Cake Toppers with Character

One day while trying to find something to satisfy my need for Gator Brideness I typed “gator bride” into Google images to see what would come up. After rummaging through several pages of images I came across a super cute image of two wood carved gators, one with a top hat and the other with a veil made by bunnywithatoolbelt over at Etsy.

They were the cutest Gator themed cake toppers I had ever seen. Only one problem arose….Mr. Gator isn’t actually a gator..ohhh the HORROR!!!! In fact Mr. Gator is Mr. Knight. My fiance graduated from the University of Central Florida (where the mascot is a Knight). He simply could not have himself personified as a gator atop our scrumptious wedding cake…so off I was to message bunnywithatoolbelt to see what she could come up with..and boy was I impressed…

She sent over an initial sketch for approval

And..Wa-Lah our beautiful and character-ific cake toppers!!! Don’t you just love Miss. Gator’s mini veil?

I can’t wait till these cute little toppers stand tall and proud (and did I mention cute?) on our wedding cake. Hillary at bunnywithatoolbelt was super easy to work with and did an amazing job. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop here for more handmade wedding cake toppers.

Just another unique and super fun way to incorporate gator lovin’ into your wedding!

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  1. MrKnight says:

    I can't wait either sweetheart. Great post!

    -Mr. Knight.

  2. Kari says:

    LOVE your cake toppers!! I even submitted my own strange request to bunnywithatoolbelt on etsy! {Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.} Thanks for the awesome idea Kim! You rock. :O)

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  7. Vanessa says:

    Cute idea! I love the blog buttons, thanks :)

  8. Shannon says:

    THIS is too cute. If only I had known about your website like 4 months ago! I have a friend who would have DIED for these. Congrats on finding the perfect toppers!!

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