A Trash the Dress Shoot that Will Blow Your Mind

And by “blow your mind,” I mean blow your mind with how incredibly poetic and beautiful (and creative!) it is. One of my favorite videographers to stalk, StillMotion, has done it again with this amazing Trash the Dress video. Check it out ↓

Griffen + Curtis’ Trash the Dress Shoot in CA from stillmotion on Vimeo.

(might stutter a bit, click on the link above to go to the original video)

And the music… absolutely love the song… and when the “new Mrs.” is running on the beach around the 2:30 mark, so dramatic, love it!

Bride running down the beach.

Still Motion is way out of this Bride’s budget costs just as much as this Bride’s wedding, but a girl can dream! :-)

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  1. mrknight says:

    Consider my mind blown. :-)

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