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  • Gator Fridays :: Orange + Blue Ruffled Clutches

    Aloha Gators! Long time no talk? Mr. Knight and I have been beyond busy, working on our day jobs, side jobs, special projects we’ve been wanting to complete (with one very special quilt I’ve been dying to share with y’all), and our new business, Gator Bride Videography. If you missed my post on our new business, you can check it out here, and be sure to view the highlight reel from our first wedding! We’ll be shooting our second wedding this weekend for Marcela + Gabriel and we are SOOO excited. Be sure to join the Gator Bride Videography Facebook page to receive updates!

    So, in between all the craziness of the past few months, I managed to make a few adorable little orange and blue ruffled clutches. Check them out↓

    Orange and Blue Ruffled Clutch

    I’m in love with them. I even made some for Gator Mom and Momma Knight. Sewing is so relaxing. Well, it’s only relaxing if you have made the same pattern several times and you no longer have to actually “think” about what you’re doing, but just do it. :)

    Since I have a few extras of these little clutches, I’ve listed them in my shop. These are perfect for the Gator Girl or Gator Bride in your life. And who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind handmade piece? Okay, so maybe it’s two-of-a-kind. But, you know what I mean.

    Check them out and be sure to favorite my shop if you love love love orange and blue clutches. I plan to add more this summer, just in time for Football season. Yay!!

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  • Gator Fridays :: The Gameday Girls

    Awhile back I was contacted by Shannon and Kaitlin of The Gameday Girls. They are two University of Florida gals who would make their own jewelry to wear on game day. When people started inquiring about their adorable orange and blue jewelry, they decide to open up shop, right here in Gainesville.

    Shannon and Kaitlin of The Gameday Girls

    They were so awesome to offer y’all a fabulous discount on their products! 30-40% off!!!! How awesome is that? To receive 30-40% off their products, you can visit this special page they set up – Gator Brides Love Sales (we soo do!). Check out all the discounted products (just for y’all).

    Polka Dot Faux Pearl Studs, normally $10, $6 for Gator Bride readers!

    Ribbon and Pearl Necklace, normally $16, $11.20 for Gator Bride readers!

    Jumbo Mascot Faux Pearl Studs, normally $13, $9.10 for Gator Bride readers!

    They have other super cute products that aren’t apart of the special sale, but MUST be mentioned.

    Gator Applique headband, $16
    In LOVE with this headband!!!!

    Ribbon Bow headband, $13

    Shannon and Kaitlin also make these products for other schools/teams like UM, Auburn, Georgia, UCF, USF, Clemson, and that school out West. Oh yes, and for you Sorority Sisters out there, they can make some special pearl earrings with your letters on them!

    You can find The Gameday Girls on Twitter – @thegamedaygirls
    and on Facebook – The Gameday Girls Facebook Page
    I follow them on Facebook and they are always posting new products and sales.

    What’s your favorite Gameday Girl item? Personally, I’m in love with those big polka dot pearl studs! And at that price, I may have to get myself a pair… and maybe a few pairs for my friends. :)

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  • Gator Fridays :: Ilene’s Gator Store

    Their slogan is “where Gator passion meets Gator fashion,” and they aren’t joking. There are some seriously adorable designs for us Orange and Blue lov-ahs.

    I’d like to introduce y’all to our newest sponsor, Ilene’s Gator Store! I first met, or should I really say “saw,” Ilene at the Gator Women’s Football Clinic this past June. She was wearing this little number…

    Gator Magic Tank top, Ilene’s Gator Store

    And I thought to myself, “That’s the cutest shirt I’ve ever seen!” This is just one of the many rhinestone designs featured exclusively at Ilene’s Gator Store. Check out some of these other Orange and Blue beauties:

    Chomp Chomp Gator Orange top
    One of my personal favorites!!

    Gator Black Burnout Tee

    Orange and Blue Gator Scarf
    LOVE this scarf! Perfect for this chilly weather we’ve been having!

    Gator Victory Cap Sleeve Tee

    Gator Orange and Blue Plaid Dress
    Wouldn’t this be cute paired with a belt for Game Day? Perfect for the upcoming Outback Bowl!

    Orange and Blue Flutter Dress

    Orange and Blue Shirt dress, Now on sale for $85!

    This adorable and stylish shirt dress was inspired by Diana Kelly, Miss Gainesville (a shoe designer/former student of mine!).

    Diana Kelly, Miss Gainesville, and Ilene at a recent Trunk Event. How cute is that shirt dress on Diana?

    Be sure to check out their blog for upcoming specials, trunk events and new products! If you’re in Gainesville and want to check out some of Ilene’s adorable Gator gear, you can visit her physical shop, Ilene’s for Fashion, in Thornebrook Village.

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  • The Cutest Game Day Dresses EVER!

    One of my amazing bridesmaids e-mailed me these awesome game day dresses by Natalie Kim. My friend is currently a Gator Girl living with her Nole husband in Tallahassee… so she has quite a bit working against her and was thinking of getting one of these dresses to show her Gator love♥. After seeing these dresses I must HAVE ONE! They are perfect for games or any other Gator event (hey they can make great everyday dress too!). Check them out↓

    GameDay Dresses

    {in love}
    They run from 60-$120 and are available in Natalie Kim’s Online store and Allure Boutique in Gainesville. 

    Miss Adorable Dress
    Miss Adorable; $120

    Miss Cheer Dress
    Miss Cheer; $100

    Miss Kim DressMiss Kim; $120 (easily one of my favorites from the collection! So Southern!)

    Miss Sporty DressMiss Sporty; $60 (tank dress? love it!)

    and couldn’t go without showing the ‘Miss Gator‘….

    Miss GatorMiss Gator; $120