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  • Post-Wedding Bridal Portraits

    Since I jumped the gun and published my Gator Friday post early this week, we’re going to skip it today and feature some pictures of sweet Seminole Bridesmaid.

    Okay, so obviously today’s post isn’t about me. I know, y’all love it when I talk about myself (only joking). This little ditty is about Seminole Bridesmaid (SB). SB was married a few years back. She never had bridal portraits taken (nor did I), which is a big ol’ thang here in the South. Recently she had the opportunity to “play” Bride again when her friends, who run An Absolutely Fabulous Wedding, needed a model for some promotional shots. Who wouldn’t say yes to the chance to get dolled up, prance around in a wedding dress (in cold December weather!) and have your photo taken? The result was some pretty awesome photos of SB.

    To see the rest of the photos from the shoot visit photographer Tiffany Vaughn’s bliggity blog.

    Do you plan/did you take bridal portraits?

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  • The Infamous iPhone Wedding Photo

    I’ve mentioned a few times before how much I love pictures of iPhone’s in Wedding pictures. I even wrote a few more posts about how cute they were in pictures, and since Mr. Knight and I are avid iPhone users, we couldn’t be apart from our little iPhones on our Wedding day either.

    So now, I present to you our covetted iPhone Wedding photo:

    I loves ♥

    I think I must of asked our photographers a million times on our Wedding day – “When do we get to do our iPhone picture?” Can you tell I was excited? I think they finally just gave in and was like “Let’s do it now,” after I had asked them for the 1 bazillionth time. :-)

    Do y’all plan on incorporating your iPhone (or other smartphone) into your wedding pictures?

    Photo, and idea behind photo, by Starks Photography ♥them

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  • Just Mauied :: Hello Beautiful Ladies

    I love my bridesmaids. Not only are they incredibly beautiful (which makes for some excellent pictures), but they are the sweetest gals a girl could have as friends. Not to mention, they look FABULOUS in light blue. Fabulous. I swear I’m not shallow, I just can’t get over how good they all look in those dresses, and hair flowers. Amaze-balls.

    Hello hardest picture to pose for EVER. You wouldn’t think so. I was seriously cranking my neck around as hard as I could so I could see the camera, but sooo worth it. I needed at least ONE picture with my little Bride hoodie. :-) BTW, totally rockin’ the southern bump. You know you love it.

    Hi Bridal jacket that costs mucho $$ and can only be worn 1 day. I wore the jacket on the plane to Maui hoping they would see we were newlyweds and bump us to 1st class. My plan didn’t work. I understand though. We were competing with the girl CARRYING her wedding dress on the plane, and a couple wearing bride and groom hats (complete with detachable veil). Next time we will be more prepared.

    Everyone wearing different silver shoes? Love. Red color of the boards of the little white bridge we were on, in contrast with the girl’s dresses. Also love. This is one of those pictures that older folks look at and ask “Why did the photographers cut all y’all’s heads off? They must not be very good.” Oh quite the contrary, they are soooo good.

    Faux laughing like its our JOB. We rock.

    Sunny MOH and I possibly laughing at how awkward it is to take a GAZILLION photos.

    We’re FIERCE and we know it. Seminole Bridesmaid and I hamin’ it up for the camera.

    Gator Bridesmaid and I Gator chomin’, our usual activity when we are around each other. :-)

    Happy Bridesmaid and I bein’ sweet.
    Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, those are the bridesmaid bouquets/weeds our florist delivered to us. Waaaay embarrassing. A full drag-out post on ‘he who should not be named’ is coming soon!

    Sporty Bridesmaid and I rockin’ like the true Rock Stars we are.

    Definitely a framer! Sweet Bridesmaid and I giving our best ‘whateves’ face. We had run out of poses at this point.

    Aren’t we a little more creative in our pictures then the boys were? I always joke to Mr. Knight that his pictures with the boys were sooo creative {sarcasm}. Being the funny guys they are, I figured there would be some goofy ones in there somewhere, but they really ‘held it together’ during their picture session. Us gals, I can’t say we held it together. :-)

    This post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me and the cutest little flower girl ever, my god-daughter KK. Fun (and random) Fact: Little KK and I were born exactly 20 years apart and both our names start with a “K.”

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    The ladies lunched
    We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
    I was hungover while getting our hair did
    The boys got full of themselves
    I put on that little white dress

    And if you haven’t seen our Wedding Video, I can’t talk to you. You MUST see it. Loves it like WOAH.

    *All photos by the rockin’ husband and wife team of Starks Photography (Go to their website, the music on it is AMAZING. Loves it.)

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  • Just Mauied :: Love dem der Boys

    Love dem der boys
    I was feelin’ a little redneck up in herrr. Be prepared for a full on southern language post.

    A long time ago, in a far and distant pre-marriage world, I spoke about how I would be outfitting Mr. Knight and his groomsmen. On our wedding day, I was so happy to see all the boys outfitted in our selections. Them boys sure did look snazzy.

    There some good lookin’ boys right there. Mmm hmm.

    Getting the Bride’s Approval from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.
    Mr. Knight is so silly. He even took a video with his iPhone, so that I could see that the boys were all accounted for, in their tuxes, and were wearing the right boutonnieres (as Mr. Knight was originally worried about who had which boutonniere… you think it would be obvious). Love him and his silly-ness.

    I love this picture of the boys and how it looks like they are nonchalantly going to go bust a cap on someones a**. The boys knew how good they looked and even had a full on Facebook conversation with each other about it (related to this photo).

    Them boys be out of control.
    Conversation taken from Facebook

    Love ‘in the moment’ pictures of Mr. Knight. My happy little Groom!

    I think Mr. Knight was more excited about having all his friends in one place and hanging out with them then us actually getting married. None of our friends live near us, so having them all there for our wedding was like Christmas (or the best wedding gift ever).

    Yellow daisies and aqua ties. Love it. Let me guess, who’s unshaven face is that? They DID know they were going to a wedding, right? And that they were IN the wedding? It’s all good though. As much as Mr. Knight probably doesn’t want me to tell y’all, he had crazy bursting nose hair the day of our wedding. I was like “It’s our wedding day and you forgot to cut your nose hair when you shaved? Fabulous.” Not like anyone was close enough to tell. Just another funny memory from that day that I love. ♥

    What’s even more out of control then the Facebook love-fest? Our two youngest groomsmen smoking cigars at our wedding.
    Taken via random guest’s camera

    I probably should have had Mr. Knight recap his pictures with his groomsmen. He could have provided  more insight into what was really happening while these photos were taken.

    Stay tuned as I prepare one of the most awesomest posts EVER… our Wedding Highlights video. It is nothing short of AMAZING and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. :-)

    All the photos above were taken by the husband and wife team of Starks Photography unless otherwise noted.

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  • Just Mauied :: The Dress

    As I start recaps, I have to let you know that I’m probably not going to go in order of how things happened. I’m a “talk about what I wanna talk about” kinda gal. For the most part, things will be in order, but I may throw in a few honeymoon recaps here in there, as if our amaze-balls honeymoon video wasn’t enough. :-)

    Where to start? I mean… how do I truly recap such an amazing day in Mr. Knight and I’s lives and truly give it justice? Let’s start with THE DRESS.

    You know what I’m talking about… the dress that many TV shows are ALL about helping you find. The first thing that people ask you about when you say you are getting married, “Well, have you found a dress yet?” It is the one thing that I stressed about for months before choosing the right one. See, I’m a very VERY picky young lady. Things have to be in their place… my ducks all lined up in a row, etc. I’m what you would call an obsessive compulsive person. I mean…. I got a label maker for Christmas one year.

    I wrote about finding the dress, but never revealed my little beauty. And boy… is she a beauty. I present to you the Wtoo by Watters, Marquarite wedding dress. Click the images to view them larger, in all their glory.

    Hello Gorgeous.

    Dear Wedding Dress,
    I love you.
    ♥Mrs Gator

    Something I found throughout all our wedding pictures, that makes me love the dress even more, is how light flows through it. The light flowing through my dress certainly gave it this float-y, airy-ness to it that I was going for. Such heaven.

    Maybe a little risque but I love it. I feel we are being very ‘GQ’ in this picture.

    And for you budget-savvy brides, yes you can find a beautiful dress at the chic Solutions Bridal for under $1,000. I was told by more then a few people to not enter Solutions Bridal with a small budget, but I did it anyways and am so happy I did!

    Seminole Bridesmaid and I toasting to saying YES to the dress at Solutions Bridal. It is weird that a Gator and a Seminole are besties? What can I say, it was love at first sight (for both Mr. Knight, the dress and Seminole Bridesmaid).
    taken by Kari, my fabulous bridal consultant

    Wtoo by Watters Marquarite wedding dress, $937. Alterations by Alterations Unlimited, $172. Total $1,109. Seeing Mr. Knight with a huge grin on his face the first time he saw me in my wedding dress, PRICELESS.

    *All Photos taken by the talented husband and wife team of Starks Photography. Isn’t it adorable that they are a ‘husband and wife’ team. I thought so. :-)