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  • Contest :: Win Custom Cake Toppers from Bunnywithatoolbelt!

    Y’all remember the little cake toppers that started it all?

    How could you forget? I probably write posts about how much I love them at least once a month!
    photo by Starks Photography / cake toppers by Bunnywithatoolbelt

    Well the artist behind these adorable toppers is Hilary from Bunnywithatoolbelt and she is currently running her annual “How’d ya get Hitched” contest on her blog! Oh, and I did I mention I’m a judge? {hooray!} Be sure to read my special “Meet the Jury” interview. :)

    This year she will be giving away two sets of cake toppers. AWESOME! Here’s the details on how you can win you and your fiance some adorable custom cake toppers!


    Tell Hilary your cutest, goofiest, or most swoonfully romantic story of your “I do moment.” Then choose one of the designs on the Bunny with a Toolbelt Etsy site, her online album of cake toppers, or one you spotted hanging out at the Chapel of Bunny Love that she can use to illustrate your saga on her blog. Send a picture of the two of you to sweeten the pot,and she’ll publish your stories between now and 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time on May 15, 2011.


    Then, we’ll let the voting begin. One winner will be determined by the one who gets the most unique comments from readers who will declare which story made them go “awwww!” or “ohhhhhh!” or “mmmmmmmmm!” A second winner will be selected by Hilary and an esteemed panel of judges, including Reverend Steve Sharp from A Beautiful Ceremony NW, Kimberly from Gator Bride {that’s me!}, and Rebecca Amblin from Origin Flowers.

    Adorbs! Especially for those who have “little ones” and want to include them on their wedding day!

    The two winners will get a custom cake topper set that Hilary will make with whatever critters make their hears go purrrrrrr!! She will also give you the keys to the castle where you can order custom invitations, big gifts for the wedding party, or little ones for the guests–all with the picture of your adorable Bunny with a Toolbelt wedding cake topper on them and whatever personalized text you like!

    The “We do” little monsters. So cute! Bunnywithatoolbelt

    Please limit your entries to 500 words. This contest is intended for currently engaged couples. She’ll post them as they come in. Email your story to Hilary at bunnywithatoolbelt@gmail.com.

    There are currently 2 blogged engaged couples so far. Only 2! So, if you’re engaged (or know someone engaged), submit your story and have your friends and family comment on your entry once it’s been published! You could be the winner of some very adorable cake toppers.

    Deadline is May 15th, 2011!

    Will you be entering?

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  • Just Mauied :: Speeches from the Heart

    What’s next on this fast-moving (okay… more of a slow-paced) recap bandwagon? Speeches!

    I admit. When other bloggers are recapping their weddings and they get to the speeches part, I skip over it. Eek! I can’t believe I typed that out. So embarrassing. But, I’m all about truth up in this bia, so I’ve gotta tell it like it is.

    So, I understand if y’all skip over this post, but I promise to include some super cute pictures of Gator Dad (which… most likely only Gator Mom and I will enjoy), and a little video for those who were with us and want to reminisce, and for those who weren’t there and want to see all the love that surrounded our Gator/Knight booty’s on our wedding day. Let’s face it, I would have LOVED to invite all my blog-y buds to our wedding, but Mr. Knight had to cut me off somewhere. ;)

    After our first dance, Mr. Knight and I started off by thanking our guests for being apart of this special day in our lives, and that it was ABOUT TIME that Mr. Knight made an honest woman out of me. All these years of cohabitation with no marriage certificate had made my grandmother uncomfortable for long enough.

    Fun fact: My grandmother called Mr. Knight my “friend” the 8 years we were dating. As in, “how is your friend?” She didn’t start calling him by his first name till he proposed. Now she calls him my husband. I {heart} old school grandma’s. They are so funny.

    Me = honest woman. Thanks hubs!

    First up to bat? Sunny MOH! Sunny MOH has known us for years and years. She reminisced about our days in fashion class (high school classes were ridiculous), and how I never stopped talking about Mr. Knight, even though we weren’t dating/talking/seeing each other. I was a crazy stalker, thank goodness Mr. Knight asked me to a movie before I went all psycho on him.

    Then we had Little Knight. He gave such a funny and sweet speech. He mentioned how he couldn’t remember his life without me in it (yeah… I was around a lot before Mr. Knight decided to propose), and that since I knew his family’s quirks already, I wouldn’t be scared away. In the end, he made me cry (which I tend to do a lot) by welcoming me officially to the family as the sister he knew he would always have.

    Next up was Gator Dad. Gator Dad always knows the right thing to say, and he says it so very well. So, instead of trying to recap his speech, I posted it in video below! Yay for Gator Daddy speech!

    Just Mauied :: Father of the Bride Speech from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. Once again, I’m a sap but I love him and can’t hold it in (plus I look super crazy when I’m trying to hold in tears). ♥ I love how he was impressed with everything Mr. Knight and I can do as a team. It really feels good for all our hard work together to be noticed.It’s really weird, but more and more I’m starting to notice that Mr. Knight is so much like my Dad. I guess there is some truth that some little girls grow up to marry men like their Dad.

    I know how difficult it is to speak at someone else’s wedding. I was my best-friend, Seminole Bridesmaid’s, MOH and I remember being incredibly nervous. I knew what I wanted to say. I had typed it out, practiced it multiple times in front of Mr. Knight, but when it came down to that evening I could barely keep myself together as I spoke. I was just filled with so much love for her that I couldn’t contain all my happy tears.

    Can’t fake the love between our eyes! Bwahaha. We’re the sisters we never had (she has all brothers, I’m an only child).

    I’m pretty sure I cried more at her wedding than at my own wedding! I remember crying for pretty much 20 minutes straight during her ceremony. And I couldn’t even watch her walk down the aisle without breaking down (which I also did at Gator Bridesmaid’s wedding when she walked down the aisle… I’m an equal-opportunity crier). You could have also caught be weeping quietly throughout SunnyMOH’s ceremony.

    Anyways…So I know how much work, practice, thought and love went into these speeches and I’m forever thankful. Let me take that back. WE’RE forever thankful. ♥♥♥

    What do you think makes the best speeches? Ones that are heartfelt or funny? or both? Have you ever given a speech, what are your tips? I’d love to hear them!

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    All photos by Starks Photography

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  • Just Mauied :: The Twelfth of Never

    Sometimes I don’t know why I try and finish recapping our wedding. Then I come across the below video footage, and I remember why. I’m going to jump around on my recaps, because… well… it’s MAH recaps and I’ll do as I want. :) Plus, I’ve made it a new year’s resolution to only blog what I want to blog about. No more ‘forced’ blog entries, because those are no fun! So from now on, I’m bloggin’ when the mood strikes (and when time permits, no more blogging at 2am!).

    Anyways, back to why I’m here today. Leading up to our wedding, Mr. Knight knew he wanted to honor his Mema and Papa with a dance of their own (as they will be celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary this year and have done so much for Mr. Knight growing up/and now). So we told the DJ to play “their” song, The Twelfth of Never by Johnny Mathis, during our reception as a surprise for them.

    ♥ Our Wedding // The Twelfth of Never from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    I love how Mr. Knight’s Papa is singing the song to Mema in her ear while they dance. ♥

    The song, “The Twelfth of Never,” comes from a popular expression which is used as the date of a future occurrence that will never come to pass. In the case of the song, the 12th of Never is given as the date on which the singer will stop loving his beloved, thus indicating that he will always love her/him. Wikipedia

    Ahhh, every time I hear this song I fall more and more in love with it. :)

    Then everyone joined in…

    Groomsmen M and his gal, A. Funny enough, they both caught the bouquet and garter. Watch out, y’all are NEXT!

    Sunny MOH and her husband, Groomsmen S, dance within the crowd. Their now living half way around the world in Thailand doing volunteer work for the next few years. Miss them♥.

    Seminole Bridesmaid dancing with her hubby, who is currently serving our country overseas. Be safe SB-hubby!

    And, here Mema and Papa are, at their Wedding 50 years ago.

    Happy (soon-to-be) Anniversary!♥

    Do you plan/did you have a special dance for your grandparents (or anyone else in your family)? Was it a surprise for them?

    All photos by Starks Photography, except the last!

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  • One Wedding Regret – The Florist ‘who should not be named’

    Okay, so I loved EVERYTHING about our wedding. Well, just about everything except for our darn Florist. He was ‘the suck.’

    Poor Happy Bridesmaid had to carry such an offending bouquet. I don’t understand how a florist can get MY bouquet mostly right but completely mess up the bridesmaid bouquets. Yes, those are rogue daisy leaves left by our florist. You can see more pictures of these bouquets in my beautiful bridesmaids post.
    photo by Starks Photography

    Every time I think back to our wedding, I think about all the beautiful people and details… then I get to those dang bridesmaid bouquets and I just about want to cry.  Here was our plan: Mr. Knight and I would order/put together all the flowers for the reception (with the help from my AMAZING bridesmaids and day-of-coordinator) and the only thing we were going to order was the bouquets, bouts and corsages from a florist. Saving us some much needed $$$ since Mr. Knight and I were footing the bill for many of these wedding ‘accessory’ items.

    A few months before the wedding we dropped by a florist in Ormond Beach near our wedding location. We only had time to visit one location since we lived out of town (2 hours away from our wedding location). We met with the owner, checked out all the beautiful pictures of flowers he had done and then showed him our inspiration (below).

    Sweet, romantic and whimsical. Those were our 3 words. What did we get? I cringe every time I think about our bouquets. Cringe with embarrassment and cringe at their heinous weed/store bought/5-year-old craft/ugly-ness.
    collage made from: Mtux, David’s Bridal, OnceWed, Project Wedding

    He said that he loved my daisy look and thought I should make a big statement by having just daisies. I agreed with him and then we moved forward to bridesmaid bouquets and my bouquet. I was overall happy with our consultation and couldn’t wait to see how all the bouquets looked the night before the wedding.

    Fast forward to May 14, the Friday before our wedding. I showed up at our Florist, with my bridesmaids in tow, to check out our bouquets.What did I see? Utter heinousness. From the GOLD ribbon he wrapped MY bouquet with, to the lack-luster bridesmaid bouquets that looked like a package of Winn-Dixie $3 daises were just wrapped in ribbon. Just awful. I was immediately let down. I didn’t really know what to do. I critiqued him, told him what to fix and to add tons more white daisies to my bouquet and my bridesmaid’s bouquets. But those bridesmaid bouquets were just awful and I didn’t know what to do.. and what is even worse is that the florist didn’t even recognize how bad they looked. I mean.. I was basically paying $45 a bouquet for him to drive to Winn-Dixie, purchase a $3 bunch of white daisies and wrap a ribbon around them.

    Don’t they look like they just picked those daisies out of a random pasture, or rather WEEDS and bunched them up to make a bouquet? Ahh.. this is such a sore point for me.
    Picture taken by one of our wedding guests

    I was so busy the day before the wedding, so frazzled, so OVER IT, that I just let the bouquets go. I was just like ‘whatever I can’t handle this right now’ and we left the florist. I’m NEVER like this. I’m that person that has to critique something to the Nth degree. I believe I had just reached a breaking point and I decided… F itI don’t care (please excuse my profanity!). My bridesmaid’s were pretty silent as they looked at the bouquets in horror. Looking back, I wish they had spoken up to help me (sometimes I try to be ‘nice’ and not tell vendors how I REALLY feel). But if I were my bridesmaid’s I probably wouldn’t have said anything either.

    Did I mention the florist forgot to leave me a ‘toss’ bouquet, as outlined in our contract? Details. Details. I ended up throwing my ACTUAL bouquet for the toss. One of my bridesmaid’s offered to give me her bouquet to toss, but I felt bad tossing a bouquet of weeds to our wedding guests.

    On a happier note, the reception flowers were AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for them to be any better! I remember walking into the reception, right before our ceremony, and seeing all the flowers, I just wanted to cry they were so beautiful. Exactly what I wanted in EVERY WAY.

    Hello GORGEOUS, cheerful, bright and happy. I loved these arrangements our day-of coordinator put together with the flowers we bought. I nearly cried at how perfect they were.
    photo by Starks Photography

    Our Guestbook table with the cutest IKEA bud vases ever. Loving the fuchsia and white daisy combo.
    photo by Starks Photography

    Baby arrangement on the bistro tables during the cocktail hour. These are soo cute.
    photo by Starks Photography; you can see what our table centerpieces looked like at the beginning of our wedding video.

    We ordered white daisies from Fifty Flowers ,fuchsia gerbera daisies from Sam’s Club, and placed cut up lemons in all the vases. They showed up the Thursday before the wedding, and two of my amazing bridesmaids, Sunny MOH and Seminole Bridesmaid, helped me to cut/hydrate and transport them to our reception site.

    3 of the 5 buckets of flowers we had. Sooo gorgeous. And those fuchsia gerbera daisies were beautiful!
    photo taken on Mrs Gator’s iPhone

    Loading the flowers into Mr. Knight’s truck. The truck was a recent purchase on our part and we are so thankful that we took the plunge and got a new vehicle a few weeks before the wedding. We wouldn’t have been able to transport all our wedding goodies/our honeymoon goodies/gifts/and Gator Kitty without this truck (and my little car).
    photo taken on Mrs Gator’s iPhone by Gator Momma

    Looking back on our wedding I know, without a doubt, that I could have made our bouquets everything I ever wanted, if I had done them myself. My stomach churns just thinking about how much we paid for those terribly sad looking bouquets. I look back at all my friend’s weddings that I was a bridesmaid in and remember how beautiful my bridesmaid bouquet was. I expected something amazing and I was let down by our florist. If you are looking for a florist in the Ormond Beach, FL/Daytona Beach area, contact me first so I can tell you who NOT to go to. Let me save you the embarrassment!

    Our total on reception flowers (not even going to talk about wedding flowers because I despise our florist):

    • 23 bunches of Vero White Daisies; Fifty Flowers; $171.19
    • 100 Stems of Fuchsia Gerber Daisies, Sam’s Club; $136.58
    • Lemons from Publix; $25
    • Rectangular Vases from Michael’s $45 (40% coupon)
    • Misc blue vases from Target and white IKEA vases; $10

    Total for Reception Flowers: $387.77
    16 centerpieces and 2 large arrangements; $21.54/per arrangement
    Amazingly the price per arrangement above doesn’t even include the many bud vases all over our reception. So ‘technically’ the per arrangement cost is even lower then I calculated! It certainly pays to do your own flowers!

    Which I believe to be pretty darn amazing! We paid more on our ceremony flowers from the florist ‘who should not be named’ then for our BEAUTIFUL reception flowers. :-)

    Phew… feels so good to get this all out. I’ve had all this pint up anger towards our florist, but I feel soooo much better now! But still… $45/per bouquet for what he showed up with was a little ridic.

    Did you have any wedding day regrets? Did you wish you had gone with a different vendor or spoken up about something you didn’t like? Do you give anyone at your wedding/vendor/family member the ‘he who should not be named’ treatment after what they did at your wedding? Please SPILL!