All Stitched Up In Love ♥

An adorable item that simply must be blogged about. These are some seriously cute hand embroidered symbols of love. They are made by MiniatureRhino over on Etsy. Check them out ↓

Hand Stitched Wedding Gifts

Smaller Version of the Hand Stitched Wedding gift
The large hoop (4″) is $55 and the smaller hoop (3″) is $28. These are just too cute, especially the light blue one {swoon}!

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  1. marina says:

    Very cute! Greetings from the Barbados airport! I do crosstitch and could make u one of your own design for free :-) . Give my boy a big hug and kiss for me!

  2. mrknight says:

    @mom: Haha, I told Kim that you did this and she was like, “Cool, maybe she can make us one!”. Funny… but awesome. :-)

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