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    These amazing paper cuts by Julene are just out of this world. Can you believe she cuts these by hand?

    Where There Is Love There Is No DarknessmadebyJulene (she carries a few already made ones in her Etsy shop); $65 unframed, $95 framed and matted

    She also does beautiful custom work.
    These are real masterpieces. ↓

    Anna and Jose Geek LoveAnna and Jose Geek Love (custom piece)

    I carry your heartI Carry Your Heart. I Carry It In My Heart. {how beautiful!}

    Anna and Jose Detail shotdetail of Anna and Jose Geek Love

    Personalized CardsPersonalized Anniversary Cards

    She can do just about any wording. She does come at quite a hefty price tag (starting at 185GBP or $297… whew!). She does offer some pre-cut options for a quite a bit less in her Etsy store (starting at $65).  Visit her website and her Etsy shop for more details.

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    Oh I just love wedding pictures with barns! If only there was a barn near our location. {sigh}

    Lauren and Zack having fun in front of a Barnsource OnceWed

    Strange… this dress looks a lot like Miss Gator’s dress (but isn’t!). Could be why she loves this picture so much!  Is it weird I’m talking about myself in the third person??? maybe. :-)

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    What’s up with this week and obsession? I’m just having a very obsessed week over here in the Gator Bride World. :-)

    Okay, so here’s the deal with the Weekly Obsession. Everyday I see incredible images that I absolutely love and inspire me, yet they don’t fit nice and neatly into posts on my blog. So instead of them sitting on my desktop for weeks (waiting patiently to fit into a post), I will be posting them as a Weekly Obsession (or daily? who knows!).

    Chic Bride and Groomsource Once Wed

    Absolutely love this bride and groom. Mr. Knight would look sooooo amazing in this suit. He knows I love him in straight leg jeans (wide leg… no thank you), and he would look amazing in a more slim-line suit. ahhh.. the possibilities, only… you wouldn’t catch Mr. Knight dead in a skinny tie, and upon seeing this entry he will probably veto this look all together but hey…. a bride can dream.