An iPhone Wedding Appearance

*Recently Updated with more iPhone wedding pics!

I have to say that before getting an iPhone, I didn’t know what I was missing. Now that Mr. Knight has forced me to have one (I know… I was kicking and screaming the whole way), I can’t imagine not having one! I can check my e-mail, manage my blog, browse the web, find restaurants, and my favorite part…. taking pictures and e-mailing them to my friends and family.

With Mr. Knight and I being so attached to our iPhones I wonder if they will make an appearance at our wedding? Most likely they will. And with a ton of our family members having iPhone’s themselves, I’m sure we will see a few iPhones in the crowd capturing our wedding day. Here is a little montage of iPhone’s appearances at weddings I’ve found. Enjoy!

Bride and Groom being captured on an iPhoneHow sweet! A Bride and Groom moment captured on an iPhone.

08I totally want a picture like this at our wedding. Soooo cute (and 21st  century) of them!
source: Natasha Gregoire Photography

Sweet wedding messages sent via iPhone on wedding day. Will we be sending each other sweet messages the morning of on our iPhones? Probably!
source: Flickr

Groom shows off his Wedding countdown AppA Groom shows off his wedding countdown App. Kinda cute. He looks super excited!
source: Adam and Eve Weddings

A bride tweeting through her wedding.A Bride tweeting through her wedding? I think someone has a twitter addiction! Not cool, and she isn’t even using an iPhone!
source: HisBirdie Blog

Groom on his iPhone in the backgroundThe Groom on his iPhone in the background. I don’t think Mr. Knight would do this during our picture session.
source: Victoria Souza Photography

iPhone Comicsource: Cartoon Stock

Even pseudo-celebrities do it.Even pseudo-celebrities pull out there iPhone on their wedding day. (Spencer Pratt from Mtv’s The Hills)
source: PopSugar

New Additions to this post (thanks to Kari of Keetoyourheart and Miss Pug):

Bride looking over the shoulder to check out an iPhonesource: Erin Hession Photography

Capturing the Ceremony via iPhone source: Erin Hession Photography

Kari of Keetoyourheart before her Wedding source: Keetoyourheart

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  1. Kari says:

    Hey Miss Gator… I love this post! Go check out my response to your post here:

    LOL!! I love it!

  2. Miss Pug says:

    My photog is OBSESSED with her iPhone… she pulled it out here and here recently!

    Miss Pug

  3. mrknight says:

    What a creative entry babe! I like the iPhone picture idea (pic #2). I definitely think we should think about doing something with our iPhones for the wedding. :-D

  4. Thank you @keetoyourheart and @MissPug for these links. They are great additions to this iPhone post!

  5. Hiya!
    Gerbera here from WB. Love your blog!
    I totally want some iPhone pictures too! So cute!

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