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  • Wedding of the Week: The AWESOME-est Gator Wedding I have Ever Seen!

    I have stalked this wedding for quite sometime now. It all started with their Gator engagement pictures by Lindsey Tropf of Pure Photography. Then came their wedding photos. Every detail was amazingly Gator! When I first saw the pictures on Lindsey’s blog I could hardly contain myself! They made orange and blue work and it turned out amazing and incredibly chic and fresh! In the back of my head I made a mental note to feature this wedding on the blog.

    Well… weeks went by, school got busy and I quickly forgot about this amazing Gator wedding till one day I got an e-mail from Chan, the bride. She was incredibly sweet and sent me tons of beautiful pictures from her and her husband’s wedding. Her e-mail made my day. I mean… to open your email and have that many Gator wedding pictures in it? What Gator Bride would not be ecstatic? :-)

    But first, here is Chan and Tim’s Love Story (as told by the Bride):

    In 2006 a mutual friend at UF insisted that Tim and I had to meet. When we did meet we realized that we lived next door to each other–our rooms were 10 feet from each other. So the story goes we met by the dumpster (between our two homes).

    To say we are Gator fans is an understatement. During the 2006-2007 football season, Tim and I decided that we should go to every single football game that year, including the out-of-town ones. So minus the national championship game in Arizona, we went to all, including the SEC Championship in Atlanta. Was our first year dating honeymoon-bliss-esque because we were a new couple in love or cause the Gators were champs? Most likely, both ;) The idea of an orange-and-blue came almost naturally to Tim and I. I can honestly say it was a mutual decision. When we would tell people our color scheme, we got a lot of looks–but I was confident we could pull off a contemporary and fun orange-and-aqua-wedding look–and I think we did!

    Even picking our date was contingent on the football schedule. When our ideal date (Oct. 3–the byweek) was not available, we settled on September 12, a game we knew would be a blow-out. Our wedding ceremony was at the All Souls’ Catholic Church in Sanford, FL, and our reception was in the beautiful ballroom of Holy Trinity Reception Center in Maitland, FL. The priest opened up the ceremony by giving us the latest score of the UF-Troy game and intertwined our love for the Gators with our love for each other. Haha.  We were introduced at the reception via a friend who dressed on as Mr. Two Bits and came out to the fight song, of course. We also surprised our family/friends with a little two-minute dance number. A friend/guest actually played on the 2006 National Championship team and he had his SEC Champ ring on him–hence the photos of his ring and mine! Finally, our last song of the night was “We Are the Boys from Old Florida.” It was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator WeddingA Mr. Two Bits entrance? AMAZING!

    Skip to the 4:38 mark to see Chan and Tim’s Gator Entrance!

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding The even did the We are the boys of Old FLLLLLOOORRRIIDAAA! at the end of their wedding. How cool is that?

    I love every detail from this amazingly Gator Wedding. Thank you, Chan, for sending me all these amazing pictures! All photos are by Lindsey Tropf of Pure Photography.

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  • Wedding of the Week: Meghan:: A True Gator Bride

    Since it is game day here in Gator-ville, I feel the need to post this incredibly Gator Wedding!

    First off I want to say that I absolutely LOVE my readers. I love them even more when they contact me with their seriously awesome Gator Weddings!

    Meghan contacted me a few weeks ago. She’s was a Gator Bride with a ‘Bama lovin’ fiance. Although he didn’t exactly go for the Orange and Blue wedding Meghan desired, they did end up with an incredibly fabulous orange wedding. She also has a super cute blog (that has become by weekly read), Flip Flops & Gator Gear. Check out their love story and wedding pictures below.↓

    Allen and I met at UF 3 years ago. He was raised in Alabama and is a diehard fan, but somehow ended up in the Sunshine State. I like to think he just wanted to go to the school with the better football team. He actually really likes Gator football (how could you not in Gainesville?!), unless they are playing ‘bama. The 2008 SEC Championship Game was a real test of our relationship.

    When we decided to get married, I immediately started pitching the orange and blue color scheme to everyone. No one seemed to appreciate it as much as me. Shocking, I know! We ended up with shades of orange, but I managed to sneak some Gator details in throughout. Allen even wore a blatant Gator orange tie to the wedding…but he didn’t have much of a choice. No worries though, I surprised him with some love for the Crimson Tide as well.

    Our wedding ceremony was at the Orlando LDS Temple and our reception was at Citrus Restaurant in downtown Orlando. Every detail was Gator orange from the place cards to my shoes. My bridesmaids set up a Gator hand-puppet in the bridal suite (so he discretely made his way into several “getting ready” shots) and I wore a half Florida Gator/half Alabama garter. Our guestbook was a football that was hand-painted with a Gator logo on one side and an Alabama logo on the other. I suprised Allen with a groom’s cake in the shape of legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant’s iconic houndstooth hat. One of the best memories of the evening was when our first dance was wrapping up; in comes Florida mascot Albert the Alligator. He tapped on Allen’s shoulder to cut in on the dance and everyone was so shocked and excited that they were cheering….even those foolish Alabama fans in the room!

    Meghan and her Husband

    Meghan and her Alabama Lovin' Husband

    Gator BridesmaidsThese bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous!!

    Gator Bridal Party

    Meghan's bling bling Wedding shoes Love the bling bling on Meghan’s wedding shoes!

    Meghans Bridal BouquetWhat a beautiful bouquet!

    Albert cutting in on the First DanceAlbert cutting in on the first dance with the Bride!

    Cutting the Cake

    Gator Football Guestbook

    All photography by Stacy Elle Photography of Orlando, FL.

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  • Wedding of the Week: Kari of Keetoyourheart♥

    If you have been reading any of my posts for the last two months, then you know a thing or two about the awesome that is my bridal consultant at Solutions Bridal, Kari (the one who put me in the dress of my dreams!). Her and her hubby were married a few weeks ago and I’m so incredibly excited to finally get to share her wedding with you all (I somewhat stalked Kara Pennington Photography’s blog for these photos to come up). Check out their Gainesville-Goregous wedding↓


    kariandrew007Is that a UF ring I see there? Love it.

    kariandrew014Kari walking down the aisle at the beautiful Baughman Center on Campus. {sigh} gorgeous

    kariandrew015Oh the Groom looks like a happy camper for sure! :-)



    kariandrew026Oh I love fun and happy pictures!

    kariandrew031Check out this fancy-ness. They rented out the Sharab Lounge in downtown Gainesville for pictures!

    kariandrew036Is that the Kate Spade Clarice heels peeping through? I think so!

    Kari and Andrew's reception at Steve's Cafe Americain Kari and Andrew’s beautifully PINK reception at Steve’s Cafe Americain

    Groom's Cake Toppers by Etsy seller Bunnywithatoolbelt
    Even Albert showed up at their wedding. Love me some GATOR! These are the groom’s cake toppers and were made by Etsy seller Bunnywithatoolbelt (who also made our super cute Gator/Knight cake toppers!)

    Kari and Andrew's Reception

    kariandrew050Overall a seriously awesome and GLAMOROUS Gainesville wedding. Never thought you would see glamorous and Gainesville in the same sentence, did you?

    Congratulations to the  new Mr. and Mrs.!

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  • A Tasteful Gator Wedding of the Week

    This is a cute (and very GATOR) bride and groom I came across while visiting OnceWed. While I’m unsure if this couple knew that they were ‘representin’ for the Gators on their wedding day, I do know that they certainly have a fabulous color combination. They prove that you can certainly incorporate that swanky orange and blue into your wedding day attire.

    Bride and Groom dressed in subtle Gator colorsUmm… that dress = AMAZING!
    source OnceWed

    Pictures of the Orange and Blue dressed Bride and Groomsource OnceWed

    Whoever said blue seersucker suits were out of style?