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  • We Won The Gainesville 48 Hour Film Competition AGAIN!


    2016 Gainesville 48 Hour Film Competition - Best of Show (with laurels)

    Every year in late February the Digital Media program at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida holds a 48 hour film competition. If you don’t know what that is, this is how it works:

    • On Friday at 7pm, you and your team of no more than 5 receive a genre, a prop you must use in your film, and a line of dialog you have to have in your film somewhere. None of these things are known to any team before exactly 7pm on Friday.
    • You have 48 hours (typically, 7pm on Friday to 7pm on Sunday) to come up with a story, write a script, storyboard, plan the shoot (actors, shooting schedule, costumes, makeup/hair, etc…), shoot all the scenes, edit the movie, add in any effects, etc… you need, and deliver the film.
    • Film must be 3-5 minutes long.
    • You can have as many actors/actresses as you want/need–they don’t count towards you 5 member team.
    • The entry cost is $5 a person
    • Prize (this year) was $300.

    This year we were just one of twenty-five teams that entered. It was the biggest year yet. The details of the competition were to be given at a hip coffee shop in downtown Gainesville: Volta. You could say the energy-infused name of the shop was perfect for this evening because the room was abuzz. Before a crowd of anxious filmmakers, Marc Shaboz, the host of the event and competition, announced the genre, prop, and line of dialog:

    • Genre: Vintage Sci-Fi
    • The prop: Battery
    • The line of dialog was: “So, it’s sorta social, demented and sad, but social. Right?” (The Breakfast Club, 1985).
    Crowd of people waiting for an announcement
    You could feel the anxiety in this moment.

    What?!? Vintage Sci-Fi!?! I literally said aloud: “Aaaahhh… $h!+…”. Actually, I’m pretty sure I said that, like, really out loud (and I’m naturally pretty loud). In all the hustle & bustle, though, I’m fairly certain that no one from any of the other 24 teams squeezed into that tiny downtown coffee shop heard me. But, yeah… that was what we got. I was stunned.

    I (nor any of my amazing team) had ever shot anything like a vintage sci-fi. It was horrifying and nerve-racking while at the same time exhilarating and full of problems to be solved. So, we got right to it. Jorgia McAfee (Elevens Productions), our amazing producer, script-writer, personnel manager, and lead actress extraordinaire had yet another trick up her sleeve: her parents. Jorgia’s parents are the kind of people where, as soon as you meet them, they immediately make you feel like family. They also happen to own Crime Prevention in Gainesville which is a very well-respected private home security installation and monitoring company. We were able to use their front conference room for pre-production as well as some of their spaces for a couple scenes in our film.

    Conference room filled with snacks, drinks, and pizza.
    Pre-production meeting at Crime Prevention. We were doing some research and keeping notes on the big screen.

    Pizza was ordered, laughter was had, and brains started churning. The real work started when we compiled a list of a limited subset of the main themes of sci-fi which included:

    • Discovery (ex. Star Trek, time travel, etc…)
    • God Complex (ex. Frankenstein, Jurassic Park, etc…)
    • Good Science Gone Bad (ex. The Island, The Fly, etc…)
    • Alien Invasion (ex. Independence Day, etc…)

    There are obviously more sci-fi story archetypes but we figured that was enough to get us started. So, we brain stormed a bit, threw out a couple crazy ideas waiting for one to gain some traction… Finally, a sorta Christopher Columbus story where an alien named, aptly, Christopher Columbus, discovers the “New World” (Earth) started to take root. We debated why he was coming to Earth for a quite a while… did his emperor send him here to learn more about what resources could be extracted? Was he there to see if humans would be worth enslaving? Was he there to find the love of his life? Etc…. We took each idea into consideration trying to come up with a decent plot for the premise and eventually landed on the last one, a love story, since it seemed the easiest. We could make it a story of an alien, the last of his kind, looking for a human wife to impregnate with his alien progeny. We started off with it being a serious idea and it evolved into a vintage sci-fi romance comedy (like, WTF?, haha). We were just about to pull the trigger on the idea that the alien comes to Earth with a checklist of superficial items he’s looking for in a “perfect mate” but, of course, “finds love” with the least-likely first girl he meets when he beams down from his spaceship into the bathroom. They live happily ever after. THE END. BLAH… That would have been our disastrously boring plot if it were not for my incredibly talented Asst. Director/Asst. Editor/Asst. Director of Photography/All-around-awesome-person and little brother Christian Harris (Aqueous Films). His creative “left field” insights led us to the final version of the much better story that is: My Martian:

    The filming of this project was challenging at times, incredibly fun, and so so refreshing. It took me completely out of my comfort zone because it’s just so different than shooting a wedding or a commercial project. In fact, we chose to actually shoot the video in black and white. Presumably (and, I would say, evidently), most teams (actually, probably all of those that decided to do a b&w film) shot in color and converted to black and white in post. This was our plan as well until I started shooting the first scene and realized I kept switching to b&w to see if it would look good. As the DP, I made the executive decision to bite the bullet and forgo color altogether–and it was totally worth it. Not only was I able to perfect the look in the camera, it also saved rendering time in post–which is awesome because, you know… 48 hours…

    Getting ready for the bathroom scenes.
    Getting ready for the bathroom scenes. Christian (left) pondering about how the scene should play out, Lexley (right) locked and loaded, Nahum (center) prepping the Ronin for the under-stall scene.
    Christian shooting into girls bathroom stall.
    Christian being his typical self… shooting into a girls bathroom stall, haha.
    Kyle with camera behind Jorgia in bathroom stall.
    Kyle (me) getting the extra-pervy shot from behind the toilet. Shot wasn’t used but could have been cool.
    Behind the scenes in bathroom shoot. Kyle shooting, Jorgia and Miguel acting, Lexley holding microphone boom.
    A little bit of behind-the-scenes movie magic here. Christian is to the camera right behind Lexley (audio) getting the other angle. Daisy Mae (Jorgia) is in the background with Angel (Miguel) in the center walking away. I’m on the left catching Daisy Mae’s reaction.
    Melanie Sholl and Jorgia McAfee.
    The OH-so-talented Melanie Sholl and Jorgia McAfee all made-up for the epic final scene.
    Daisy Mae (Jorgia McAfee) taking a selfie of the crew fixing mic pack in dress at Kanapaha Park.
    Christian and I unzipping Jorgia’s dress for the 10th time to fix the wireless lapel she was wearing. No zippers were harmed in the making of this film.
    Daisy Mae (Jorgia) and Betty (Ariel)
    The unbelievably talented duo Ariel Reich (left) and Jorgia McAfee (right) playing Betty and Daisy Mae, respectively.
    Kyle (me) (left) on tripod, Christian (right) on monopod. Jorgia and Ariel sitting on the bench.
    Christian and I trying to figure out how to capture the shot of Daisy and Betty walking through the park.
    Backyard view to Payne's Prairie.
    The stump in the middle of this shot is the location of our second-to-last scene. This is at Jorgia’s parents’ house that backs up to Paynes Prairie. It was literally the most-perfect spot we could have ever dreamed of on the most-perfect night ever… full moon, stars, you name it.
    Miguel and Lexlely holding each other while looking at the full moon over the prairie.
    Lexley and Miguel having a special moment… while I was testing the camera and lighting setup for the star scene.
    Lexley and Miguel sitting on stump with left to the left.
    The light on the left was used to help mimic harsh moonlight. I think it worked pretty awesomely. Thank goodness for the Aputure battery-powered LEDs. They were AMAZING. It’s set to minimum brightness (10%) in this shot.
    The gang on the stump with the camera.
    Final prep with actors for star scene. It was shot on an A7sII with a Bower 14mm f/2.8 at f/5.6 at 64,000 ISO set about 2.5-3 fee behind the actors.
    Snapshot of the back of the camera with Daisy Me laying on Angel, the alien's left shoulder.
    Quick shot of the back of the screen in during the front-shot portion of the star scene. You can see the ISO at 51,200. This angle shot with an Nikon AF-D 85mm f/1.4 at f/2.8-ish. The A7sII is a beast.
    Kyle and Christian at editing stations.
    The next morning, we got to work editing on our favorite NLE: FCPX. Christian (left) is working on some compositions for Angel’s spaceship’s control panel. Kyle (me) (right) laying out the main story.
    Overhead shot of Christian working on compositions in FCPX.
    Christian working on the compositions in FCPX.
    Overhead shot of Kyle working on main edit.
    Kyle (me) working on the main edit. Notice the time on the clock and the Mountain Dew Code Red–a vital necessity.
    Profile shot of Kyle working on main edit with Christian in background working on credits.
    That beard though…
    The FCPX timeline for My Martian.
    What the final, edited timeline for My Martian looked like. All this was done between 9am and 5:30 PM on Sunday. Check out that sound design for the spaceship ambiance!

    Two or three weeks later, the screening was held at Santa Fe. Twenty-five teams entered, twenty-three teams finished. I believe 17 of the entries were student entries, the other 6 finishers were “Open/Professional” entries. Our team, Sharpshooters, won both the “Open/Professional” and the “Best In Show” prize for the second year straight! I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team and I can’t wait for next year!

    Sharpshooters + Actors/Actresses:

    • Kyle Farris – Director, Director of Photography, Editor
    • Jorgia McAfee – Producer, Script Writer, Actress (Daisy Mae), Personnel Manager, provider of awesome
    • Christian Harris – Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, Assistant Director of Photography, Rocket Ship Puppeteer, insight-giver
    • Lexley Shelton – Sound Technician, Earth Puppeteer, laugh creator
    • Nahum Mau – Third Camera, BTS
    • Miguel Maya: Actor: Angel (alien)
    • Ariel Reich – Actress: Betty
    • Melanie Sholl – Actress: Alien’s daughter

    Oh, and in case you were wondering… here’s our entry from last year:

    The theme for last year was Supernatural, prop was Spoon, and the line of dialog was “Remember, no matter where you go… there you are.”


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  • Making Time for One Another

    Miss Gator and I spend a lot of time working. I work 70 hours/week between three different web programming contracts/jobs,  Miss Gator is in her final semester of grad school (and still manages to keep the house tidy), and we’re planning a wedding. Trust me, we don’t get a whole lot of truly free time.

    When we do get some free time, however, we like to spend it together either watching a Netflix movie on-demand (or the shiny disc kind), watching recorded TV shows that have been sitting on our DVR for weeks, playing with Kuma, our adorable Bengal, driving around aimlessly trying to find somewhere to dine out at, shopping for random stuff, or even playing board games.

    Tonight, in lieu of not really caring too much about who wins the Super Bowl (even though I sorta despise the Colts), we played some good ol’ fashioned Monopoly.

    As you can see, I have all the money and all the properties. Miss Gator has a bunch of mortgaged properties and no money. She is the loser.

    Miss Gator was the little Scotty. He was no match for …

    … the infallible Monopoly Car.

    Moral of the Story:
    Take a minute or two out of your day (and as often as possible, really) to spend it with the one you care the most about. If Miss Gator and I didn’t do that, we’d probably go insane—well, more insane than we already are.

    It was nice blogging for guys this week. You can rejoice that Miss Gator should return to her loyal readers very soon. I’ll keep posting from time-to-time so keep you eyes open.

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  • Wedding Planning: A Groom’s Perspective

    As far as I’m concerned, there are four levels of involvement:

    1. Interested
    2. Unqualified
    3. Utterly Confused
    4. Bringer of Monetary Sanity

    Interested: Proposal. Outcome: Success. But, good lord… Can you imagine how this guy felt??

    In most cases, I end up either interested or utterly confused. Of course, there are times when I’m simply unqualified for the task at hand. For example, I couldn’t have possibly been qualified to help determine what wedding dress Miss Gator chose because I’ve made a commitment to wait to see her in it on our wedding day. Being completely uninterested, for me, is rare enough to ignore for this list.

    I’m going to try and briefly detail each level of involvement to help you get a better understanding of what you (for any future grooms reading this) or your spouse-to-be should expect to feel during the course of planning your wedding…

    Honestly, I like this one the most. As you can tell, I’m a proactive groom… I mean, heck… I’m blogging on my bride’s wedding blog. From what I’ve heard, most brides can’t even get the groom to help pick out a cake (cake testing is FREE… come on…). But, I digress. Miss Gator and I are both designers by trade and hobby—we like getting involved in making cool things that others can enjoy. Simple as that.

    So, here’s a list of the things I’ve been most interested in during this looonnggg wedding planning escapade:

    The beaches of Maui. Oh and look! Orange & Blue… how appropriate! Source: Hawaiian

    • The technical stuff (our wedding website, this blog, you name it…)
    • Planning the Honeymoon (how could you not be interested in going to Maui?)
    • Music for the Ceremony (love me some strings)
    • Videography (Miss Gator will be doing an article on this once we get it all finalized)

    Of course there have been a few times where I’ve been highly interested and then had to be the bringer of monetary sanity. One shining example is the wedding ceremony chairs. Miss Gator wanted these white wooden chairs for the ceremony—you’ve all seen them, they’re very nice—but, you see, the problem was that we are planning a wedding with 150 guests and an approximately 15-20 minute ceremony.

    White Wooden Chairs

    From what I recall, the rental of these chairs was somewhere in the realm of $350! Can you believe that? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the chairs were nice but there’s just no way to justify that kind of expense for such a short amount of time… It’s not Miss Gator’s fault though; she was blinded by a most- innocent lust for a beautiful wedding—the wedding she deserves.

    Being UCF alumnus, the occasion in which I would find myself unqualified for a particular task is highly unlikely. Program advanced digital interfaces? Sure. Build a robot? Piece of cake. Calculate the world’s new highest prime number in my head? Verging on impossible, but, sure, why not? Choose the flowers for our wedding… I think not.

    Miss Gator’s inspiration board

    Men (most of us anyway) are just not wired to think about, let alone understand, all the minute details of life. This is why we have women in our lives—to make sure we don’t forget birthdays and to remind us to send thank you cards to the people who care about us… Frankly, I think this ineptitude probably stems from my (and probably many men’s) general lack of attention to the trivialities of life. I’ve found that I’m more adapted to thinking about the grand or, rather, long-term goal. The downfall with that way of thinking is that I sometimes might miss out on key opportunities to actually achieve that long-term goal—and that’s where Miss Gator comes in. We make such a great team because she frets (healthily) about the minutiae of everyday life while I focus on our longterm stability (of course, we both dabble in each other’s forte from time to time) . In any case, I was not qualified for concocting the grand plan for this wedding, so I guess my argument is moot (Miss Gator hates that word) anyways.

    Some things I found I was unqualified for:

    Utterly Confused
    Being utterly confused is really more a part of being a guy than it is about being a groom. Women are, all too often, confounding, confusing, and complicated. One particular instance comes to mind, actually, and it has to do with photography. A second round of engagement photos, in fact. My first thought was that our photo shoot with Starks Photography was already amazing, why do we need more? Also, the idea seemed presumptuous—who the heck is going to want to see all these new photos?? Of course, some of you know already that we actually won the second shoot with Lindsey of Pure Photography.

    Super cute photo from Miss Gator and I’s second engagement shoot.

    Even though we had won the session, I was still skeptical of what the heck we were going to do with the photos. I just didn’t understand… you might say I was utterly confused. Needless to say, Miss Gator is very convincing and, so, we went through with it… and now I see why. The pictures were awesome, they were free, and the whole experience was just fun. Sometimes you just have go have some fun.

    I would compile a list of the things I don’t understand, but without understanding them it’s hard to list and describe them. If I think of some, I’ll update the article.

    Bringer of Monetary Sanity
    Yes, sometimes Miss Gator gets a liiittle bit outta control. The poor girl, she just wants the perfect wedding—the wedding of her dreams—the one she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Then the big mean Mr. Knight has to come and yank it out from under her. Naturally, it’s got to be more like when someone rips the table cloth off a table that’s covered in fine china without disturbing a single piece of it—I don’t want to crush her dreams, I just sometimes need to remove the fancy table cloth. Know what I mean? I wish I could give her everything she deserved… and, maybe one day I will be able to.

    A few examples of nixed ideas:

    • Crazy-expensive wedding shoes: $298
    • Millions of bridesmaids gifts
    • Reception at a number of really expensive venues (we would’ve had to reduce our guest list by 1/3).
    • Honeymoon to Europe (we kinda both came to this conclusion)

    Overall, the wedding planning experience (so far) has been a testament to how blessed Miss Gator and I’s relationship is. When we work together, anything is possible even if it means that I have to crush dreams of a fantastically-perfect wedding to settle for the practically-perfect wedding. Or that she has to drag me to a photo shoot at Blue Springs to prove that it’s worth it. I love her and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life working towards our goals together.

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  • Meet the Groomsmen

    Ya’ll have heard a lot about Miss Gator’s bridesmaids and how awesome and sweet they all are. Well, I have to agree with Miss Gator—they are all really the perfect bridesmaids. She’s been blessed with so many friends and family to support her on our wedding day. In fact, we’re both blessed in that sense. Sadly, you haven’t heard too much about the groomsmen, save the article about the best man’s Christmas gift to us… So, without further adieu, as promised, I’m going to attempt to create “interesting” aliases for my groomsmen (sorry if they suck) and give a brief back-story on each of them…

    Little Knight (Best Man):
    Little Knight is my little brother, hence the name Little Knight. In truth, he’s really not so little any more—he’s grown into quite a man in the past few years.

    Mr Knight an Little Knight at the engagement party.Little Knight and I at the engagement party 2 years ago!! Can you believe it’s been almost two years since we got engaged?? Crazy…

    Growing up, Little Knight and I were your typical brothers… arguing, fighting, name-calling, etc… it’s healthy brotherly-love and one of the reasons why we know each other so well. Of course, we weren’t always beating on each other; in fact, most of the time we were just good ol’ buds watching/playing football, playing video games, building forts, teasing Sweet Bridesmaid and Mama Knight, or finding something else crazy to do. We really are quite a dynamic duo when we work together.

    Little Knight’s a free-spirited 19 year-old who’s still trying to find himself. He’s very intelligent and has incredible potential. In fact, he’s going to be making Miss Gator and I’s rehearsal dinner slideshow/movie since he has a new-found knack for video editing. Honestly, it’s hard to not like this guy—he’s going to make a heck of a best man and lifelong friend.

    Proficient Groomsman

    Here I am with all my siblings at Proficient Groomsman‘s wedding in 2008. It was a really awesome/beautiful wedding on the beach.

    Proficient Groomsman
    is my accomplished big brother. Unlike with Little Knight, Proficient Groomsman and I never really argued, fought, or name-called. Proficient Groomsman and I have a very different kind of relationship since we didn’t grow up in the same house. Of course, that doesn’t make him any less of my brother—it actually made him somehow more of a role model to me. Growing up, we usually only saw each other one or two weekends per month, if that. When he went to college at Clemson, we saw each other even less. But, just to give you an idea of what this guy’s like if you don’t know him already… He’s a helluva surfer, was a great soccer player, got a scholarship to Clemson for his amazing diving skills (on top of the fact that he had a 4+ GPA in high school), is fluent in Spanish, he could make a second career as a comedian, is a great father, husband, and brother, is a good Christian, and spends his days saving people’s lives as a paramedic. I mean… Come on… What a guy!

    Geeky Groomsman
    I think Geeky Groomsman and I have more in common that any of my other groomsmen. I’m pretty sure we met in cub scouts in first grade but I could be wrong… it might have been earlier. In any case, it turned out we lived basically just down the road from each other which made it easy for us to forge a lifelong friendship. We spent many-a-night together, staying up late playing TMNT on his NES. During the day we’d play two-hand touch with Little Knight and other kids from around the block as well as build forts way out in the woods. We’d also spend hours punting and throwing the ball back and forth in my cul-de-sac. Of course, when we got in high school we played football on the varsity team together. All those days spent punting back and forth was probably what made me a good enough punter to be the varsity Special Teams MVP in my junior year. Geeky Groomsman was a first-team all-state left offensive tackle in his senior year. In high school, we both became big computer geeks (not to be confused with computer “nerds”), hence the name, building our first computers in our freshman year. We both worked in construction for my dad which is why we’re now both IT professionals. We are still major geeks.

    Justin and Mr. Knight chillin at the Knight/Gator Engagement PartyHere we are chillin’ out on Miss Gator’s parent’s  back deck during Miss Gator and I’s engagement party.

    Geeky Groomsman is one of those guys that you know you can always rely on. He’s honest, fun, and has a great sense of humor. Plus, it’s always nice having a guy around that can lift three times as much as you.

    Rocker Groomsman
    Rocker Groomsman and I have a long history together—he was my first real friend. We met at Jungle Hut beach when I was only 3 years old. I think he may have been 4. We’ve been friends ever since.

    Old picture of Mr Knight and Mark in the Blue Ridge mountains.Man, now this is an old picture. Definitely not the oldest I have, but, this is a classic… look at that fro! This is up in the Blue Ridge Mountain chain around Thanksgiving time in 2003.

    Rocker Groomsman and Mr KnightA more recent picture of Rocker Groomsman and I at Miss Gator and I’s condo in Gainesville last summer. Bad angle for me…

    We went to pre-school together but, unfortunately, we didn’t attend the same elementary or middle schools. When we finally got to high school, I think we only had one class together. Can you believe that? Nevertheless, throughout all those years, we stayed best friends because we’d make up for not seeing each other during the week by sleeping over each others’ houses basically every weekend (and basically every day during the summer). We’re both musicians but Rocker Groomsman has certainly taken his skills to a higher level than I have (can you tell by his name). He plays several instruments and has been in several bands, including his own. He plays trumpet, bass, guitar, and keyboard. I’m more of a “classical” [crappy] musician playing flute, oboe, and dabbling in piano/keyboard. I was also in the drumline in high school but that doesn’t really qualify me as a drummer. He definitely plays the drums better than me.

    Rocker Groomsman has a really funny sarcastic kind of humor that makes him really fun to be around. I wish I got to see him more often.

    Humanitarian Groomsman
    Humanitarian Groomsman and I met through our better halves. Humanitarian Groomsman is the husband of the lovely Sunny MOH. We met before they were married (or engaged for that matter).

    From Left-to-Right: Steve, Mr Knight, Miss Gator, and Sunny MOHSunny MOH and Humanitarian Groomsman had a really beautiful wedding just down the road from where we are having ours. What a good lookin’ bunch we are.

    Lemme tell you something… this guy is impossible not to be friends with. He’s got this way about him that is just indescribable. For instance, he can’t be but a buck-fifty but can eat like a sumo wrestler. Or how ’bout this… he wants to make a website (just for the heck of it) that categorizes and shows-off paper restaurant napkins. He explains, “they’re so interesting… they’re all different”. But, of course, there’s a more serious side to him. He and Sunny MOH are both humanitarians through and through—they spend countless hours a week helping the poor and less fortunate. Whether it be working at the food bank, caring for refugees from places like Mumbai or Myanmar, or just taking care of his wife, Humanitarian Groomsman’s remains a model for selflessness.

    Super-Fly Groomsman
    Super-Fly Groomsman is Rocker Groomsman’s little brother. I’ve known him since he was an infant and he’s like a brother to me in some ways.

    Old picture of Mr Knight and Kevin at Nana Jackson's House in Panama City.Another old-school picture from 2005. I think we were pleading to go water skiing up at my Nana Jackson’s house in Panama City. Check it out… I’m sportin’ my UCF Knights apparel…

    Super-Fly Groomsman and Rocker Groomsman come from a family that is very close to my family and I. We’ve been on vacations to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cruisin’ to Cozumel, and have taken a couple trips to Panama City to hang out at my Nana’s house. I consider them my second family and would do anything for them. Coming from such a good family, Super-Fly Groomsman has a strong work ethic and is planning to join the United States Air Force when he graduates from high school. He’s always been intrigued with air warfare history. He can pretty much name anything that flies (see what I did with his name…? It was Miss Gator’s idea… sorry…). He has other talents too… Like Rocker Groomsman and I, Super-Fly Groomsman plays the drums; and, from what I’ve heard of him, he’s really quite good.

    Well, that pretty much sums them up. Sorry if that was boring for you ladies who come here to read about girly things like rehearsal dinner dresses, shoes, and inspiration boards. I’m doing my best here.

  • By the Groom/Husband
  • Mr. Knight Can Blog Too!

    It went something like this:

    Miss Gator:
    You’re gonna write some articles for Gator Bride this week.

    Mr. Knight:
    What? Why’s that?

    Miss Gator:
    Because you are, and I said so, that’s why.

    Mr. Knight:
    Okay… What am I supposed to write about?

    Miss Gator:
    I dunno… something.

    Mr. Knight:
    [looks at Miss Gator like a student after being assigned a pop quiz]
    I’m really pretty busy this week sweety.

    Miss Gator:
    [looks at Mr. Knight with eyes of discontent]

    Mr. Knight:
    Yes dear...

    Mr Knight's LikenessIn reality, I’ve actually been thinking about doing this since the inception of Gator Bride but just haven’t quite had the time. Okay… that’s a lie—I have had a few spare moments; but, in those “spare moments”, I generally spent watching Dexter, Football, or sleeping. In any case, with Miss Gator possibly MIA for the next week, here I am on this not-so-lovely Saturday afternoon (the weather’s horrible) and I’ve got some spare time to figure out how to coerce you to keep reading my entries—I’m not quite as quirky/peppy as Miss Gator.

    After some careful self-reflection and a small bag of Doritos, I think I’ve compiled a decent list of my entries for this week:

    • Meet the Groomsmen
    • Wedding Planning: A Groom’s Perspective
    • A Budget Bride = Thankful Groom
    • How to Make a Successful Wedding Blog

    How’s the sound, y’all? Will those keep you entertained or will it have you running for the hills? If you have any suggestions for articles that only I could write, or questions you’d like to have me answer in a “Ask The Groom: Answers” article, please put them in the comments.

    Mr Knight