36 Weeks Pregnant with Tan-man

35 Weeks Pregnant 2Matt Whytsell Photography

35 Weeks Pregnant 1Matt Whytsell Photography

So, I know I haven’t blogged a ton about our upcoming arrival. Truly, I have no idea where the time went! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were finding out we were pregnant, and now here I am at 36 weeks – with only 4 more weeks to go!

Kyle Reading to PepperKyle practicing his reading with little Pepper in Tan-man’s room.

So far, we have the stroller (hello amazing eBay Bugaboo find), his room is all put together minus a few little projects and this coming weekend I’m going to start packing our hospital bag. We’ve taken the newborn care classes, toured the hospital and watched numerous childbirth class and breastfeeding DVDs (love the Laugh n Learn series through Netflix).

We had an awesome baby shower thrown by Gator Momma. So many friends and family in attendance showering little Tan-man with gifts. We are truly blessed.

Baby Shower Photobooth1Em and Nessa getting chummy with Tanner.

Baby Shower Photobooth2Kyle and I. I look HUGE. How did this happen? :)

Onesie DecoratingAwesome onesie decorating organized by Em. She’s the best. And yes that is an ombre gator. LOVE.

It’s funny. I had all these “ideas” before we got pregnant. I blame Pinterest. I thought I’d take weekly photos of “the bump,” spend my days doing DIY canvas prints for his room, sew his bedding, purchase expensive modern rockers, make little plush toys, etc. I also thought I would continue to wear “normal” clothes like all the fashionistas on Pinterest. But – that wasn’t reality. I’m totally in maternity clothes, but adorable ones (OF COURSE) from Motherhood Maternity.


For awhile, it was so hard for me to manage my expectations. I think being so sick in the first trimester put a bit of a damper on my DIY mood. Plus, changing jobs at that time (and going full time GBVideo and Chomp On), moving to a new house/city, and trying to keep up with our work load had something to do with it. I’m now just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping I can work in a little “maternity leave” before Tanner is here. I might attempt some DIY then! Fingers crossed. XX

Hoping to finish up Tan’s nursery soon. Be on the lookout for a full post!

Till Then. Much Love.