A Very GATOR Engagement Shoot

When trying to come up with the perfect place to have our long awaited* engagement shoot (*more on the “long awaited-ness” later), my fiance and I racked our brains for a location that would be meaningful for both of us. We figured we could always do the ‘typical’ engagement shoot…you know…shoots involving train tracks, beaches, or downtown buildings. Then we thought…hey why not the University of Florida Campus!?

Both of our father’s are alumni (and so am I!) of the University of Florida. So Mr. Gator (well I should call him Mr. Knight given his alma mater) and I practically grew up around the Florida Gators. What a perfect place. I mean…it is the decade of the Gator, am I right?

So on we searched for the perfect photographers. After searching for months we found the very talented Ben and Amy Starks of Starks Photography. They were seriously awesome to work with and did an awesome job (if I do say so myself). But better to show you then to just talk about how awesome they are…

One of my favorites. The stadium was just about empty (thanks to me scheduling the shoot over Spring Break)

This one is my top fav from the whole shoot ♥. The picture was taken on top of one of the concrete tables in Turlington Plaza (for those who know the area).

Both of the pictures below were taken over by the Baughman Center on Campus. A beautiful place to get married. I’ll save that for another post! :-)

Like I said…awesome photographers or what! I truly think the campus was a beautiful and sentimental backdrop for our engagement photos. We are planning on incorporating these pictures into our wedding day next May. I have already started work on our huge DIY wedding. Am I going too far with all my little projects? Probably…but I’m loving every minute of it!

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  6. Jaclyn says:

    My fiance and I are doing our engagement shoot at UF as well! How on earth did you manage to get on the field? Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. Mrs Gator says:

    @Jaclyn: The stadium, for the most part, is completely open during the week (you can enter through gate 15). We took this session over Spring Break so no one was there, except for a few stadium runners, so there was no one there to stop us from jumping on the field. During football season, you may have more of an issue!

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  9. We just did a photoshoot for an article written on us on campus and you are right – there is not a single bad place for a photo on campus. GORGEOUS. Your engagement photos are adorable, congrats!

  10. Lacey says:

    Do you have to be a student to go there and take engagement pictures?

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