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  • Josh and Amber’s Camp Blanding Wedding Highlight Reel

    A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of not only filming one wedding, but TWO! Our first wedding of our “double header” weekend was Josh and Amber’s. They found us quite a while ago when we were just starting up and learning the ropes of capturing weddings. We are so excited that we’ve had the chance to hone our skills over the last few weddings. With each one we do, we get better and better. Which feels amazing!

    Any-who, back to my story… We were getting super excited leading up to Amber and Josh’s wedding. We were soo stoked to be capturing such a sweet couple, who also happen to be Gator fans (win!). I even featured one of their family photo shoots at the UF stadium on the blog. Seriously fabulous shoot… you MUST check it out. I’ll give you a moment to do so…. I’ll just wait right here….

    We had so much fun at their wedding. Amber and Josh were so incredibly sweet and even fed us a yummy dinner at their rehearsal. We spent 9 fun hours with this couple and have so much fabulous footage, it was so difficult to edit it down to a mere 5 minutes.

    One of my favorite moments in their highlight reel is at the 2:33 mark, when Amber and her daughter, Bailee, are hanging out together. So adorable! At their wedding we also had the chance to try out some new equipment. YAY!! We got to break in our glidecam and indislidermini. They are the ingredients for some serious epic shots. Don’t take my word for it! Check out their highlight reel below.

    I love this video. I really do. Is it sad that I watch our client’s highlight reels all the time? Sad.. I know. They just make me so happy!

    We also had the chance to work with Matt Whystell and his team at Matt Whystell Photography. Let me tell you… they are AWESOME. Heart them. Seriously heart them and their quirky/fun/peppy/awesome-ness. He’s located in Starke, FL and the mister and I are already scheming reasons to have a shoot done by him. :)

    And I’ll end this little post saying that it’s wonderful meeting so many wonderful professionals in the wedding community. Everyone we’ve met have been nothing but kind to us. Even sharing some insight for us into the wedding vendor world, as we are still sorta newbies. We are so thankful.


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  • Amy + Jeff’s Baughman Center Wedding Highlight Reel

    Last weekend we had the honor of capturing Amy and Jeff’s Wedding at the beautiful Baughman Center on the University of Florida campus. We met Amy and Jeff only 2 weeks before their Wedding and were so excited they booked us! Amy and Jeff met via the internet and later found out they lived only 500 yards away from each other. Crazy! They both were super cute too, showing up to our little meeting wearing orange and blue. Totally appropriate for a Gator Wedding. :)

    But, enough of my jibber jabber, check out their highlight reel below!

    My favorite part is when Jeff says “Wow” when he sees Amy for the first time. Also, we though it was super cute that Jeff kept saying he wasn’t nervous, when you can clearly see the nervousness in his body language while he was waiting for his Bride to appear. It’s funny how everything just hits you when you’re up at that Alter. I know it did for Mr. Knight and I when we got married. :)

    As for an update on Gator Bride Videography, we’ve been booking up like crazy! At the moment, we are only taking 1 Wedding a month (since we have full time jobs), and are just about booked through next Spring. We feel so lucky to have such amazing clients. We can’t wait to capture all their Weddings. Mr. Knight and I also can’t believe how our little company has taken off. We feel so incredibly lucky and blessed. And thank you all for all your support throughout the past year. It’s been wonderful to have such an amazing community of bloggers, friends, readers and family behind us, rooting us on. Heart y’all!

    Our next Wedding is in Marco Island (our first destination Wedding!) and we can’t wait. :)

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  • Just Mauied :: Our Ceremony Confession

    Confession: We were SOOO ready to be married, our ceremony script was the last thing we wanted to deal with/cared about.

    Whew, so glad I got that off my chest. I’ve seen lots of brides post their ceremony in full and talk about how much time they put into their ceremony script and how important certain passages for them were, or poems they included. Which I think is awesome and I loved reading what they put together, but truthfully, throughout the wedding planning process the ceremony became less and less important for us. We were just so excited to get married and have all our family and friends there to celebrate. We waited 7 long years (and boy were they long) to get married. We sorta just wanted it done and over with. Are we the only one’s out there who felt this way?

    So, when it came down to putting together our ceremony, we had no idea what to do. Luckily, our Priest gave us this handy-dandy book giving us suggestions for the order of the ceremony, passages, and vows. Over the 2 years of our planning I did save a few sets of vows that I loved. None too religious, but just the right amount that Mr. Knight and I felt comfortable with. There was no “we promise to bring our children up Catholic,” etc. in our ceremony. We want our children to choose what religion is right for them. We will introduce them to Catholicism, but ultimately we want them to decide for themselves. I’ll step down from my soap box now on that subject.

    Really, we just wanted to say our vows, kiss and head over to the party, but since we paid so much for the ceremony site, decor, and chair rentals, we thought, “man we better make this thing a little longer.” We set on a limit of 20 minutes tops from processional to recessional. Hey, it’s hot in Florida in May, we don’t want our guests sweating in their fancy clothes.

    We had no idea our ceremony would have such a profound effect on us.

    Kyle, do you pledge to love Kimberly and throughout your years together to be honest, faithful and kind to her. Do you pledge to give to her the same happiness she gives to you, and to respect her for who she is?

    Even though we didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of time on crafting our ceremony, that didn’t mean the ceremony wasn’t a special moment for us. Saying our vows was the moment it all suddenly felt so real. We were getting married. I had no idea how I would feel up there, how important saying these simple words to each other, would be.

    I come here today, to join my life to yours…I pledge to be true to you…to respect you…and to grow with you throughout the years…Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come…no matter what we may encounter together, I vow here that this love will be my only love… I will make my home in your heart from this day forward.

    It hit each of us like a freight train during the ceremony.

    Mr. Knight was the first one to completely lose it.

    As soon as his lips started to shake and tears started to come down his face, I lost it. Check out the video below to see Mr. Knight’s mini cry. I edited out my complete UGLY cry. It really is quite awful. Only our family will be subjected to that craziness. Why couldn’t I have have a nice/pretty cry?

    ♥ Our Wedding // Vow Snippet from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    If you look close enough in the pictures, you’ll see red tearful eyes shining through. I remember trying so hard to keep everything light hearted during the ceremony. I’m always the one crying at my friend’s weddings. At Seminole Bridesmaid’s wedding, someone sang Mandy Moore’s song “Only Hope” and I lost it… did I mention I was the maid of honor? Yeah, I totally lost it in front of an audience. Embarrassing.

    Anyways, for our wedding I planned to hold myself together. That’s a little hard when you are saying the words of committing your life to the one you love.

    Kyle, take this ring as a sign of my love and respect. I vow to share my life with you from this day forward. With this ring I marry you.

    Mr. Knight’s hands had swelled up a little from all the heat, so his ring was a little bit hard to get on. I’m a tough girl though, I managed to cram that wedding band on his finger!

    And, voila! We’re married!

    Sometimes I think we should have done things differently, maybe wrote our own vows. But, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. We did what we felt most comfortable with, spiritually and emotionally.

    Do/Did you have trouble writing your vows? Was it something you did together with your fiance?

    If you would like to see the rest of our ceremony, you can download a PDF of it by clicking the link below.
    Simple and Sweet Ceremony

    All photos by Starks Photography

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  • Just Mauied :: Late to the Altar

    I’m that person who arrives 30 minutes early for EVERYTHING. I have this fear of being late. Even when it looks like we will be a millisecond late for something, my stomach will start to turn and I will get uncomfortable and jittery. So, it came to a surprise for me that I was late for Mr. Knight and I’s wedding ceremony. I blame Seminole Bridesmaid for making me take off my beloved Skagen watch.

    Only kidding! I totally love Mrs. Seminole Bridesmaid but, it was seriously too much fun making this image. I think deep down I’m having Seminole Bridesmaid withdraws.
    photo by Starks Photography, culprit stamping by Mrs. Gator

    Let me set the stage for a complete Groom freak-out. My bridal posse and I are still at the bridal suite and it’s 5pm (our ceremony is at 5:15PM). We have NO CLUE who is going to take us to the Clubhouse where we will be transferred (via golf cart) to the ceremony on the golf course. So, my ladies and I pile into our cars and drive our butts to the Clubhouse where the staff starts to bring out cheese and fruit trays, along with drinks, for us to pig out on. We cool off and pig out for a few minutes then realize, where are these dang golf carts? Finally, golf carts show up and start whisking away bridesmaids… 1 at a time. Que freaked out Groom.

    Look how excited Mr. Knight looks, thinking I’m going to be there any minute. To my defense, I do see bridesmaids in golf carts in the background. We are trying to get there on time. Mr. Knight is walking with our Rent-a-Priest. No, really, we went to Rentapriest.com and found him. We are cool like that.

    Out of nowhere my iPhone starts ringing. Yes, I carried my iPhone in my clutch. I’m ridiculous I know. Anyways, on the phone is Mr. Knight. He’s at the altar, the trio is playing, and everyone is waiting for me! He says a quick “You better get your  butt over here right this instant,” then hangs up. At this point, my stomach turns and I start to get jittery and uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe I was late to MY OWN WEDDING!!!

    I think by the time I got to the ceremony we were running 15 minutes late (although Mr. Knight will say it was later). I wouldn’t have felt that bad (as weddings do run late sometimes) but our guests were sitting in the sun on a hot May day in FLORIDA. Our poor guests, good thing we provided them with cute packaged water bottles!

    Our guest’s LOVED them. You can find this design (among MANY others) in my Etsy shop. Shameless plug, I know but, gosh darn it, it’s hard to find cute water bottle labels!

    Needless to say, Gator Dad came to the rescue and got me to altar before Mr. Knight at a conniption. :-)

    But, not before these sweet young thangs walked down the aisle. Seriously, Little K and B are the CUTEST EVER. B’s suit and vest combo is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    And the way B helps Little K down the aisle. Adorbs.

    Now, it’s Gator Dad and I’s turn. I have to admit, at this point I was getting pretty nervous. Nervous to walk on the grass in 3″ heels without stepping on my dress. Nervous to walk through that crowd of people before finally getting to my sweety. Nervous because the time had finally come (after 8 long years) for Mr. Knight and I to get married, and I wanted it to be perfect (and it was).

    Gator Dad helping with some last minute adjustments and, we’re off!

    For me, the walk felt like FOREVER. Our aisle was relatively short, but having so many eyes on my Dad and I made me SUPER nervous. I’m not really one to want to be the center of attention, so this was almost more then I could handle. I just held on tight to my Dad, took and deep breath, and walked towards my future husband.

    Hello Mrs. Gator’s nervous face. So glad you could join us during this special moment when a GAZILLION pictures will be taken. Gator Dad saves the day by looking so good in his Bond-esque attire.

    Nerve racking moment #2 – not being able to see my groom as I walk down the aisle. I blame the SUN for being so gosh darn bright that day (although I prayed for good weather for 2 years, so my prayers were answered and I’m eternally grateful). Seriously, my eyes watered most of the ceremony (okay, so maybe there were a few tears of joy) because I was staring into the sun during our vows, but I’ll save that story for another day. :-)

    Gator Dad looked so good on Mr. Knight and I’s  wedding day. Even with all my crazy nervous bride-ness he always managed to keep a cool head (even showing up to a frantic bride at 7 in the morning with pepto, tums and aleve). I’ll never forget him walking me down the aisle (it’s currently my iPhone screensaver). Gator Dad has always been a huge influence in my life. He introduced me to UF and the “order” as he calls is: school, college, marriage, babies. Maybe the new “order” is college, marriage, ARCH LICENSING, then babies. When I would have ideas about doing things out of  “order,” Gator Dad would always set me straight. And you know what? I’m so glad I listened. 

    And finally, it’s time to make this shiz LEGAL!

    Are you like me? Obsessed at being on time for EVERYTHING, but found yourself late to your own wedding?

    And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

    All images by Starks Photography

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  • Our Wedding Lives On

    Look what Mr. Knight and I found hiding in Gator Dad and Gator Momma’s pantry…

    Gator Dad and Gator Momma have been drinking these babies since our Wedding, over 4 months ago.

    And our altar fabric lived on at our cousin’s Wedding this past weekend…

    Hello GORGEOUS Casa Monica Wedding. Not only are our cousin’s the cutest couple to get married EVER, but the Bride wore an orange and blue garter embroidered with “Gator Bride.” Can we say AWESOME? Love her.
    source Emily E Martin Photography

    Mr. Knight and I took TONS of video footage at their Wedding. There was so much love, happy tears, laughter, gator chomps, and down right crazy shenanigans for us not to! Look for a video/photo recap soon… well, as soon as I can get Mr. Knight away from the TV. He has been watching football ALL DAY!

    And if you haven’t entered my giveaway for a $25 Olive Garden gift card, then you better get your butt over there and do so!

    Have you found your wedding items living on in ways you would have never thought?