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  • Gearing up for Andy and Dena’s Gator Homecoming Wedding

    So, do you want to hear something totally cool? Tomorrow we will be capturing our very first, truly GATOR, wedding! We are so excited we can barely contain ourselves!

    Meet Dena and Andy:

    They will be having their ceremony at Paines Prairie, followed by a tailgate reception at the UF Vet School. Then, they will be headed to the Gator Homecoming Game with their guests! How cool is that?!

    Recently, the University of Florida did a spotlight video on our Bride and Groom. Check it out below:

    We can’t wait! Sleep well future Mr & Mrs, we’ll see you bright and early!

    Also, excited to hang with some awesome vendors – Masterpiece Weddings, Russell Martin Photography and Celebrations Catering!

    Go GATORS!

  • Gator Fashion
  • Gator Fridays :: A Few of my Favorite Gator Things

    Lately I haven’t been able to control my obsession with anything and everything orange/blue/gator/tebow. It’s quickly become out of control. I guess that’s what I get for living in Gainesville, where every Friday is “Gator Friday” (what’s this “casual Friday” you speak of?).

    Pinterest has been the instigator of my Gator obsession, allowing me to save and categorize all my favorite orange and blue items. Here’s a peek into the life of a Gator Girl.

    Gator District, $28.00
    Perfect for Summer and July 4th BBQs… oh and Gator Fridays, of course!

    {heart}him. Just purchased my first broncos tank. TRUTH.
    GQ Magazine

    Orange and Blue flower headband. Adorbs.
    Prettylicious, $7.00

    Gingham + Orange + Blue = FANTASTIC
    The perfect shirt. Period.
    Pennington Bailes, $85.00

    I’d feel so FESTIVE with this. :)
    Ilene’s Gator Store, $14

    Orange and Blue Keds. Ultimate PREP.
    Zazzle; apparently their shoe section is down right now. Darn!

    I feel adorable Valentine’s day clutches may be sewn soon. Either way, this fabric HAS to make an appearance in my life.
    Spoonflower, $18/yd

    Orange scarves are a MUST.
    Target, $14.99

    I wear mine all. the. time. Here’s proof:

    Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I at the UF Stadium. LOVE.

    And a trip to the stadium wouldn’t be complete without visiting Timmy:

    Showing Tim Tebow some love. I guess “Tebowing” would have been appropriate at this moment.
    If you’re a Gator and don’t know what Tebowing is. You’re missing out.

    Funny how this post started out with me showcasing my favorite Gator items and ended with me posting pictures from my recent girl’s weekend. It’s easy for me to become sidetracked. Obviously.

    In other news, Mr. Knight and I have been busily working on our 2011 album. Mr. K takes so. many. pictures. that we thought it was a waste to have them all neatly organized on our computer for no one to see. So, we’ve decided (like many others) to make an album every year of all the pictures from that past year. It’s been fun looking back at all we did this year (we started a business, went on some fun trips, I got a new awesome job, filmed 7 weddings, etc.). When you start to look back, you realize that DANG it really has been a busy year. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our efforts with all my bloggy friends (if y’all are still out there! hello?).

    Till then, ciao!
    Oh yeah, I’m Italian now.


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  • Gator Fridays :: Epic Pumpkin Carving Video

    Okay… so the “epic” part was totally Mr. Knight’s idea. ;)

    It’s not like Mr. Knight and I don’t have enough on our plates these days, we just had to add one more video to the mix. This week we received our new indiSLIDERmini in the mail, just in time for our upcoming double wedding weekend (so excited!). We wanted to take some time to become acquainted with our little indiSLIDER and thought filming a little pumpkin carving video would be just the ticket. So, Mr. Knight set me up with my pumpkin and filmed me from a gazillion different angles. Here’s his epic concoction. Enjoy!

    I love how our little Gator pumpkin turned out!

    It was certainly tough and I was kind of giving myself a hard time for choosing such a ridiculous design to carve into a pumpkin. But, Mr. Knight was fabulous emotional support. He was so funny. He had all these cameras on our back porch to film this. Our neighbors must think we’re crazy (or know that we’re videographers!).

    Happy Halloween Gator Lovers!

  • Florida Photographers
  • Gator Friday on a Wednesday :: Families in the Swamp

    Our newest Gator Bride Videography client, the lovely Amber, just sent us over pictures from a family session she had with Matt Whytsell Photography and I couldn’t just keep these beautiful pictures to myself. I had to share them and all their orange and blue glory. Enjoy!

    The couple: Amber and Josh. Mr. Knight and I are BEYOND excited (and honored!) to be shooting their wedding this October.

    Their daughter = the cutest little gator fan I’ve ever seen. ♥ her already.

    Nothing like a little gator love to brighten your week. Need more? Check out the rest of the images from their shoot. Happy Wednesday Gator Fans!

    Wondering where I’ve been? Mr. Knight and I have been busy building our Gator Bride Videography website. Stay tuned!

    all photos by Matt Whytsell Photography

  • Gator Bride Designs
  • Gator Fridays :: Orange + Blue Ruffled Clutches

    Aloha Gators! Long time no talk? Mr. Knight and I have been beyond busy, working on our day jobs, side jobs, special projects we’ve been wanting to complete (with one very special quilt I’ve been dying to share with y’all), and our new business, Gator Bride Videography. If you missed my post on our new business, you can check it out here, and be sure to view the highlight reel from our first wedding! We’ll be shooting our second wedding this weekend for Marcela + Gabriel and we are SOOO excited. Be sure to join the Gator Bride Videography Facebook page to receive updates!

    So, in between all the craziness of the past few months, I managed to make a few adorable little orange and blue ruffled clutches. Check them out↓

    Orange and Blue Ruffled Clutch

    I’m in love with them. I even made some for Gator Mom and Momma Knight. Sewing is so relaxing. Well, it’s only relaxing if you have made the same pattern several times and you no longer have to actually “think” about what you’re doing, but just do it. :)

    Since I have a few extras of these little clutches, I’ve listed them in my shop. These are perfect for the Gator Girl or Gator Bride in your life. And who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind handmade piece? Okay, so maybe it’s two-of-a-kind. But, you know what I mean.

    Check them out and be sure to favorite my shop if you love love love orange and blue clutches. I plan to add more this summer, just in time for Football season. Yay!!