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  • Preserving Your Beautiful Bouquet

    Before coming into this world of “everything wedding”, I had never heard of bouquet preservation. After hearing from a bride who had hers done, it only seemed like the perfect answer. Many brides obsess over their bouquet for their wedding (umm..I’m guilty!) and even have a few nightmares over flowers (uhh..that would be me too!), so it only seems fitting to have the awesome bouquet you toted around on this very special day preserved. Now I’m not talking about having it in a little glass dome on your coffee table… can you say tacky? There are so many new ways of preserving your bouquet for years to come.

    One company that preserves wedding bouquets is Keepsake Florals. A friend of mine used this company to preserve her bouquet and it turned out beautiful! You can choose every little detail in preserving your luscious flowers, it is completely custom. So no worries about the old-Grandma-type glass dome (even though they do make them… eek!). They can do just about anything you want. Check out some of their work below ↓


    how-it-worksThis one is my personal favorite! How cute would this be hanging in a guest room or baby room? Okay… maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself with the baby room. :-)

    If your wedding day has come and gone, they can then do a reproduction of your bouquet. Simply send them a picture and they will recreate your bouquet for preservation as close to the original as possible.

    My friend had this to say about Keepsake Florals:

    It takes quite a few weeks to get but is worth it.  I would definitely give them 5 out of 5 stars for service. They made an appointment on the phone to personally pick everything out and give suggestions to me.

    Her bouquet was composed of Roses, Ranunculus, Stephanotis with rhinestone centers and Ostrich feathers. Check out her before and after photos ↓

    Emilys bouquet

    The keepsake came out to be exactly what she wanted. It is absolutely beautiful and incredibly detailed in person. The picture does not do it justice. There are many places on the internet that do bouquet preservation. If you have worked with another company and had a great experience, be sure to leave a comment and let everyone know!

    Just another unique idea that could only be found in the wonderful world of everything wedding. Who knows… you may see my bouquet beautified and preserved in the future. :-)

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  • My First Wedding Nightmare

    Yes I have had it…  My first wedding nightmare and it was AWEFUL!


    In the dream I was headed out to our rehearsal, except our rehearsal wasn’t on the beautiful green golf course we have planned, it was in a chapel in my parent’s front yard! What a chapel (that weirdly enough looked like the Baughman Center) was doing in my parent’s front yard… I have no idea. I only realized it wasn’t our rehearsal when I saw my Dad dressed in his tux and I was in my wedding dress… only my wedding dress hadn’t been altered! Can we say FREAK OUT! Not only was my dress not altered, I had forgotten to order flowers, I had no veil, and I looked like one hot mess.

    Thankfully I woke up and realized it was JUST a dream. But it certainly sent me into a bit of freak out mode and I was unable to sleep. So I got up and did what any good fiance does early in the morning… Mr. Knight’s laundry.

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  • An Underwater Wedding Proposal

    By accident (while looking for places to Scuba Dive in the Keys) I stumbled upon the dive blog of Rainbow Reef out of Key Largo. They had a unique proposal featured on their blog… an underwater proposal! How creative! Apparently Jake called ahead to alert the Rainbow Reef Crew that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kim, underwater. The crew set everything up and even had one of the dive masters there to take pictures. Can we say AWESOME!

    Her answer? Well the pictures speak for themselves ↓

    Underwater Proposal

    She said YES!

    Picture 7

    Thumbs up from the Groom-to-be!

    Picture 8

    Honestly, how cute are they? Major props to the Groom for thinking up such a creative way to propose to his leading lady!