A Bridal Shower Invitation with Character

Dear Mr. Postman,

Thank you so much for bringing me such joyful things in the mail… as a few days ago I opened the mail to an invitation for my bridal shower next weekend! Looking forward to more joyful mail (please no bills!).

with love,
Miss Gator

bridal shower invitation montage
by Miss Gator

I totally just received the cutest bridal shower invitation in the mail (I might be biased, since the invitation is to my bridal shower, but, what can I say?).  Mama Knight ordered super cute invites and enlisted the help of Knight Dad and Mr. Knight to make a cute little map to the shower, and a theme/registry info card (plus, I heard that Sweet Bridesmaid helped address them). It was truly a family affair! I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have such an awesome and thoughtful future family!

Oh yes, and the invitations certainly included my alter ego, Miss Gator. Look how happy I look in the little sketch Knight Dad did of me for the map? My eyes are practically jumping out of their sockets! I also heart {like real bad} that it actually says on the invitation that the bridal shower is hosted by “Mr. Knight’s Mom.” How adorable is that?! Gator Bride ALL THE WAY!!

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  1. I wish I could see more of the pieces of the invitation. :-( Nice collage, though.

  2. Hannah says:

    Those are SO CUTE! I can’t wait for my bridal showers to start… since most of my family/friends are out of town they will all be much closer to the wedding. Have fun!

  3. Vanessa says:

    You’re not biased, that really is one of the cutest shower invitations I’ve ever seen! Seems like you have such a great, loving future family :)

  4. marina says:

    Glad you like the invites :-) Mama Knight is having a delightful time putting this shower together because she LOVES Gator Bride so very much!

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