Beautiful Hair Flowers by Handle & Spout

After a rather dull and long Tuesday, I took a break and took the bus home to pick up my car before heading back to school. When I approached our front door I found a little square package on Mr. Knight and I’s doorstep. My bridal hair flowers from Handle & Spout had arrived! {happy dance}

I quickly ran inside to open the box (Gator Kitty was quite annoying and insisted on trying to be ALL over me while I was trying to open the package). Here are these sweet thangs (Yes, ‘things’ are spelled ‘thangs’ in the South. All good Southern girls know this). :-)

Miss Gator's Handle and Spout Hair FlowersHandle and Spout; $54 (including shipping)
Aren’t they pretty?

How could I stare at these little beauties with out trying one on? Who do you think I am? :-)

Miss Gator modeling one of her Handle and Spout Hair FlowersThat would be Gator Kitty’s tail peaking out from behind me. She was thoroughly enjoying the packaging.

I had to place a custom order to get the 4 flowers in the sizes and colors I wanted. I ordered their Mixed Pastel combination (which was three small flowers), along with 1 larger ivory flower for a more fuller look similar to this:

Miss Gator's Hair Flower Inspiration from Handle and Spoutsource Handle and Spout

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  1. Those are stunning…and they look equally stunning on you!

  2. Kari says:

    You are too cute! Love the flowers! Can’t wait to see you on Friday Miss Gator!


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