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    It has been absolutely crazy recently with all the weddings we’ve been shooting–we’ve barely had time to sleep and eat. Okay, that might be a little bit extreme. But, seriously, we’ve been so blessed to have so many amazing couples book us to shoot their wedding day. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for Gator Bride Videography.

    We feel terrible about not updating the blog with all the weddings we’ve recently shot. Every couple needs their time to shine on our blog and we promise to do a better job keeping y’all up-to-date on all of it.

    So, without further adieu, here are the weddings that you’ve missed:

    Brandon and Melissa – Country Club at Silver Springs Shores in Ocala, FL

    High school sweethearts Brandon and Melissa, together for nine years before tying the knot, had a lovely late evening wedding followed by an amazing Fall-themed reception (think Thanksgiving food and Pumpkin-flavored cake. Mmmmm). They even had a coordinated dance that the entire wedding party took part in! Awesome!

    Nick and Alexis – Haskell Building in Jacksonville, FL

    Nick and Alexis were such a sweet and funny couple. Nick actually whipped out a wrestling belt after the ceremony and did the “Discount Double-Check”. The ceremony was held on the banks of the St. John’s River with a lovely view of downtown Jacksonville, FL. Alexis is the owner of Alexis Carter Photography.

    Chase and Emilee – Bay Preserve in Osprey, FL

    Chase and Emilee are actually friends of the amazing Todd and Aimee and they were equally as amazing. There ceremony location was absolutely stunning–it seriously reminded us of our Maui trip for some reason. Chase was such a ham and loved the camera. We also met another couple who we’ll be shooting in July. You’ll just have to wait and find out who.

    Ryan and Bianca – Lake Mary Events Center in Lake Mary, FL

    Last, but certainly not least, Ryan and Bianca… This was such a beautiful and emotionally-charged wedding. Bianca’s father, a preacher, married them which brought such a touching dynamic to the ceremony. Ryan is so happy to be a part of Bianca’s daughter’s life. He said “I’m so happy to be a father… no, not a father… a dad.” So sweet. And, boy, could the people at this wedding dance! Wow!

    Please, please, please let us know what you think! We love to hear the honest opinions of our readers.

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  • Gator Bride Videography’s Best of 2011 Wedding Highlights

    Without further adieu, I present to you a video that makes me smile from ear to ear and shed a few tears… Gator Bride Videography‘s Best of 2011 Wedding Highlights.

    I knew this year had been an exceptional year, but I didn’t know just how incredible it was until we finished editing this video. All the couples who welcomed us into their hearts and trusted us to capture such an important day in their lives… all I have to say is WOW. We feel so lucky and so blessed that all our couples took a chance on us. We can’t thank you all enough for all your support. Our couples are so sweet and continue to cheer us on as we grow our business.


    I know I can’t say it enough but we are so lucky and thankful Jen and Ryan (our first couple as Gator Bride Videography!) took a chance on us and booked us. They put the fire under our butts to research, upgrade our equipment and take wedding videography seriously. Starting Gator Bride Videography is one of the funest (and most stressful) endeavors the Hubs and I have ever taken on. I love that the Hubs and I have found something that we love to do together. I tell you, it’s a blast capturing love with the one you love. :)

    Here’s to 2012!

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  • Heather and Rob’s Nocatee Wedding Highlight Reel

    A few weeks ago, during our double header weekend, we captured Heather and Rob’s glam-ed out and totally FABULOUS wedding. I mean… this wedding had it going on. Everything was meticulously done from the crystals on the altar to the butterfly wall (which were each individually cut by the bride!). The details were perfect, just perfect. This was our second wedding testing out our new gear, the indislidermini and our new glidecam. I think it’s safe to say that with lots of practice and creativity, our new gear can turn out some pretty epic shots. Check out their highlight reel below to see what I’m talking about!

    Rob + Heather // Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

    Their wedding was held at Crosswater Hall in Nocatee, FL. Seriously beautiful. We also got to meet the husband and wife team of Wilson Photography (loving all these husband and wife wedding teams!). They were super nice and turned out some beautiful photos of Heather and Rob’s big day.

    Gorgeous, right? Another thing I love about checking out the photos of weddings we’ve done is to check and see if we made it into any of them. If we don’t… SUCCESS! We are doing our job at being out of the way, yet capturing every moment. :)

    This weekend we are finishing up Brandon and Melissa’s Ocala Wedding highlight reel. Can’t wait to share it with y’all. These two are so freakin’ in love. For reals. It just flows out of their glowing faces. As soon as the hubs finishes up the color correction (didn’t know video had to be color corrected? yeah… takes FOREVER), I’ll have it posted.

    This past year has been truly amazing. I absolutely LOVE filming weddings and putting together highlight reels for our clients to share. They are so much fun! I still can’t believe the hubs and I have started our own business. I love it so much! I have to pinch myself to remind myself that “Hey! We are wedding videographers!” So exciting. Thank you all for the support and love through out this past year. It’s incredible. Thank you. :)

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  • Josh and Amber’s Camp Blanding Wedding Highlight Reel

    A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of not only filming one wedding, but TWO! Our first wedding of our “double header” weekend was Josh and Amber’s. They found us quite a while ago when we were just starting up and learning the ropes of capturing weddings. We are so excited that we’ve had the chance to hone our skills over the last few weddings. With each one we do, we get better and better. Which feels amazing!

    Any-who, back to my story… We were getting super excited leading up to Amber and Josh’s wedding. We were soo stoked to be capturing such a sweet couple, who also happen to be Gator fans (win!). I even featured one of their family photo shoots at the UF stadium on the blog. Seriously fabulous shoot… you MUST check it out. I’ll give you a moment to do so…. I’ll just wait right here….

    We had so much fun at their wedding. Amber and Josh were so incredibly sweet and even fed us a yummy dinner at their rehearsal. We spent 9 fun hours with this couple and have so much fabulous footage, it was so difficult to edit it down to a mere 5 minutes.

    One of my favorite moments in their highlight reel is at the 2:33 mark, when Amber and her daughter, Bailee, are hanging out together. So adorable! At their wedding we also had the chance to try out some new equipment. YAY!! We got to break in our glidecam and indislidermini. They are the ingredients for some serious epic shots. Don’t take my word for it! Check out their highlight reel below.

    I love this video. I really do. Is it sad that I watch our client’s highlight reels all the time? Sad.. I know. They just make me so happy!

    We also had the chance to work with Matt Whystell and his team at Matt Whystell Photography. Let me tell you… they are AWESOME. Heart them. Seriously heart them and their quirky/fun/peppy/awesome-ness. He’s located in Starke, FL and the mister and I are already scheming reasons to have a shoot done by him. :)

    And I’ll end this little post saying that it’s wonderful meeting so many wonderful professionals in the wedding community. Everyone we’ve met have been nothing but kind to us. Even sharing some insight for us into the wedding vendor world, as we are still sorta newbies. We are so thankful.


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  • Aimee and Todd’s Marco Island Beach Wedding Highlight Reel

    Aimee and Todd were married at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, in Marco Island, FL on September 24, 2011.

    Their wedding was so beautiful. It was Gator Bride Videography’s first beach wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. The weather was spectacular. All the weather forecasts that pointed to a rainy day were completely wrong! That was such a relief!

    Their wedding was held on the beach and the ceremony took place in the Marco Beach Ocean Resort. The venue was absolutely stunning and the crowd as super fun. There was a photo booth, a cupcake wedding cake, and dueling pianos. Speaking of which, the dueling piano team, Catalyst Entertainment Company (Orlando, FL) were out of this world. I don’t think we’ve ever witnessed such a perfect combination of entertainment, professionalism, and interactivity from a wedding DJ/MC/band before. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add something special and awesome to their wedding.

    Mrs. Gator and I didn’t really know what to expect when we got Marco Island but we were blown away by its character. The island is so beautiful and we love how all these big houses line the main road and are mixed in with the businesses and everything. It seemed like every house on the island was on waterfront property, whether it be on a canal or the ocean itself.

    Aimee and Todd, you two were awesome! Y’all are such a sweet couple and we wish you the best of luck in all that life gives!