Accessorizing the Bride

Handle and Spout Mixed Pastel FlowersThese would look absolutely beautiful with my dress (and Mr. Knight has said they are ‘pretty’). Mr. Knight approves and they are within budget…  Score!
Handle & Spout
Mixed Pastel, $35.

Here is what they look like with a bunch of the flowers (imagine it half as full as pictured, that is what I’m looking for). She is wearing 5 of these gorgeous flowers (I’m going for 4).

Handle and Spout

B. Poetic Shoe ClipsA pair of cheap heels dressed up with these adorable shoe clips? Might be too much going on to go with my dress, but worth mentioning. :-)
B. Poetic Shoe Clips
, $26.

JMGJewelDesign Bride Hair FlowerThis beautiful hair flower was made by the same seller that made my bridesmaids there beautiful hair flowers
JMGJewel Design Hair Flower
, $36.50

Cream Silk ClutchStill going back and forth on whether I need a clutch for the day of or not. Where will I put my iPhone? My makeup? Deodorant? Perfume? Mints? etc… I want to go for something simple, budget friendly, and re-usable. This clutch is certainly breaking the budget strings.
, $68.

Silk Bridal ClutchI think I’m definitely feelin’ this clutch more (and you can get the inside lined in blue!). 
, $40

Nina Custom Height Electra ShoesI love the Nina Electra’s but the stock heel height is 4″, way to high for this tall Bride. So in order to get the 3″ heel height I need I have to order them custom {bummer}. 
Nina *Thank you Lynne for informing me about this horribly wrong link (I apologize to anyone who might have clicked it) , Custom heel heigh Electra, $199

Helzberg EarringsFound these on a shopping trip with one of my lovely bridesmaids. Yes… I have tried them on and they are gorgeous! What is so great about them? They are absolutely beautiful and can be worn for years/decades after our wedding day (but will be worn for the first time on our wedding day… of course). Mr. Knight liked them but agreed with me that they are out of our wedding budget. {sigh}
Helzberg Diamond Earrings, $599.

Crystal EarringsSomething beautiful to catch the light?
, $22

Mindy's I DO Shoe BlingMindy Weiss “I DO” Shoe Bling, $3.75

Can’t forget  a little Orange and Blue

Gator Garteravysum Gator Garter, $24.99 for set of 2

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  1. Ohhh it’s all so pretty. And though your heart was set on the first pair of earrings I do think the second pair is quite lovely. You might also consider looking for something like the first pair but crystals instead (like swarovski). They’d still be expensive but significantly less than that.

    And, the hair flowers look lovely! Make sure to bring them to your hair trial to make sure you love them with your style!

  2. Emily says:

    Loves it all!!!
    I agree with Amanda that the look of the first earring can be achieved. Check out Nadri and Carolee at Bloomies and Nordstrom brand. Also websites like and (they copy celeb and designer looks).
    I think a fab bracelet is in order, too. And I’m ripping your watch off you that day!
    Oh, and yes to the clutch ( I had mints, GoSmile tooth cleaners, makeup for touchups, phone, tissue, qtips. I think I made you or my mom watch it most of the day:) Also put together an emergency kit, Mindy Weiss sells one but it is more el cheapo to put one together yourself. This is such a long comment…

  3. great picks!!!

  4. Lynne says:

    I love those shoes so I clicked the link and thought I should tell you that the link is very wrong! Try!

  5. @Lynne: Thank you SOOO much for informing me about that link! I apologize that you clicked it and it didn’t go to the correct website! How embarrassing! I don’t know how that happened. I have since corrected it. I pray no one else has clicked that link.

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