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  • Disney Grand Floridian Wedding Film // Lyle + Alexandra

    Lyle + Alexandra // Feature Film from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    “She has multiple laughs, and when she get’s this uncontrollable one going, it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard. I laugh because of how she’s doing it and I try to get her to laugh like that every single day. It’s probably the most genuine thing, you just can’t fake it.” – Lyle

    Alexandra and Lyle are a couple I’ve fallen in love with over the past few weeks. As with any wedding day, things go awry, nerves are at an all-time high, and sometimes it even rains. Through it all, these two were always centered on each other. The way they looked at each other, it was as if no one else was in the room. Congratulations, and a very Happy New Year to a couple I will always love! 

    Check out their teaser below. :)

    Lyle + Alexandra // Teaser from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

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  • Gainesville New Year’s Eve Wedding // Michael and Katherine

    Michael + Katherine // New Year’s Eve Wedding Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Michael and Katherine were married on New Year’s Eve in Gainesville, FL. They had a beautiful evening ceremony at the Baughman Center on campus (Which feels a million times better in winter than summer. Hello mini-greenhouse!), followed by a ritzy, old hollywood-feel reception at Jolie Events downtown in Gainesville. The Groom and Groomsmen wore black tuxes with bow ties (love bow ties), while the ladies wore black bridesmaid dresses. And Katherine? Totally gorgeous decked out in a lace mermaid-style dress. Serious fabulous-ness.

    With this being our first New Year’s Wedding, we didn’t really know what to expect. But – I’ll tell you – we didn’t expect the party that was Kat and Michael’s reception. There was everything from crazy-wild dancing, late night burger sliders as snacks, NYE party hats and crowns, and even a caricature artist on-hand drawing funny renditions of their guests as party favors. Kat and Michael certainly thought of it all.


    Kat and Michael chose some pretty awesome vendors to make their NYE Wedding dreams a reality. It was great working with Adore Events, Ryan Caffrey Photography, Jolie Events, the Baughman Center, and Image Insight Makeup Artistry. I know I’m missing quite a few others in there – please contact me!

    Thank you Michael and Kat for allowing us to capture your gorgeous NYE Wedding. It isn’t one we’re soon to forget. :) Much♥

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  • Why Use Licensed Music?

    So, you’ve found the most-perfect song for your Wedding Film. You and your significant-other love the song. You contact your videographer (GBVideo—of course!), and we say no-can-do. Bummers, right? We think not and here’s why.

    Mad BrideMaybe a little extreme, eh? Flickr

    We are contacted all the time by couples who would like to use the most recent Lady Gaga, Colbie Calliet or Jason Mraz hit for their films. We would LOVE to make them the happiest couples ever and say “SURE!” but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs as cinematographers and honest business owners by doing so.

    Why it’s important your wedding videographer uses licensed music:

    Numero Uno—it’s totally illegal (& not very nice).

    One of the most infamous cases of illegal music gone bad is Joe Simon of Joe Simon Films. He put together a totally breathtaking wedding video to one of Coldplay’s songs for Cowboys’ Quarterback, Tony Romo’s wedding. The video went viral and soon after he was contacted by the record label’s legal team. He  later ended up settling the case to an amount in the 5-figures range ($XX,XXX). That is a ton of change for a small business. He likens using unlicensed music (music purchased from iTunes, Amazon, given by Client, etc), to playing Russian Roulette. You never know when you’ll get caught, and when you do you might receive more than just a cease and desist letter.

    What does this mean for wedding clients?

    If your videographer is forced to remove your wedding film from the internet—due to illegal song usage—sharing it through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., with your friends and family is out of the question!

    Our thoughts? Make sure your videographer uses licensed music and support a totally awesome Artist in the process!

    Ben_RectorBen Rector – one of our favs.

    Did you know that in order for the average Artist to make $1,000 US Dollars a month (minimum wage), they must sell:

    “1,160 CDs with high-end royalty deal OR 4,000 CDs low-end royalty deal OR 1,200 iTunes full album downloads.” That’s crazy for up-and-coming Musicians. Right?

    Enter… The Music Bed and licensing:

    Daniel Mccarthy, Founder and Co-Owner of The Music Bed, says:

    “By licensing a song, you are telling not only the artist that you like and respect their work, but you are telling everyone who sees your project that you respect other artists. As a photographer, if you were driving down the road and you saw a billboard with one of your images on it, what would you think? As a videographer, if you’re watching television and see a clip from something that you shot on a commercial, what would you think?

    Just like you, recording artists are putting their time, talent, and effort into making something extraordinary and, just like you, they would like compensation for some of their work.”

    TMB_triangle-of-powerThe Music Bed’s Triangle of Power – or what they like to call “Circle of Love”

    When we were first starting out, we discovered The Music Bed and fell in love. Not only do they provide amazing tunes for just about any film you can imagine, they also connect filmmakers with musicians, and help grow their fan base. We love win-win situations like these!

    Also, The Music Bed provides music that allows a filmmaker to let their story shine through, and not just the song. We want you to think back to your wedding film in 5, 10, or 20 years from now and say, “WOW, what an incredible video… and the story of us… it was so beautifully captured,” not “Man I’m so sick of hearing that Jason Mraz song. I wish we had chosen a different song for our film.” Okay, so no offense to Jason Mraz (we personally love him and chose him for OUR wedding film a few years ago before we were privy to the knowledge we have now), but, we want your film to be about YOU, not about the artist. Sound good? :)

    And you know what? We are so lucky because so many of our clients agree. Which is why we always choose the song for your Wedding Film.

    After capturing your wedding, we come home and think about the story we’d like to tell based on what we captured. Then we spend hours (and sometimes days!! seriously days…) searching for the absolutely most-perfect song for your film. We’ve got to fine one that will allow us to best express the emotions of your story and tell it in a way that will blow your mind.

    Another cool thing? So many clients come back to us to let us know how much they love their song. We’ve made so many new Holley Maher, Tim Halperin, Ben Rector, etc., fans out there – it’s totally awesome. We love that we are supporting an artist ♥.

    Quinn Erwin of the Afterlife Parade puts it well when he said, “All Artists and Musicians need moments of affirmation regarding their work that reminds them that what they are creating has value.”

    And we couldn’t agree more!

    Check out this video about The Music Bed and Song licensing, made by the ridiculously-awesome team, Shade Tree Films (one of our role-models!)

    We love you Music Bed. Rock on.

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  • Gator Bride Videography Video Update

    It has been absolutely crazy recently with all the weddings we’ve been shooting–we’ve barely had time to sleep and eat. Okay, that might be a little bit extreme. But, seriously, we’ve been so blessed to have so many amazing couples book us to shoot their wedding day. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Gator Bride Videography.

    We feel terrible about not updating the blog with all the weddings we’ve recently shot. Every couple needs their time to shine on our blog and we promise to do a better job keeping y’all up-to-date on all of it.

    So, without further adieu, here are the weddings that you’ve missed:

    Brandon and Melissa – Country Club at Silver Springs Shores in Ocala, FL

    High school sweethearts Brandon and Melissa, together for nine years before tying the knot, had a lovely late evening wedding followed by an amazing Fall-themed reception (think Thanksgiving food and Pumpkin-flavored cake. Mmmmm). They even had a coordinated dance that the entire wedding party took part in! Awesome!

    Nick and Alexis – Haskell Building in Jacksonville, FL

    Nick and Alexis were such a sweet and funny couple. Nick actually whipped out a wrestling belt after the ceremony and did the “Discount Double-Check”. The ceremony was held on the banks of the St. John’s River with a lovely view of downtown Jacksonville, FL. Alexis is the owner of Alexis Carter Photography.

    Chase and Emilee – Bay Preserve in Osprey, FL

    Chase and Emilee are actually friends of the amazing Todd and Aimee and they were equally as amazing. There ceremony location was absolutely stunning–it seriously reminded us of our Maui trip for some reason. Chase was such a ham and loved the camera. We also met another couple who we’ll be shooting in July. You’ll just have to wait and find out who.

    Ryan and Bianca – Lake Mary Events Center in Lake Mary, FL

    Last, but certainly not least, Ryan and Bianca… This was such a beautiful and emotionally-charged wedding. Bianca’s father, a preacher, married them which brought such a touching dynamic to the ceremony. Ryan is so happy to be a part of Bianca’s daughter’s life. He said “I’m so happy to be a father… no, not a father… a dad.” So sweet. And, boy, could the people at this wedding dance! Wow!

    Please, please, please let us know what you think! We love to hear the honest opinions of our readers.

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  • Follow Me on Pinterest!

    “That is soo cute… totally pinning it.”

    “Zomg I say that ALL.THE.TIME. Pinning it!”

    “Wouldn’t this be a cute thing to do when we get a house?” -wife
    “What?” -husband
    “I’ll just pin it so we don’t forget about it.” -wife

    If you’ve ever been around me while I’m on Pinterest, I’m bound to have said one of the above phrases. I have so much “When we get a house” pins that I think my husband is actually scared of us getting a house, because he knows I’ll have him DIYing ridiculous projects. Hello salvaged wood pallet walls.

    I once spent an hour and a half finding the perfect image of Ron Swanson to pin. Don’t know what “pinning” is? Look it up.

    Obsessed. Via Tumblr

    If you’re on Pinterest, follow me! My username is MrsGator and I promise to only pin awesome things like this Gator tee:

    Imagine a world without Georgia. Amazing.

    You’ll also see my LOVELOVELOVE board, which is basically filled with my favorite pins. My husband loves it because when holidays like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day roll around, he knows were to look for the prefect gift. “Awe! How did you know? I love it!”

    Also, if my ‘rents are looking at my Pinterest, please ignore my “Babiessss” board. I don’t want to freak y’all out, I just need an outlet for everything ADORABLE when all my blogger friends are pregnant. How did I miss that memo?

    Bow Tie = Cutest thing EVERRRRRRR

    And since I work in remodeling and construction, Pinterest has been a great way to pin ideas I like, or material combinations that make me go “NO WAAAAYYYY” P.S. That’s a good thing.

    Hello Gorgeous.

    By the way, if there is some herringbone rehab – I need to be admitted. I think I try to convince every client we have to put a herringbone design somewhere in their project, whether it’s a kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor. I’m OUT.OF.CONTROL. I think I actually teared up at a meeting where our client was nixing the herringbone backsplash. 3 days later I had my way and the herringbone backsplash was back in their project. WIN.

    And then there’s a bunch of stuff that just makes me laugh out loud or giggle in the corner uncontrollably.

    Ryan Gosling says what every DIY women wants to hear. Husband, take a cue.

    And the #1 image that I look at the most…
    Yes, I actually log on to my Pinterest account just to look at this image.

    Everything is Going to be Ok.

    Life is a wild and crazy journey. Sometimes you  just have to take it down a notch and remind yourself that “everything is going to be ok.” I can’t tell you how much this one image has helped me over the past few months (shoot – the past year!). Through stress, family medical issues, new wedding biz worry, legal shiznah… this one phrase and print just does wonders for me. I should probably purchase it. Or maybe the hubs will. hint hint.

    So there you have it. A quick sampling of what you might find on my Pinterest. If you follow me, let me know! I’d love to follow back. :)

    Happy Pinning!