A Wedding Video To Make You Smile :-)

When I saw this wedding video I just couldn’t help but smile. I hope it makes all my Gator Bride Lovelies smile too.↓

Ashley & Jamie’s Same Day Edit from Anguilla from Julie Hill on Vimeo.

The bride is absolutely beautiful and totally pulls off the veil/cape effortlessly. They just look so incredibly happy, they make me happy just lookin’ at them!

I’m so excited for Mr. Knight and I’s Wedding. Only 292 days left. ♥

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  1. marina says:

    Jeez, I don’t even know those people and I started to tear up! What a beautiful video! I better bring lots of kleenex to your wedding…

  2. @Marina: Me too! I just love watching this video over and over again. I pray Mr. Knight and I can find a reasonable videographer. If they do 1/4 as good as this video, I will be happy!

  3. […] September 9th, 2009 at 9:17am Here’s another amazing wedding video by Julie Hill. I just love this Bride and Groom. My favorite part happens around the 2:09 mark. […]

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