A Tasteful Gator Wedding of the Week

This is a cute (and very GATOR) bride and groom I came across while visiting OnceWed. While I’m unsure if this couple knew that they were ‘representin’ for the Gators on their wedding day, I do know that they certainly have a fabulous color combination. They prove that you can certainly incorporate that swanky orange and blue into your wedding day attire.

Bride and Groom dressed in subtle Gator colorsUmm… that dress = AMAZING!
source OnceWed

Pictures of the Orange and Blue dressed Bride and GroomsourceĀ OnceWed

Whoever said blue seersucker suits were out of style?

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  1. mrknight says:

    “Whoever said blue seersucker suits were out of style?”

    I would not be caught dead in one. But, it seems to “SUIT” the guy who’s wearing it… see what I did there? SUIT the guy…

    Sorry… I love you.


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