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  • Sweetwater Branch Inn Wedding Highlights // Xiaotie + Yan

    Yan and Xiaotie were married at the beautiful Sweetwater Branch Inn right here in Gainesville, FL. We were immediately struck by what these two had to say about each other. AND they had an orange and blue themed Gator wedding. How cool is that? (images by Verve Studio)


    Lu-Wang-Wedding-0812 Lu-Wang-Wedding-0939-b Lu-Wang-Wedding-0998-b

    As you can see, this wasn’t the typical wedding we shot. Yan and Xiaotie actually had two wedding ceremonies on the same day. The first was the prototypical American-style wedding held in the gardens of Sweet Water Branch. Totally beautiful and the officiant, Chad Reed, did an amazing job as usual. Toward the end of the night, there was a traditional Chinese tea ceremony where bride and groom share tea with themselves and serve it to their parents symbolizing their union as one family. We’ve never seen this before but we hope we get the chance to shoot at least a few more in the future–Yan just looked so beautiful in her makeup and dress

    Thank you Xiaotie and Yan for choosing GBVideo (and the wonderful folks at Verve Studio) to capture your day!

    Much ♥

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  • Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Highlights // Chris + Mandie

    Mandie and Chris are one of our favorite couples ever. They were hilarious, down for anything, and had one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve been to. Every part of their day was filled with so much love and laughter. Just how we like them. :) And, hello? Isn’t Cross Creek Ranch like the BEST venue ever?

    Oh yeah, and Mandie is a real life Disney Princess. She spends some of her days at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL playing some of your favorite Disney Princesses, like Ariel and Cinderella. So, she had plenty of experience smiling for the camera, dancing around and twirling for us. Yup, best Bride ever. Love her.

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    Mandie and Chris's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

    All those pretty lights. Totally in LOVE. Thank you Mandie and Chris for choosing US!

  • Baby
  • Happy Easter, Love GBVideo


    Wishing y’all a wonderful Easter! We had a great time celebrating little man’s first Easter. Last year, we were just bringing this sweet little boy home from the hospital. Can’t believe it has been a year. If feels like it’s been 10 years, yet it feels like just yesterday. All you Moms out there will understand what I mean. :)

    Easter is extra special this year because my best friend is pregnant! She also had one of the cutest photo announcements I’ve seen in forever. I wouldn’t expect any less from Em. She’s easily one of the most fabulous pregnant ladies I know – and one of the most maj person in my life. (images by Half Wolf Media)

    baby_m_heart_forweb baby_m_bunny_forweb

    Aren’t these just the most adorable images you have ever seen? Besides all picture of our little man, Tan. Obvs.

    Love these two people and so incredibly happy for them I could burst into tears… which I probably will again at some point.

    Much Love y’all.

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  • Adore Events Bride’s Night Out Promo Video

    Adore Events // Bride’s Night Out from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Every month, Gainesville-based wedding planning company, Adore Events, hosts a “Bride’s Night Out” to connect local brides with the best vendors in Gainesville in a no-pressure environment. The next one will be December 5th from 6:3o-8pm and has a “Bridal GLAM” theme. There will be a great Q&A with local vendors on how to get the perfect bridal look (hair/makeup/styling), and a photographer on hand to capture “before” and “after” shots of each bride.

    A few months ago, we attended a Bride’s Night Out and put together a promotional video for the monthly event. It just so happens this was the same night I went into labor with Tanner. So, it’s safe to say, Bride’s Night Out will always hold a special place in my heart. ♥

    Hope to see y’all there!

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  • Orange Park Jacksonville Wedding Feature Film // Dan + Keri

    Dan + Keri // Feature Film from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    One of the great things about our job, is the connection we have with our couples. Either we’re both big Gator fans, went to school together, shot a friend of theirs wedding or, in the case of Dan and Keri, our parents met while on vacation in Mexico! Shortly after Keri booked us for her July wedding, we discovered Dan’s Mother met my parents at a resort in Mexico last November. They didn’t immediately make the connection till Keri told her future Mother-in-Law who she booked to capture her day. Keri is also the cousin of one of our past brides (and my old college roommate), Stephanie. Every day we discover how truly small our world is, and how every one of us is connected in some way or another. Which, we think, totally rocks!

    Anywho, back to Dan and Keri’s wedding! Dan and Keri were married at Orange Park Presbyterian, followed by a gorgeous reception at the Orange Park Woman’s Club. Keri and Dan booked our joint package with Matt Whytsell Photography, so we had the chance to hang with one of our favorite photography crews too, while Keri and Dan got an incredible deal. A win-win for all!

    Dan and Keri 6 Dan and Keri 5 Dan and Keri 3 Dan and Keri 2

    The details at Dan and Keri’s wedding were incredible. From the photo booth, to the lemonade stand, to the dessert bar, and their cupcake tower – delicious! We are totally loving the cupcake alternative to wedding cakes. So yummy – and portion controlled. Good for those who are watching those post-prego pounds (me! lol).

    Dan and Keri – we are so happy you found us and booked us! We had so much fun with you both. Wishing you both the best! Much love, GBVideo.