Baby Knight and Baby Gator: A Pair from the Start♥

One of my many summertime activities for Mr. Knight and I’s wedding is to put together our slideshow for our rehearsal dinner. As I was scanning a ridiculous amount of childhood photos I came across two pictures I couldn’t help but blog about! ↓

Mr Knight and Miss Gator on their TricyclesYes… we were tricycle lovin’ fools!

I totally love how his tricycle was blue and mine was red. What a pair!

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  1. Emily says:

    You guys are adorable!!! Yall will make beautiful kids one day! Yeah, editing down pics for the slideshow is very hard to do, so many choices!

  2. so cute!

  3. Gator Dad says:

    Wow honey! You used to have curls. :)


  4. @Gator Dad: I know!

  5. mrknight says:

    I won’t lie… you’re kinda creepy in that picture. In sorta “The Shining” kind of way…

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