Crafting The Perfect Getaway

There are so many ways to make the ‘grand exit’ from you and your hubby’s wedding. Mr. Knight and I have gone over several different ideas. This past summer I had to research our best budget-friendly options and report back to Mr. Knight (yes… we actually sat down and I presented my ideas and the prices for each). But before I reveal what we decided to go with, I thought I’d show off the grand exits of two of my very sweet bridesmaids at their weddings. Check them out↓

Emily and Stephan's Feather Toss GetawayA feather toss getaway? This would be Seminole Bridesmaid‘s wedding (yes she went to FSU… but I still love her♥). She had feathers in her bouquet, in the table centerpieces, and finished off  the wedding with feathers being thrown at her and her groom as they hurry to their getaway car. Later she told me that she never told her reception location that they would be tossing feathers for fear they would tell her she wasn’t allowed to. They had quite the mess to clean up later! But well worth it for this shot. Can you spot Miss Gator in this picture?
photography by Cannon Fire Photography via Seminole Bridesmaid’s Facebook

Erin and Adam's bubble GetawayAnd Gator Bridesmaid’s wedding? A bubble getaway with her FSU Groom. They had their reception in the hotel where they would spend their honeymoon night in.
source: Gator Bridesmaid’s Facebook

Gator bridesmaid's grand exit to the elevatorSince they wouldn’t be having their ‘grand exit’ to the car we decided “Why not have a grand exit to the elevator?.” So, Happy Bridesmaid (who you will meet soon!) and I were in charge of keeping the elevator open so Gator Bridesmaid and her FSU hubby could have their grand exit to the elevator and up to their honeymoon suite. I love how this turned out! :-)

Now for the inspiration for Mr. Knight and I’s ‘Grand Exit’↓

Bubbles Wedding GetawayI just love bubbles… soo light and airy and fun for the kiddos! (plus no cleanup!)
source: Ashley McCormick Photography

Mrs. Lemonade's Sweet Golf Cart GetawayI loveeeee Mrs. Lemonade‘s golf cart getaway! Since we are getting married on a golf course and having our reception at a country club this would be the perfect getaway. I even found the same Martha Stewart “Just Married” banner on sale at Walmart on clearance. Score!
source: Jenna Cole

And our final decision on the send off? Bubbles. They were the cheapest, didn’t have a time constrant (like sparklers do) and are safe for the kiddies. We purchased bubbles at Michael’s Craft store using a 40% coupon for each container (yes I’m the coupon Queen!).

Michael's Craft Store Bubble WandsMicheal’s Craft Store bubble wands; came out to $15.33 for 108 wands (took me a few weeks to collect them… kept having to wait till my 40% coupons were valid, but well worth the wait)

As much I would have LOVED to do sparklers, they were just too expensive (around $50-70 for 100 that would last for 1min-3min). So Bubbles it is! I’m super excited about it and will be purchasing ribbon to tie at the ends of the bubbles. I also received a cute little basket at the Solutions Bridal Expo a few weeks ago that I will be using to place the wands in.

Another thought I had was for using the bubbles as we walk back down the aisle as man and wife… what do ya’ll think?

Bubbles as husband and wife walk down the aislesource: Sakura Photography

Either way.. there will be bubbles at Mr. Knight and I’s wedding for sure. :-)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love bubbles! Logistically how does it work to get them to throw/blow as you leave the ceremony site…just stand at the altar until everyone leaves? That seems kind of awkward? (I’m getting married at the Baughman center)

  2. Lauren says:

    Awww I miss Gator Bridesmaid!

    Bubbles are definitely going to be very whimsical. A friend of mine had bubbles for her send off; it was outside, at night, and it worked out beautifully.

  3. @stephanie: We are getting married outside and I was thinking that as we walk back up the aisle as man and wife, our guests would shower us with bubbles. But… I’m thinking of not doing this and just keeping it for our ‘getaway’.

  4. Hannah says:

    Make sure to talk to your photographer! I’ve heard a few of them complain that bubbles get in their lenses and can mess things up. Otherwise, I think bubbles are a beautiful and inexpensive idea. <3 it!

  5. Erin says:

    yay for bubbles! they photograph so beautifully- especially at night! just make sure you dont put them out until right before the send off or else you will have all of the “teenagers” or children playing with them all night! I had to yell at my sister and cousins quite a few times during out reception to stop blowing bubbles at people! haha

  6. I love it, Erin’s right, they do photograph beautifully!

  7. marina says:


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