A Honeymoon to Remember: Maui Here We Come!

Aloha Gator Bride-ers! {hmm… that has a nice ring to it.} :-)

You may want to sit down for this… it is probably going to be one of my longest posts ever. When it comes to honeymoons, I have a lot to say on the subject.

Originally, Mr. Knight and I had grand ideas of honeymooning in Europe. You know… the whole Paris (city of love), Rome, England sha-bang. That idea ended rather quickly when we realized:

  1. We would be staying in rather un-luxurious accommodations, since European suites were expensive and small (umm hello… shouldn’t we be pampered on our honeymoon?)
  2. Taking about a million trains, planes and automobiles everywhere (no thank you)
  3. The whole Euro and not speaking the language thing
  4. We couldn’t possibly afford it (our 10 day adventure was turning into an $8k nightmare)

So, off to Plan B (not that type of Plan B, ladies): HAWAII

Immediately we knew we wanted to honeymoon on the island of Maui. My parents had just been there and had a fabulous time (plus they had some excellent tips for us). I quickly got on the internet looking for condos for us to rent for our 10 day love-vacation. We knew condos would be the right choice because:

  1. They have a kitchen, so I can make Mr. Knight breakfast in the morning and sandwiches for lunch (aka save money on eating out)
  2. Oceanview for ½ the price of most resorts in Maui

Yes, I like to make lists. Have you noticed?

I’m sure glad we looked early because seriously… every condo we looked at was booked till next April!  Most of the condos were old and went with the whole wicker-themed interiors (ick). Totally not our style. I managed to find one condo available over at the Kihei Surfside Resort and booked it immediately. Check out our sweet hawaiian love nest

Bamboo Kitchen in Maui Honeymoon RentalAwesome Bamboo Kitchen with granite counter-tops

View of Living Room in Honeymoon Maui RentalSpacious living room with flat panel TV (for Mr. Knight… because I know he can’t go without his History and Discovery Channel)

The view from Mr. Knight and Miss Gator's Honeymoon Maui RentalOh… and the view from our room… breathtaking! I can’t wait to relax on our porch and look out at this beautiful view with Mr. Knight

We booked our Honeymoon digs for $120 a night plus Hawaiian tax (agh… 12%). I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my future mother-in-law and her husband for taking care of our flight for us. Our 1st wedding gift! Hooray! :-)

…and might I add, probably the best wedding gift ever. Our other guests have a lot to live up to (just kidding!).

Speaking of gifts, Mr. Knight and I have created a Honeymoon Registry over at HoneymoonWishes

Mr. Knight and Miss Gator's Honeymoon Registry

Mr. Knight and Miss Gator’s Honeymoon Registry

When Mr. Knight and I moved in together we had 2 of everything because we each had our own apartment. Granted, some of our items could use an upgrade (plastic serving spoons, ripped towels, cat-induced holes in sheets/duvets, plates we both like, etc). But we felt that an experience was worth more to us then material objects. It was incredibly easy to set up and you can even create a wedding website through it too (although we already have an excellent wedding website Mr. Knight made us, what a lover face ♥).

I’m incredibly excited for our honeymoon. There are so many incredible things to experience in Maui and I can’t wait to experience them with Mr. Knight as his Mrs ♥.

I told you it was going to be a long post. :-)

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Hey Gator! We just went to Maui for Thanksgiving last year and had an amazing time. Feel free to get at me with any questions. Definitely do the Road to Hana(I recommend adventuremaui tours) and dinner at Kimo’s in Lahaina!

    here is a recent blog post about our favorites: http://crosscountrywed.blogspot.com/2009/05/ccw-city-favorites-maui.html

  2. mrknight says:

    I think I’m more excited about my honeymoon than my wedding. Is that bad??

    But yeah, mom and Ken… you guys are AWESOME. Love you. :-)

  3. @Gabrielle: Thank you for the link, you have tons of great tips that Mr. Knight and I will be sure to look over. We can’t wait!

    @MrKnight: I would have to say I’m extremely excited about both. I can’t wait to be your Mrs! Love you!

  4. mrknight says:

    @Miss Gator: But is it bad that I feel the way I do?

  5. @Mr. Knight: Everyone knows that the Groom looks forward to the honeymoon more then the wedding. If you weren’t more excited about the honeymoon then I would be concerned! Now come home so we can have lunch!

  6. mrknight says:

    Lunch… is that all you want? Oh wait… Public blog… sorry.

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  9. Karen says:

    Hey guys, I was just checking things out to try to figure out what to get you guys for your wedding. The wish list for Hawaii.. What a great idea. I’ve never seen something like this before. You two totally amaze me. Always! Less than two months now. Yahoo! :)
    Love you both
    Aunt Karen

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