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  • The White Room Morning Wedding Teaser Film // Ben + Samantha

    The White Room Wedding Film

    Ben + Samantha // Teaser from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Our first time capturing a morning wedding in St. Augustine and it was GOLDEN. The city was so quiet, and for once in our lives we weren’t chasing the light. Later we found out the city was deserted because the roads were blocked off for a Christmas parade… which just so happened to be at the exact same time of Ben and Samantha’s rooftop nuptials. Even through sirens, people yelling “Merry Christmas,” and a cannon ball firing, Ben and Samantha never lost sight of each other… but there sure were quite a bit of laughs along the way. Which we love.

    Ben and Samantha, we hope you both enjoy this sneak peek.

    Vendors //
    Casa Monica
    The White Room
    Justin Gilbert Wedding Photography

    Footage cut to “Golden” by Har Megiddo and licensed through The Music Bed.

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  • Delta Zeta Summer Teaser // University of Florida

    DZ 5

    This was our first year shooting with the ladies of Delta Zeta. There are some seriously kind, genuine and inspirational women at DZ. We’re super pumped to capture their Bid Day next month, as they welcome new members into their sisterhood. And big shout out to their girl Meredith – she was so wonderful to work with on these films!

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  • St. Augustine White Room Teaser Film // Chris + Anabel

    Chris and Anabel 9

    Chris + Anabel // Teaser from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Chris and Anabel 2Chris and Anabel 3Chris and Anabel 4 Chris and Anabel 10 Chris and Anabel 7Can I just say, I’m LOVING all these high school sweethearts lately! They always get me right in the feels. Chris and Anabel were no different. Goodness, Chris filmed every day over the past year telling Anabel all the reasons he loves her and gave it to her as a video on their wedding day. You guys, WHO DOES THAT? Chris does. The forethought got me like .

    Hope y’all enjoy this teaser from their day!

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  • St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club Wedding Teaser // Zach + Jenna

    Zach + Jenna // St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club

    Zach + Jenna // Teaser from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    “You are the wind in my sails that keeps me moving forward. You are my North Star when I am lost. You are my best friend.” – Zach

    Jenna contacted us awhile back to edit some footage taken from a GoPro of Zach proposing to her. He wore the camera as a head mount and somehow she still didn’t know what was going on. Zach – 1, Jenna – 0. 😆

    From that point on I was pretty smitten with these two. Saturday sealed my love for them. Congratulations to our newest Mr & Mrs! 🎉

    Zach + Jenna // St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club

    Zach + Jenna // St. Augustine Rod and Gun Club

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  • Casa Marina Beach Wedding Film // Brent + Roxanne

    Brent + Rox // Feature Film from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    “I love when you kiss me good morning before work, and how you always kiss me goodnight… I love the big heart that you have… How you tuck each of our dogs into their beds, and kiss them every night. I will continue singing silly songs, and break out into crazy dances around the house, and just hope that you dance and sing along with me.” – Roxanne

    Brent and Roxanne were married at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, FL. This was our first time capturing a wedding at Casa Marina, and we were completely blown away by the venue – not to mention the fabulous decor Brent and Roxanne had for their ceremony and reception. The day started out rainy and gloomy. To be honest, we were quite nervous. The venue had even set up a tent over the ceremony site, just in case.

    But, as you can see from these incredible images by Brooke Images Photography, that day turned out absolutely perfect – making Brent and Roxanne’s one of my favorite weddings we’ve ever captured!

    Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0001 Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0010 Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0004 Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0002Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0015 Jacksonville-Wedding-Photographers-Brooke-Images-Roxanne-Brent-Casa-Marina-Wedding-Blog_0020