, via IMDB; Mr. Knight circa 2002

I never knew what celebrity I looked like, I have gotten a few Pams from The Office but that is about it. I always thought it was funny how everyone on Facebook, during doppelgänger week, would change their profile picture to some HOTT celebrity and be like “oh sometimes people say I look like this person, I don’t see the resemblance” and act all coy. Whateves.

I’m sure Mr. Knight isn’t going to be all pleased with me writing a post about his celebrity look-alike’s but, our wedding photos appear to be lost in the mail. There has been no sign of them and it has been 2 weeks since our photographers first tried to send them to us (did I mention we live 2 hours away from our photographers?). The Starks have been awesome to share some of our wedding pictures on their blog for us (and so I keep my sanity). I can’t wait to get the CD and spend a whole day going over and over and over them, memorizing every single one and organizing them for an album, blog posts, and frames. So excited!

Till then…

What celebrity do people usually say you look like? Whose your celebrity doppelgänger?

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  1. kjpugs says:

    Joshua Jackson is my celeb doppel-whatever. Sadly I’m not kidding.

  2. Morgan Harris says:

    The first thing that Cody said to me when he met Kyle was “your brother looks like seth rogan” haha

  3. I’ve gotten Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba before. I honestly think most of the time this is how the celebrity look-alike thing goes: “Oh she has dark hair, and she’s the same height as you. You guys look EXACTLY alike.” Haha. But amazing job with Kyle’s doppelganger! It’s spot on!

    P.s. This photo fiasco has been ridiculous, but I’m crossing my fingers that this disc will be the winner! :)

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  5. LauraLou says:

    Ahh, hope you get your pictures soon! Kyle does look like a much lighter version of Seth Rogen! I honestly don’t think I look like any celebrities, and if someone says I do it’s usually pretty random.

  6. Katey says:

    1) He does look a lot like Seth Rogen, I wonder if you went to the “what celebrity do you look like” website/facebook app/whatever it is if Seth would come up for him?
    2) EVD! *swoon*
    3) I get Maggie Gyllenhaal a lot. One day when I was at work I had a lady at my table that I was serving stop me and go “You look just like Kristen. You must get that a lot.” Apparently, after I must have looked confused she was like “You know, Bella. From Twilight.” While I knew she meant it as a compliment, it just made me want to lie out in the sun for as long as it took to not be compared to her. haha

  7. I can’t believe it… No joke… today at work (someone who doesn’t know about the blog at all) randomly said to me “You know who you look like? That guy from…” and before finished her sentence I stopped her and said, “please don’t say ‘Seth Rogan'” and she goes “Yeah! Seth Rogan. My husband and I just watched ‘Jack and Mira Make a Porno’ last night”.

    I mean, I have gained a few pounds in the last couple years, but, come on… Why couldn’t I look like Brad Pitt or someone like that?

  8. Emily says:

    SO TRUE!!! They even do that same smile!!! Weird!!!

    My fave part of this post is that you say yall are too lazy to change your profile picture…

    Stephan left his dippelganger pic up for like 6 weeks instead of one week…

  9. Christy says:

    I think you look like the character Brooke from One Tree Hill, especially in your thumbnail picture!

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