Adorable Gator Garters by Mona

Today I decided that since it was Homecoming week (and I just had a huge midterm presentation yesterday) that it was time for me to take a break and check out what the Gator shops of University Ave have to offer. The number 1 item I wanted to check out was garters. I searched all over Etsy for Gator garters and the cheapest (and best looking) I could find would run me around $15. I was hesitant on buying one of the ‘licensed’ Gator garters from the stores around town because they were still around the $12 range and were made in a factory (not handmade). And I have tried so hard to buy as much handmade items as possible.

Check out what I found at Gators Plus (located on University Ave. in the shopping center with Larry’s Giant Subs):

My Gator garter by Mona Gators Plus, Garters by Mona, $5.33 (with tax) = most amazing deal I’ve gotten in a while and super cute!

I asked the guys who work at Gators Plus if these were made locally and they said they were made by “a little old lady named Mona.” She also makes them in several different variations which Gators Plus carries.

Mona's Gator GartersIn the middle is another variation of Mona’s adorable Gator garters (you can see the college licensed ones to the right).
*I apologize for the poor quality photo. Taken with Miss Gator’s phone.

Mona also makes these adorable barettes which I found at The Gator Shop (on University Ave. under I Love NY Pizza):

Gator Barettes by Mona

So what else did Miss Gator pick up on her Gator shopping adventure???

Gator Ring from the Florida BookstoreThis super cute Gator Ring from The Florida Bookstore (on University Ave. across from Library West); $6.95

Miss Gator's new Gator RingI just love how big and Gator-licious it is!

Miss Gator's new I heart Tebow PinI {heart} T Bow (Tebow) Pin, The Gator Shop; $2
I also picked up one of these for Gator Bridesmaid and Happy Bridesmaid (who is up in NYC).

Tomorrow morning Gator Bridesmaid will be here and we will be headed out to the Parade on University and then to Gator Growl Friday Night.

Stay tuned to catch a sneak peek at what it is like when it’s Homecoming in Gator Country. :-)

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  1. Janna says:

    I will be up there this weekend for the homecoming game! I remember seeing the polka dot and loved it but couldn’t remember which store they were at! I will be picking up my garter this weekend! :) Go Gators!

  2. @ Janna: Oh you have to get one! They are seriously one of the cutest gator wedding items I’ve seen in a long time! Enjoy Homecoming weekend! Go Gators!

  3. Katey says:

    Oh my goodness, I kind of hate you for posting this. I do not need any more orange and blue in my wardrobe, but after seeing this there is a good chance I will be getting a new hair bow and possibly a garter (though I can’t think of one tiny itsy bitsy reason I would need one). Have you seen the Gator headbands on Etsy by EllieKatt (I think that’s how it was spelled) I got mine in the mail in time for the LSU game and I love them. TOO CUTE!

  4. Those are so cute! What a fun touch…have a great homecoming week!

  5. Janna says:

    I got mine! :) I got the blue polka dots to keep and then they also had a thinner version and got that as our throw garter. And the game was amazing! Go Gators!

  6. […] originally thought my cute orange and blue garter, I picked up a few months ago, would be my ’something blue.’ But, when I really thought […]

  7. Thoracias says:

    I’m so glad I found your site! My daughter is having a Gator wedding in April and there were some great ideas here.

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