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  • Decking the Halls

    Last year, Mr. Knight and I went all out and made a video to celebrate the holiday season. What is it about us and making simple tasks become out of control projects?

    How to Decorate a Tree in 2 Minutes Flat! from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

    From our wedding album (sneak peek coming soon), to our christmas cards, to videos for family weddings, to simply just decking out our tree with holiday decor – we sure know how to make more work for ourselves!

    Anyways, this year we plan to make another Christmas Tree video (which might even become an annual event). We don’t want to do the exact same thing as last year, because that would be boring. Super boring. This year will mark our first Christmas together as a married couple. With that, we want to make this Christmas extra special, and we want our video to reflect this special year in our lives.

    The decorating for “Our First Christmas” has already started with this little ornament (complete with stand!) from Nordstroms.

    Saw it. Bought it approximately 5 seconds later. Love it.
    $8, Nordstroms
    Yes, that is a labeled jar in the background. Did I mention I was out of control?

    I also picked up the most ADORABLE stocking for Gator Kitty and Pepper to share.

    $12, Nordstroms
    Yes, the stocking is hanging from an antenna (that Mr. Knight isn’t even using, no idea why it’s there). Picking up a stocking hanger for the babies is next on my list!

    And “Our First Christmas” shopping wouldn’t be complete without stockings for each other.

    $10 each, Target
    Mr. Knight’s is tan and mine is the green one. We plan to attach something to each for our alma maters. We both happened to choose stockings to match the Knights and the Gators. Imagine that.

    Do you see a trend in my decor shopping? I hope so. I plan to go all out in neutrals, greens, and reds. Bold and modern is what I’m going for, with a hint of traditional. Is that even a style?

    My next favorite shopping day after Black Friday? The day after Christmas. When purchasing Christmas decor becomes affordable. So excited!

    So, the plan for this weekend is to put the tree up and make a video in the process. We brainstormed for about 30 minutes on what we are going to do, lets see how it turns out. Wish us luck!!

    Do you have any traditions you started as a couple? I’d love to hear them!

    By the way, I’ve missed y’all like crazy. I hope you missed me too! Mr. Knight and I have been busy busy bees and I have tons of things to share with you. I can’t wait! :)

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  • 8 Years Baby, 8 Years

    8 years ago today, I went to “The Secret Garden” play held at our high school. My friends were running late (and I was early, as usual) and I saw Mr. Knight chilling outside the theater. I walked up to him, M&M McFlurry in hand, and started chatting. He finished the rest of my McFlurry (and now finishes most my meals today). When it was time for the show to start and my friends were still not there, Mr. Knight and I walked into the theater and sat together. We cuddled during the show and exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night. I guess you can say, the rest is history!

    Mr. Knight and I before our Junior Prom, about 7.5 years ago (wow I feel old!). Prom always fell around my birthday. I’m giving Mr. Knight a smooch after he just gave me a ring for my birthday. That’s totally my Grandma watching us in the background… awkward. Want to hear something cool? Mr. Knight’s sister (Sweet Bridesmaid) is a Junior in high school and just got a beautiful ring from her boyfriend for her birthday. Sooo sweet.
    Taken from Mrs Gator’s crazy old archives

    Every anniversary, I think back to that night and how things could have ended up differently for us if my friends had been on time for the play. It’s funny how things happen. Mr. Knight and I had been eyeing each other for years before that very night. Holding hands in Spanish class, slow dancing at homecoming, and passing notes to each other in Concert Band (yes… we were nerds). What was it about that night, which finally brought us together? Although Mr. Knight never “asked me out.” It was just inherent, we just knew (from that night on) we were a couple.

    Oh my goodness, we look so little! This was taken before our Senior Homecoming dance.
    Taken from Mrs Gator’s crazy old archives

    And you know what’s weirder? That following Friday we went and saw (I believe) the 2nd Harry Potter film. Guess what comes out this Friday? Why, it’s another Harry Potter movie. 8 years later and Harry Potter is STILL in theaters. Crazy.

    photo by Starks Photography

    After 8 wonderful years, I can easily say I’m more in love with Mr. Knight today then I was ever. Everyday I fall in love with something else about Mr. Knight. He truly is my best friend. I’m so excited for what’s to come in our lives together.

    There is comfort in knowing that no matter where life takes us, I need not worry, all I need is my Knight to keep me happy. :)

    Happy Date-iversary Darling!

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  • Holiday Gift Giving via Etsy

    The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s getting to be that gift giving time of year. I know, it’s crazy that it is even November, wasn’t it just May and Mr. Knight and I were tying the knot? Boy how the time flies!

    This year, Mr. Knight and I plan to purchase most of the gifts for our friends and family on Etsy. Those who are not familiar with Etsy, it’s a fabulous place where handmade artists from all across the world sell their goods (and services!). Heck, I even have a little ol’ Etsy shop. Anyways, they have TONS of great items on there, and most are one-of-a-kind. How awesome is it to give your loved ones one-of-a-kind gifts along with supporting an artist and their art?

    Hens and Chicks Echeveria Succulent Garden, $44
    by monkeysalwayslook
    This would look so great on a dining room table or in an office. Shoot, you can put this thing just about anywhere and it will look fabulous! Can you believe they sell plants on Etsy?

    Dinky Porcelain Hanging Drop Vase, $21
    by wendyjung
    How cute would these be for a Mom or Grandmother?

    Gator Girl Onesie, $18
    by fulfilled
    For the little Gator in your life!

    Open Heart Necklace, $30
    by moncdeau
    So cute for a sister or friend.

    Heart Rose Gold Ring, $260
    by zahour

    Bear hat for Cat, $24
    by xmoonbloom
    I feel like Gator Kitty can’t go one more day without this hat. Sooo adorable!

    While Mr. Knight and I have most of our Family and Friends gifts figured out for this holiday season, there are still a few lingering. For our Family, this year Mr. Knight and I made something for them. You can probably guess what it is. We love it and it took us 5 months to put together. We are out of control, I know.

    Trying to find the perfect little something for the one’s you love can be difficult, but with so many amazing one of kind items on Etsy, your bound to find something that will put a smile on their face. :-)

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  • Meet Our Newest Family Member!

    No… I’m not pregnant! Just have to get that out there to clear the air. I feel like as SOON as you are married is when the baby talk starts and it never stops. But, this post is about our little kitten-baby we adopted last week.

    I’d like you all to meet Pepper.

    Isn’t she beyond adorable?

    The story of how we met Pepper:

    Last weekend, Mr. Knight took me out for some walking around the stores on Archer Road here in Gainesville. I wasn’t feeling well and he knew that walking and window shopping would make me feel better. Isn’t he such a good sport? He even went into ROSS with me and picked out some kitchen utensils. He gets major brownie points for not complaining once!

    Anyways, we decided to walk into Petsmart to pick up some treats for our sweet little Gator Kitty. There were about 4 different adoption and rescue agencies in Petsmart that day and we decided to take a look at all the cute dogs and cats who need “forever” homes. This was proceeded by me crying as I walked by every cage that held a dog or cat. I wanted to bring them all home at that very moment. Mr. Knight suggested we adopt a little friend for Gator Kitty.

    I was hestitant at first. Another cat wasn’t really within our budget to adopt and Mr. Knight wasn’t about to help out with the feeding/cleaning/poop-scooping that envolves having multiple cats. So, we decided to go home and think about it. 4 hours later (and about 30 minutes before the Gator HC game) we decided to head back to Petsmart to see if we could catch any lingering adoption agencies and see if we could bring home a friend for Gator Kitty.

    We adopted Pepper from Helping Hands. Helping Hands is an organization in Gainesville that picks up animals on the euthanasia list at the local shelters and fosters them before they are adopted by folks like Mr. Knight and I. Little Pepper was set to be euthanized along with her siblings. Just breaks my heart to think this little bundle of joy wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the people at Helping Hands.

    And, how is Pepper and Gator Kitty getting along?

    Just swell. :-)

    Helping Hands comes to Petsmart every weekend. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, I urge you to look into adopting pets rescued from shelters. There are organizations in every city which do this. You can make a huge impact in the life of a sweet little animal by giving them lots of love in a “forever” home.

    It was $75 to adopt Pepper and she was already spayed, had all her shots (except for a small round of shots she needs next week) and Helping Hands gave us a bag of the kitten food she has been eating. Petsmart also supports pet adoption by providing another bag of kitten food and a container of cat litter when you adopt a cat through one of their charities.

    If you would like to somehow help but don’t have the means or lifestyle for an animal, you can donate items to local organizations where you live. Many take old towels, bright colored fleece blankets, cat and dog food, litter, crates, pet taxis and toys for the animals awaiting adoption. You can even donate your time to help set up during adoption days, among other volunteer opportunities.

    Last Saturday, when I woke up, I didn’t anticipate adopting a friend for Gator Kitty, but I’m so glad it happened. Pepper and Gator Kitty are so happy to be together. Not to mention, Gator Kitty is looking a little extra tired lately from all the playing. A little exercise can do Gator Kitty good.

    Be sure to check out Helping Hand’s Facebook page for pictures and stories of newly adopted pets.

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  • Preparing for Gator Growl

    At the University of Florida we have this little ol’ thing called Gator Growl.

    Okay, I lied. It isn’t ‘little’ it’s actually the largest student run pep rally in the United States (and possibly the World?). Last year Gator Bridesmaid joined me at Gator Growl and we had a freakin’ awesome time. Mr. Knight decided not to go and regretted missing a knock-out performance by the The Jabbawockeez. This year the Growl will certainly not disappoint. But, before I let y’all know who will be performing in that amazing place I like to call ‘the SWAMP,’ check out the super cute gear Florida Blue Key is selling in preparation for the event:

    Hello? How CUTE is that? I want this combo pack BAD, and at $12 a pop it certainly doesn’t break the bank, making this little lady a happy Gator Wife!
    source Gator Growl

    Now to the business at hand… who is performing?!?! Why it’s the hilarious Aziz Ansari! Okay, so you probably don’t recognize the name, but once you see the face you might:

    He plays Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” one of Mr. Knight and I’s FAVORITE shows. Love him.
    source Gator Growl
    One of our favorite skit’s DJ Roomba

    Comedians Kevin Hart and Dan Levy will also be performing. With all the hard work Mr. Knight and I have been putting in on our day jobs and our personal projects, we need a night out and a good laugh.

    Gator Growl is Friday October 15th. Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to rock out with those florescent green sunglasses. Amazeballs.

    Are you planning on going to Gator Growl this year? Are you not going and wish you were going?