Blue Springs:: Part 3: Our Most Awkward Moments

It has been a while since I updated (Mrs. Kitten’s Trash the Dress video doesn’t count… it was too easy to post)… okay so it has been like 3 days. Which is a long time in blog world. Life has been moving crazy fast. Just yesterday Mr. Knight was saying how he couldn’t believe it was already Friday.. he felt like it was just Monday the day before. I certainly have noticed since I’ve gotten older that time sure flies by fast. It’s Saturday now, and before you know it, it will be Saturday again. I still can’t believe I’m already 5 weeks into the fall semester… where did the past 5 weeks go?

But, enough of my jibber jabber and on to the good stuff.. what ya’ll have come for… Our Most Awkward Moments of our Blue Springs Photo Shoot! Proof that we aren’t as ‘photogenic’ as ya’ll think we are. Trust me on this, I have tons of non-professional awkward photos of Mr. Knight and I that I’m too scared/embarrassed to post. Here’s the best of the ‘awkward.’ Enjoy! ↓ *click on the image to view our awkwardness larger

Mr. Knight and Miss Gator's Most Awkward Blue Springs MomentsEasily my all time favorite from the compilation above is Mr. Knight’s face in the bottom row, third from the left. Hilarious. {kind of wanting an 8 x 10 of this face}
*The slimy squishy floor of the springs facilitated this incredibly awesome awkward face

Miss Gator's Favorite Awkward MomentThese lovely facial expressions came from Lindsey of Pure Photography telling us to ‘skip’ towards her. Mr. Knight actually started skipping with this incredibly crazy face, while I tried to slow jog and ‘look’ in love.

Well… the recap of Mr. Knight and I’s Blue Springs Photo shoot has come to an end (I know ya’ll are so sad). I sure have milked this photo shoot for all it’s worth (I think I did about 5 or 6 blog posts about it). I’m currently working on getting some of the photos printed and hung around our house (in some super fancy ‘gallery’ style frames from IKEA). Plus they will be used to put together a nice little ‘Thank You’ for the people in our lives who have already contributed so much to our wedding.

What’s next over here at Gator Bride? I’m thinking…. bridal accessories? I will definitely need help from my readers to make these tough decisions (I know… soooo tough! haha). Plus, dressing the Groom (Mr. Knight) needs to be addressed… argyle socks? aqua or green ties? So many decisions. Stay tuned and chime in! Your advice is greatly appreciated. :-)

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  1. Actually that “favorite pic” of yours is actually me about to sneeze from getting water up my nose after jumping off the platform. No excuse for the others, though… haha.

  2. marina says:

    I love that face :-)

  3. Hahahahh! These are hilarious. Love that you posted them! It’s ok – we all have those awkward shots. Too funny!

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